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Swimming Questions

We will re-start the swim programme on Monday, September 28th,2020.

Each year we are asked questions about participation in the swimming programme. We believe that swimming is an important life skill and that all students should feel comfortable in and around the water. Classes are held once a week for all grades  and all students are expected to participate.  I have attached a copy of the Swimming Policy and a document for you to read that may answer your questions. Please take a look and if you have any additional questions please drop me a line via email at or pop by the office.

I have also been asked, “What do the students do if they do not swim?”

Students stay in the classroom with the alternate class in their grade or watch from the stands. Students should, however, be participating each week. Swimming is a curriculum activity.  A note from the doctor should be provided to excuse students from class.

Many thanks, June

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