March 22nd – 26th

 This Week in EY1…


The WEEKEND SHARES continue to be a valuable learning experience for all the children, whether they are the ones sharing or the ones listening. Thank you to all the parents who have taken the time to extend this learning opportunity at home over the weekend.

We are looking forward to hearing about this past weekend’s activities. The children were invited TO CHOOSE which type of caring they would like do for their sharing this week — caring for A LIVING THING, caring for OTHERS or caring for MYSELF. The activity was posted on Seesaw Class app. Please look under the Activities tab for more information.


The children had a lot of fun learning about the letter “p” this week. They became more aware of the sound letter “p” makes. They also can share some words they know that start with the letter “p,” such as “playground,” “pancake,” “pig,” and even the names of the friends in our the class, “Proud,” “Parin,” “Pleng” and “Paul.”

letter p 4 letter p 3

We also practiced writing the letter “p.” Perhaps they will want to practice this with you at home too. This is the guidance we gave them:

To write the letter p:

  • Start at the top and go down.
  • Lift and come back up to the top.
  • And halfway around for the letter “p.”

letter p 2letter P 1


Another very important thing we practiced this week is our TONE OF VOICE. Part of showing that we are a CARING member in our community is using a KIND VOICE when we talk to others and when we make requests. When we use a FIGHTING VOICE, we are showing that we are NOT CARING. Being aware of our TONE OF VOICE is very important. We practiced with some role playing. They may want to role play with you at home too.

voice 4 voice 3 voice 2 voice 1


Pajamas Day + Playground – As part of our FUN FRIDAY, we also got to wear our pajamas all day AND played on the playground! We had a lot of fun celebrating many letter ‘p’ words!

playground 3 playground 2
playground 1

Popcorn – Last week, when we learned our “popcorn song,” we watched a video on the science behind how popcorn pop! We learned words like “pour,” “sprinkle” and “sizzle.”

In celebration of learning the letter “p” this week and the popcorn song we learned last week, the children got to make popcorn the old fashioned way during our FUN FRIDAY this week. The BEST PART is that we got to eat them.

Want to know more about HOW POPCORN POP or make your very own FRESH POPCORN at home? See the links below. 🙂

popcorn 5 popcorn 4

 Popcorn 1 Video Link     Popcorn 2 Video Link     Popcorn 3 Video Link


The Special Helpers we have each day continue to work well for our classroom community. We would like to suggest doing this at home too. This has been a great way for children to practice taking the leadership roles AND to practice waiting their turns and respecting the choices of that day’s special helper. 

For example, at home, have Mom, Dad, Child and Sibling (if available) each take a turn at being the family’s SPECIAL HELPER. The SPECIAL HELPER is the person who gets to make some family decisions, such as read a book first or play a game first or which video to watch today. The other family members will practice respecting their decisions because when it’s their turn, then they get to decide. For families with only one child, this can be a healthy practice so that the child is not the one who is always getting their way.


  • MONDAY, March 22nd

EY1 Begin Swimming again — Please come dressed in SWIM CLOTHES and bring all your swim gear + a change of clothes. 

  • APRIL 3rd – 18th  

Songkran Break – No School

Have a great week! Thank you for your continued support!

From all of us on the EY1 Team 😎

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