ExtraCurricular Programmes

The Primary After School Programme (ASP):

The After School programme is organized and run by the Student Services, Activities and Events department (SEA) and has been developed for students in EY1  to G5. The programme will start on Monday August 22nd . We have an interesting and educational selection of classes and workshops this year offering a wide variety of exciting activities for the students. You will have received your preview books  and the online sign up will be available on August 17th -20th,  please read the after school information thoroughly for changes, select your classes and sign up as soon as possible to prevent disappointment. Information will also be posted here on the Primary School Community Blog for your convenience.

After School Supervision:

Our after school supervision programme continues to be held in the Library .  The programme will provide a safe and secure environment for your children to wait should you be held up at pick up times. Please don’t forget to call us if you know you are going to be late so that we can ensure that your child is taken to the supervision room. The programme will be overseen by our TAs and nannies who will provide activities and DVDs to entertain your child until you arrive.

If you are late picking up when your child’s After School Programme is finished your child will be taken to the Supervision room and you will be charged from the end of the after school class. You will be billed on a monthly basis based on when you child enters the programme and when you pick up your child. This service will ensure the safety of your child while they wait.

The Supervision programme should not be confused with the After School programme, if you wish to provide your child with opportunities to expand their hobbies and interests then you should sign up for the after school classes. The Supervision room closes at 4:30 p.m.