June 11th – Last Day of School

Hello EY1!

Congratulations! We did it!! You have successfully completely your EY1  year.

Though it was our last week of school this week, the learning and fun continued and included a birthday celebration, students showcasing their work, fun playtime activities, Art, Music, PE and more.

For our last unit of inquiry on investigations, the student learned about the skills needed to conduct an investigation, trying some investigations and finally, choosing a topic and going through the process. This week, many students chose to showcase their work and shared with us the topics they had chosen, how they went about finding information and what they learned. Click on the image or link below to go to the page where you can select different students and have them give you a synopsis of their investigations.

 UOI Investigations Presentation Choice Board (1)

Although we are in remote learning, we still celebrate birthdays. Happy Birthday to Kirin!! We learned on Kirin’s birthday that both of his sisters also share the same date for their birthdays too. How very special for them all!! 

Circle Kirin birthday 1

The EY1 Playtimes continued to be popular. This week, the students got to play a game, do yoga, be creative with building things and go on a scavenger hunt.

Playtime 6.7Playtime 6.9 Playtime yoga 6.8Playtime 6.10

Attendance in Art, Music and PE classes continued to be high. They loved this week’s theme – penguins! Many penguins, from their soft toys to artwork, could be seen appearing in different classes and calls.


  Art 6.10 Art 6.10_2

Music 6.10 PE 6.9

It was another busy week but a fabulous one to wrap up the year. As you head into summer break, don’t forget about the special storytime organized by Ms Lisa. They will start next Monday and will go for 4 weeks! Don’t miss the fun!

Monday Story Time (1)

Additionally, be sure to check out Ms. Lindsay’s Library page and Ms. Alex’s resources for more ideas on things to do over the break. We have also gathered other resources for your convenience in the blog post below. Most importantly, do make sure to build in time for relaxation, rest and free play. Our children’s brains need these precious times to digest and grow. 

Have a fabulous summer holiday!

We will miss you EY1! We are looking forward to seeing you as EY2 next year!

EY1 Team

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Online Summer Camp and additional Resources

A message from Ms. Lindsay:

As we start our summer holiday, I’d like to share a few resources available to you.

If you follow this link you will arrive at our Summer Holidays Activities page. Here you will find the links to:


-Summer Story Time with Ms. Lisa (Mondays at 10am on Zoom, featuring special guest teachers each week)

-Library Fun with Ms. Lindsay

-Super Summer Sports with Mr. Ben

-Music, ICT, Art and more


Please take your time and explore! There are plenty of resources and activities to support our learning throughout this summer holiday. Don’t forget, you can also visit my webpage here and check out the parent resources section as well.


I hope you have a happy summer holiday!

-Ms. Lindsay

Screenshot 2021-06-11 8.53.21 AMScreenshot 2021-06-11 9.00.20 AM

Additional Websites


Wordless picture books:



Language Arts and games:



Virtual Camp Adventure:



Storyline Online:



Ten frame and five frame games from Illuminations:






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Week of June 7th – 11th

Good afternoon EY1 community,

Thank you for another successful week of remote learning. Can you believe we only have one more week left in the school year?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The children really enjoyed the fun activities for ‘Love Your Library Day’. We enjoyed our special music time with Mr Chris and the bilingual story time with Ms Ploy and Ms Lindsay. A BIG thank you to Ms Lindsay, Ms. Pam, Ms. Koong, Ms. Ploy, Ms. Marie, Mr. Ben, Mr. Vern, Mr. Chris, Mr. Eric and Ms. Earth for supporting this day and making it special for us.

The children did a fantastic job on their drawings,cards and messages for Ms Nit’s birthday celebration this week. Although we would have loved to be there in person to wish her a happy birthday. The children did a great job and making it super special for her!


Here is the link to her birthday messages from all our EY1 friends:


The children are still really enjoying our EY1 Playtimes

Screenshot 2021-06-04 4.03.03 PM

Screenshot 2021-06-04 4.02.15 PM

Screenshot 2021-06-04 4.01.45 PM

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
⭐ NEXT WEEK ⭐ — Reminder and Resources
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

🚩 UPCOMING DATES Friday, June 11th – Last Day of School – Half day – More details to follow.


