Grade 5 EAL

Welcome back to school everyone.

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My name is Ms.Koong and I will be providing EAL support for Grade 5.

Learning English is not as hard as you think. You just need perseverance and a lot of practice.  I hope to help you along this journey so that you can improve your English and feel confident to use it in everyday life.

Throughout the year you will be opened up to new experiences where new challenges await. If things get too tough, let me help you. There is no need to feel nervous when you don’t understand something. Ask a lot of questions and just try your best.

I hope everyone has rested well and is ready for a brand new academic year because I’m ready.


Here are some fun links to help you practice English. Try them out.

Games to learn English


ESL Games plus.

Spelling games


And if you just want to sit, relax and listen to a story, click on this link.

Story on line