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Our Parent workshop last week included discussions on staffing, three class entries for the next academic year. As you are aware we will be adding to our classes as we move to three classes per grade over time.

This year grades three and four became three class entries, next year grades 1 and 3 and KG will move forward. Gerry and I have been adding to our teaching team with some exceptional teachers and additional support staff to accommodate the changes. We are very excited about the growth and what this will mean to our school community.

Here is a floor plan regarding the location of next years classes.

PS Floor plan_17-18 parents

Parent Forum 4 28 17



Here are some interesting readings regarding the Mindsets workshop last week. Enjoy.

Math and Mindsets

The Mindset of a Champion

Strategies For Teaching the Growth Mindset

9 Mindset Quiz

Upcoming workshops for the first half of term 1 2015-2016

  •  Friday August 28th – Forum, coffee meeting
  • Friday September 11th – Parent Workshop: Homework without tears
  • Friday September 25th – Forum, coffee meeting
  • Friday October 9th – Parent Workshop: Using Managebac

Environmental Workshop

At this workshop we looked at the Learner Profile. The profile which runs across  all three IB programmes, PYP, MYP and DP has recently been reviewed. We discussed how the Learner Profile is embedded in the curriculum at KIS and how it is a part of the school ethos. The review had some interesting facts. You can read more here…

Here is the power point we discussed at the meeting, if you have any question please just email or ask and please read the Environmental initiatives page to see this in action.

Environmental workshop August 2013

Language Forum Friday September 15th

This Forum was developed in support of parent questions. Kru Oui joined the session to talk about language options for students in the secondary school and how we create language Pathways for all our students at KIS.

Below is the Language Presentation:

Language program at KIS for primary forum

Visible Thinking Workshop

Thanks to all of you who turned out  for the Visible thinking workshop, it was great to see so many participants. Michelle, Sarah and Kate shared many interesting strategies used in the classroom to make thinking visible. As a PYP school, thinking skills, are one of the Transdisciplinary skills and therefore assessed by the teachers. The team demonstrated a wide variety of strategies and tool s that they use and explained how it works and what you can do at hone.

Here is the presentation for you to browse through.

Visble Thinking Parent Worshop