Music:  Shaker

PE: 3 pillows, stuff toy or anything to jump over – a plastic bag or balloon – a mat for lying on the floor for balancing exercise- – a basket – orange, purple, blue, and purple stuffed toys

NEW Resources : – 3 paper bags – 3 table tennis balls or tennis ball

Specialist Class- Week ahead (5)



⭐ LINK to SMALL GROUP Sign-up Schedule https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Iu-UWUWw8UVawu5TAp6_Rpjpa_gkM1DacmnNUHRv2TM/edit?usp=sharing

⭐ LINK to EY1 REMOTE LEARNING CLASS SCHEDULE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OYcKdPAKH44rBcOdrGV7C033SbXkQwn683KIUq_6FoM/edit

Please see next weeks planning below:


Thank you for another FANTASTIC WEEK of learning!! Have a safe and restful weekend!!

EY1 team!


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May 31st – June 4th

Hello EY1!
Welcome to another week of learning!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It had been a llama-astic week! We’ve had a lot of llama fun at check in each morning and a very awesome llama puppet making in Art. We topped it off with a llama sing along and a dance along at our FUN FRIDAY! See below for links to the two sing and dance along videos.

Llama Sing Along by Penguin Buoks
Llama Dance Along Song by Pinkfong

5.28 1-Fun Friday      5.28 4 Llamas   5.28 2-Fun Friday


The children learned a lot about the letter L this week, what sound it makes, how to write it as well as some words that start with the letter L. Many exciting investigations also happened this week as the students have an opportunity to put all their learning from the unit together. They wondered, made predictions, tested their hypotheses and gained new understandings. Hopefully, they are realizing that learning is not about being “correct” but that it’s a process and it can be FUN! 

5.26 InvestigationsLetter L

The children continue to be enthusiastic in Art, Music, Library and PE.

5.27 MUSIC      5.27 ART      5.26 PE     5.28 3-Library

EY1 Playtime continues to be a big hit.

Playtime 5.24      Playtime 5.25 5Playtime 5.26 - Leave Craft      Playtime 5.27

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
NEXT WEEK ⭐ — Reminder and Resources
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  • Thursday, June 3rd – HOLIDAY – No School
  • Friday, June 4th – Love Your Library Day – More details to follow.



Animal Art : Create your own animal!

You will needs

  • Blue book
  • Pencils
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • Eraser
  • Pictures of animals, scissors and glue (optional)



Learning Outcome:  We can understand and follow the beat in music   

Resources needed: Shaker  



Learning Outcome:

Continuous movement that helps development, staying healthy and being active. It also helps create a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. Moreover movement with music encourages physical activities.  

Resources Needed:

  • 3 pillows, stuff toy or anything to jump over
  • a plastic bag or balloon
  • a mat for lying on the floor for balancing exercise
  • a basket
  • orange, purple, blue, and purple stuffed toys

NEW Resources :

  • a chair
  • 3 water bottles of any size

Please see our EY1 planner for next week below:

31 May- 4th June EY1 WK 7

We look forward to another FANTASTIC WEEK of learning!!
EY1 Team

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Week of May 24th – May 28th

Dear EY1 community,

Yay! We made it to the end of another FUN week of learning! HERO BOOK DAY 2021 was a huge success and a special thank you to Ms Lynn,  Mr Ben, Mr Chris, Ms Daisy and Ms Linday for making this such a special day for us! Our mask making in art this week really came in handy for our costumes today.


For our learning this week we learned the words MORE, LESS and EQUAL as we counted, compared and observed different quantities of objects. Continuing with our investigation unit of inquiry we focused on our observational skills as we explored dinosaur fossils and rainbow bubbles! 

Our EY1 playtimes are continuing to be very popular with many children choosing to join in on the fun each day. This week we had a Tea Party with Ms Sian, book making with Ms Dinnhe, Play dough marble run with Ms Ran and superhero cuff craft making with Ms Sirinat. 


Next Friday (May 28th) 

Share your passion Day – More information coming soon!

Please see our weekly planning and resources needed for next week below24th-28th May – EY1 WK 6:

Specialist Class- Week ahead (2)

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Week of May 17th-21st

Dear EY1 community,

Thank you for another FABULOUS week of remote learning! We had a few special appearance from Ms. Lynn for her Movement and Dance sessions while Mr. Max was away. The children enjoyed it very much. We would like to say a special thank you to Ms. Lynn too for sharing her beautiful voice and dance with us. Mr. Max is all well now and will resume his PE classes from next week!! Welcome back to Mr. Max.

