Week of Feb 8th – 12th

Hello EY1 families!

WELL DONE on completing a full week of in-person classes last week!! It was so nice to see the students and to be able to work with them in the classroom. They have grown much since we last saw them about six weeks ago (since before the Winter Break). Thank you again, parents, for all the work you have done with them during remote learning. We can certainly see a difference!

All the students were noticeably tired by the end of the week. This is to be expected as they are getting accustomed to a “new” schedule again. Learning and socializing can also require much mental and emotional energy.

We are looking forward to another busy week this week as we work on different activities in preparation for Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Taniwha, a New Zealand holiday! What great opportunities for our students to learn about the holidays and the culture and history behind those holidays.

Unit of Inquiry

This week, we begin our next unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet, where we ultimately want to better understand how people’s choices can affect other people, plants and animals. We will begin by first inquiring into living versus non-living things and the attributes that people, plants and animals have in common.

Reminders for this week:

  • MONDAY – Wear PE uniform please.
  • MONDAY – After School Activities will resume from Monday next week. (This only applies to students who have signed up. Otherwise, please ignore.)
  • Throughout the week – There will be school-wide activities to celebrate Chinese New Year, which is on Friday, Feb. 12,. We will make LANTERNS together. Also, please look for more information on the RED ENVELOPE CONTRIBUTION to help less fortunate children in our community.
  • FRIDAY – Feb. 12 –  Children are invited to wear a Chinese costume or clothing with the color red as red is considered a lucky color in Chinese culture.


Last Week’s Learning Experiences

On Friday, the children were excited to celebrate Ms. Ran’s birthday together. 

ms ran bday card final

We would like to welcome Kerwin and his family to our EY1 Community. Kerwin and his family are from China. They joined our class from January 6th, but Kerwin only got to meet his classmates in person this week. 


We would also like to welcome Ms. Eed, who will be supporting the EY1 classes in the mornings in place of Ms. Somjit. Ms. Eed said that it’s been so lovely to finally be able to meet the children and work with them.


Below are photos from our busy week. As you can see, the children were all very happy to be together again!

Have a lovely week ahead! As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

EY1 Team

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