March 16th – 19th

Dear EY1 community,

We had another great week together in EY1 and the children had a great time participating in Sports Day on Friday. Although we were unable to have our families there to cheer us on, we did have support from the PYP community with the Grade 4’s coming down to watch. We have an album link for you to view the photos and videos of the event. 


Thank you to all the families who shared a photo or video from last weekend that showed the children CARING FOR ANOTHER PERSON. The children did a great job at both speaking and listening and love seeing themselves on the big screen. 

For THIS WEEKEND, we invite your child to share something they have done to show  how they CARE FOR THEMSELVES such as making healthy choices at meal time, being active etc. The activity has been posted on Seesaw Class app, or you can click on the link below to access it.


This week the children displayed great interest in constructing activities inside the classroom and on the playground. They showed great ‘Thinking and Communication Skills’ as they thought carefully about what they were making and were eager to share their ideas and creations with their teachers and friends. When children engage in manipulative play, they are making decisions, understanding spatial awareness, developing concentration and perseverance skills while also working together to sort, match and classify objects. 


This week, we talked about Friendly Signals! Giving and receiving friendly signals from friends and teachers can help students gain a sense of belonging. We are very lucky to belong to a school community where people wave, smile, help and care for one another. When we feel like people care about us, we enjoy coming to school and it makes it fun and we find every day enjoyable. We practised these ‘signals’ through various games at Circle Time. It would be great if you could practise these at home too. 


We continued to practice patterns with the children this week. The children have gotten very confident recognizing and extending the AB pattern. This week, we introduced the idea of having 3 items in a pattern. Some of the children have begun playing with an ABC pattern. We will have the children continue to explore and practice making patterns from next week on also.


This week we introduced 3 new songs to the children. The children LOVED them and were eager to participate. If you would like to try these at home we have the lyrics, videos and a link below. 



* SUPERHERO SONG (See video and link attached) 

Important Dates & Reminders 

March 22nd – EY1 Begin Swimming again

April 2nd – Songkran Break begins 

It was so nice speaking with you all last week in our 3-way conferences. We are so proud of all the progress the children have made so far this year. Thank you for your ongoing support. 

EY1 Team 

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