For our learning this week, the children enjoyed using and practicing their investigative skills to understand more about elephants. Sharing their thinking is also a big part of the learning process. With your continued support, the children are getting to build this very important skill.

Our literacy focus this week was on the letter S. The children had opportunities to learn one of the sounds the letter S can make as well as how to write it and words that begin with the letter S.


Fun Friday was another day of FUN day of PAJAMAS and WACKY HAIR. We also had special guest appearances from MS. LYNN, MS. NIT and MS. SOMJIT!! How lucky are we?!??

Links to the story and dance are listed below.

WACKY WEDNESDAY by Theo LeSieg and illustrated by George Booth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRZXKzY-Nqc 

CRAZY WACKY DANCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQwKZ2ggRRM 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


We are happy to welcome back Coupe, Map, Nari, Parin, Proud and Rarin. We WILL continue with our 🍓 STRAWBERRY and 🍍 PINEAPPLE groups so please continue to refer to our WEEKLY SCHEDULE for links to calls. Returning students, please see below for your group.


Screenshot 2021-05-14 5.46.58 PM


Over the next two weeks, in lieu of Small Group Calls, we would like to give students an opportunity to meet with us one to one. Click on the link below to sign up for ONE time slot over the next two weeks please. 


🚩 BOOK DAY – Friday, May 21st – Heroes and Superheroes

We are celebrating books online this year. Our theme is to recognise not only superheroes in books and comics, but those around us. Heroes could be mums and dads, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, Moana, Else/ Ana, Superman, Batman, IronMan…

Students will not attend regular online classes today, but instead they will live the life of a superhero through creative writing, books, music, art and movement. Your child will attend the zoom session based on their grade level (more information to come next week),


For Art and some Playtime activities:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue (stick is best)
  • Things to draw/write with – crayons, pencils, markers or any type you like.

Thank you for another great week of learning!!

Have a safe and restful weekend!!

All the best,

EY1 Team

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EY1 Home Learning Packs

Good morning EY1 community,

Please remember to pick up your learning packet from KIS TODAY (anytime between 7:30am and 5pm at KIS Main Security Gate).

2021-05-11 (2) 2021-05-11 (1)

Please see a list on resources that you will find in your packs.

Learning Packs – Round 2 ⭐

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday! 😀

EY1 Team

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Week of May 5th – 7th 2021

 Hello EY1 Friends!!

🚩 NOTE: We have a number of very IMPORTANT CHANGES for next week so please be sure you read about them below.

Thank you for another successful week of remote learning! Even though it was a shorter week, the children still got to explore and practice their investigative skills, this time about mixing colors. We also continued to practice our numbers and learned a little about “taking away” through the Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons story by Eric Litwin.

We have loved seeing the children in Art, Music, Library and in Special Class with Ms Cassie. It has also been a treat to have Ms. Cassie host our Circle Times this week too.

investigation 3 colours5.7 special class 5.7 circle show tell


Fun Friday was another day of wearing a themed shirt. This time — buttoned down shirts just like Pete the Cat and his groovy buttons. The children also showed us the origami cats they made in Art class and we played one of our favorites — a scavenger hunt!

Today, we also read a book called Rosie’s Glasses by Dave Whamond. The story is a good reminder how OUR MINDSET can help us “SEE” the beauty that’s all around us.

Rosie's Glasses book cover

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Beginning next week, the EY1 children will be divided into two groups — the Strawberries 🍓 and the Pineapples 🍍. Please see the groupings below in the attached image. These groupings were made from parent feedback so that we have a smaller number of children during each Circle Time. Our hope is that it will allow for the children to be more interactive.

EY1 New Groupings


With the new groupings, we have added another Circle Time each day’s schedule. The children will still only attend ONE Circle Time. The groups will alternate one day with Dinnhe and one day with Sian. Just follow the links for the group your child is in — Strawberries or Pineapples. See attached copy of the new schedule. 

new EY1 weekly schedule


Mr. Max is recovering well but he will still not be able to give live PE lessons yet. HOWEVER, seeing how much our EY1 students love to move, Ms. Lynn has kindly offered to lead students in some movement and dance classes on the days and times they normally have PE classes. Just click on the links next to their PE class times and then they can join Ms. Lynn for some fun!


