Talking to your Child about returning to School after Lockdown


Schools in Thailand have been closed for a long time. It was been a challenging couple of months, and we’ve likely got a few more challenging months ahead. However, the idea of going back to ‘in-person’ school has us all very excited!

Despite all of our excitement, some parents and students might also be feeling nervous or scared. It is therefore important to make sure you talk to your child about their thoughts and feelings regarding the current situation.

Please review the following sources for information and guidance on how you can best help to prepare your child for returning to in-person learning:

Remember, if you, or your child(ren) are having an especially challenging time with the idea of returning to in-person learning, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher, Mr. Gerry, or myself.

Take care and see you all soon!

Ms. Alex

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