Week of March 8th – 12th

Good morning EY1!

We have conferences this week and we are looking forward to speaking and sharing with you. Thank you to all the parents who have signed up for a time and have responded to the questionnaire. They have been very helpful to our preparation for the conferences with you.

Last Week’s Experiences


Thank you to all the families who shared a photo or video from the weekend before that showed the children CARING FOR A LIVING THING. The children both enjoyed telling us more about their experience as well as listening to others’. 

For THIS PAST WEEKEND, we have invited students to share something they have done showing how they cared about others. We look forward to seeing and hearing about all the caring things you have done.

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Last Tuesday, your child may have come home saying that they went to “the big gym.” Mr. Max organized for the children to have Tuesday’s PE class in the gym in the secondary building in preparation for our EY1 Sports Day next Friday, March 12. Unfortunately, parents still cannot be invited to these school events yet due to COVID safety measures. We promise we will take photos and videos.

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“I CARE” and the LETTERS c / a / r / e 

Last week, we talked a lot about how we can care for others. We also practiced reading and forming these four letters c / a / r / e and learning that these letters together spell “care” as in “I care.” We also shared two stories about caring: 

Understand and Care by Cheryl J. Meiners 

*  When I Care About Others by Cornelia Maude Spelman 

CA IMG_1842


The children got to practice holding small chalk pieces with “the pinch” to help them develop a proper pencil grip. See attached photo. You can remind them to use “the pinch” at home too.

PI IMG_1844



Last week’s Fun Friday included opportunities for children to learn the different parts of a plant through various activities such as stamping, drawing, painting, etc. As a fun way to wrap up the week, we played with one of their favorites – THE PARACHUTE!

FF IMG_1828 FF IMG_1829 FF IMG_1836 FF IMG_1863


For those who are interested in extending the conversation about caring for others with their children, please have a look at the following article:

Teaching Children To Be Caring [ link here ]teaching to be caring


  • March 8th & 10th – Class A Conferences with Ms. Dinnhe
  • March 9th & 11th – Class B Conferences with Ms. Sian
  • March 12th – EY1 Sports Day
    Please have students come in House shirts on Friday!
  • March 15th – KIS School Holiday – No School
  • March 22nd – EY1 Swimming Starts again

Have a wonderful week! 😀

EY1 Team

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