Small Group Calls will continue next week, but we are back to one session a day from 11:10am – 11:30am. Don’t forget to sign up through the link below. Thank you for signing up for ONE time slot. Click here for link to Small Group Call Schedule.


If possible, please prepare the following resources for Art and some Playtime activities next week.

  •  Paper — White card stock (or colored card stock if you don’t feel like coloring it)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (stick is best)
  • Colors – crayons, pencils, markers or any type you like.
  • Transparency film (or cellophane or recycled plastic bag)
  • Toothpicks
  • This is the link to the template we will use for Art next week. Feel free to have a look ahead of time.

Thank you for another great week of learning!!

Have a safe and restful weekend!!

All the best,

EY1 Team


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Week of April 26th – 30th 2021

Good afternoon EY1 friends,

Woohoo! We’ve made it to the end of another week of remote learning! 

We’ve had a wonderful week of learning as we introduced our new unit of inquiry ‘Investigations’. The children have shown great enthusiasm and have begun to make many great connections to what makes a curious learner this week. They are gaining an understanding that not knowing and wondering, thinking, inquiring and asking questions is all part of the process of being a great learner! 

Circle time, small groups and now EY1 playtime continue to be a special and fun time for us all. It is helping us to stay connected to our friends and teachers and we’ve even had a few siblings come along and join in on the fun and support us with our learning this week. 


Our Fun Friday was a lot of FUN with everyone wearing our animal T-shirts, sharing our name art and learning a new song.We reflected on some of our favourite Seesaw activities this week such as the Elephant toothpaste video and our feelings books where friends shared their thoughts and wonderful with others. 

Links to the video we shared below:

Best hunter T’rex song: 


Thank you to those parents who joined us for the parent forum today. It was nice to see and chat to you. Thank you very much for your helpful suggestions on how we can keep improving the EY1 remote learning program to make it as fun and positive as we possibly can for the children.

*  * * * * * * * * * * *


*  * * * * * * * * * * *

School Holidays: Please note there will be no online learning on Monday May 3rd Tuesday May 4th of next week. We will see you all again on Wednesday May 5th. 

Small Group Time – We will have two sessions per day next week for small group time. Please sign up for ONE time slot. Times are 11:10am-11:30am or 11:40am-12:00pm. Link below:


Resources needed for next week:

-Paper white or coloured 

-Paint or food colouring (Red, Blue and Yellow)

(You can even make your own paint this weekend as a fun activity in preparation for next week.Please see the link below for recipe and instructions).

Link: https://littlebinsforlittlehands.com/flour-paint/

Thank you for another great week of learning. 

Have a safe and restful weekend!!

All the best,

EY1 Team


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April 19th to 23rd

Good afternoon EY1 Friends!!

Congratulations on completing our first week of remote learning!! Although we were all disappointed at the beginning of the week, we all managed to find ways to make the best of the situation and HAVE FUN!!


We had a very successful week of activities relating to Earth Day. We have made it a week-long celebration. You have shared many wonderful and responsible actions you will make to help take care of the Earth!! The Earth Day collages were fabulous!!

earth day collages

Screenshot (59)

Screenshot (65)


Our Fun Friday was a lot of FUN with everyone wearing a green shirt to celebrate Earth Day. Thank you to all who shared what they love about the Earth. Links to the videos we shared are attached.

*  Song: I Love the Whole World
*  Earth Day Exercise

 Screenshot (71)

Screenshot 2021-04-23 11.29.12 AM


Screenshot (47)

PE with max

*  * * * * * * * * * * *
*  * * * * * * * * * * *


Class A and Class B will be combined for lessons so that the children can all see each other more often throughout the week.

The new schedule allows for us to offer “EY1 Playtime” on Mondays through Thursdays. This will be OPTIONAL DROP-IN sessions where the children can come, see and chat with friends and “play”. A teacher will be there to supervise but not teach as we want this to be the children’s time. Each day will be a different theme — play dough, storytime, building things, scavenger hunt, etc. 

Link to the schedule: 



We will begin our new unit called “Investigations.” The goal of this unit is to have students learn about investigations and experience doing some themselves so they come away with the idea that “Investigations can lead to discovery and the development of new understanding,” the central idea for this unit.

THANK YOU all again for your adaptability to our current situation as well as your understanding for some of the technical glitches this week!! Together, we can provide the best learning opportunities to our students, given the circumstances.

Have a restful weekend!!

All the best,
EY1 Team

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