Week of Feb. 22nd – 26th

Hello EY1 Community!

Welcome to another week of learning. May we remind you that this week is a short week for students – Monday through Wednesday only. No school for children Thursday (Staff Professional Development Day) and Friday (Macha Bucha Day).

Learning Experiences


For our new unit of inquiry on “caring for living things,” we explored further the differences between living and non-living things. We ask the following 3 questions to help us see if something is a living thing or not.

1.  Does it grow?
2.  Does it need water?
3.  Does it need food?

Be sure to ask your EY1 student about it and have them ask these questions this weekend to check some things you see whether that object is a living or non-living thing.

As part of the unit, we have read books about living things and some children have done observational drawings of sunflowers. 


The skill we focused on this past week was counting and making connections with the numeral and the number of objects that numeral represents. The children practiced this with the number mats as well as with our big number line.


As part of our Fun Friday and Unit of Inquiry activity, our class went on a NATURE WALK around the school to spot and document things that are living and things that are non-living. The children are getting to be experts on this.


  • PE UNIFORM on Monday
    Please come dressed in PE UNIFORM.
  • No school February 25th
    Professional development day for teachers
  • No school February 26th
    February break / Maka Bucha Day
  • Parent Teacher Meetings – Week of March 8th – 12th
    These will be via zoom (more information to come). Please make a note in your calendar. Sign up for a date and time that week will be available shortly.

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to another week of fun learning together.

EY1 Team

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