Week of April 26th – 30th 2021

Good afternoon EY1 friends,

Woohoo! We’ve made it to the end of another week of remote learning! 

We’ve had a wonderful week of learning as we introduced our new unit of inquiry ‘Investigations’. The children have shown great enthusiasm and have begun to make many great connections to what makes a curious learner this week. They are gaining an understanding that not knowing and wondering, thinking, inquiring and asking questions is all part of the process of being a great learner! 

Circle time, small groups and now EY1 playtime continue to be a special and fun time for us all. It is helping us to stay connected to our friends and teachers and we’ve even had a few siblings come along and join in on the fun and support us with our learning this week. 


Our Fun Friday was a lot of FUN with everyone wearing our animal T-shirts, sharing our name art and learning a new song.We reflected on some of our favourite Seesaw activities this week such as the Elephant toothpaste video and our feelings books where friends shared their thoughts and wonderful with others. 

Links to the video we shared below:

Best hunter T’rex song: 


Thank you to those parents who joined us for the parent forum today. It was nice to see and chat to you. Thank you very much for your helpful suggestions on how we can keep improving the EY1 remote learning program to make it as fun and positive as we possibly can for the children.

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School Holidays: Please note there will be no online learning on Monday May 3rd Tuesday May 4th of next week. We will see you all again on Wednesday May 5th. 

Small Group Time – We will have two sessions per day next week for small group time. Please sign up for ONE time slot. Times are 11:10am-11:30am or 11:40am-12:00pm. Link below:


Resources needed for next week:

-Paper white or coloured 

-Paint or food colouring (Red, Blue and Yellow)

(You can even make your own paint this weekend as a fun activity in preparation for next week.Please see the link below for recipe and instructions).

Link: https://littlebinsforlittlehands.com/flour-paint/

Thank you for another great week of learning. 

Have a safe and restful weekend!!

All the best,

EY1 Team


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