Coffee Meetings and Workshops 21-22

coffeeOur regular parent information sessions were disrupted last year but we would like to continue with them again this year. The Coffee meetings provide an opportunity for us to share new ideas, programmes and incentives and for you to ask questions and provide feedback.

Our workshops provide opportunities for you to find out more about the programme and the curriculum. We are happy for you to provide topics of interest and discuss this in our first forum.

Workshops and coffee meetings T1 20-21

  • Sept 22nd EY3 Coffee meeting
  • Sept 23rd EY2 Coffee meeting
  • Sept 28th   Oct 2nd. Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Oct 9th Remote Learning ICT & Google Classroom (G2-G5) Eric & Cassie
  • Oct 16th Remote Learning ICT &  SeeSaw (EY1 – G1), led by Lisa & Cassie
  • Nov 6th Parent Forum with  June & Gerry
  • Nov 20th All about PYP for GS, led by  Cassie, June & Gerry
  • Nov 27th  All About PYP for  led by EY Cassie, June & Gerry
  • Dec 11th  Parent Forum June & Gerry

Remote Learning EY for Upload 1020