Week 11: Oct 25th – 29th

- Kim bday balloonA very Happy Birthday to KimEnjoy your birthday and celebration this weekend! 

Bats! Bats! Bats!! We’ve had so much fun with bats this week, including having bats help us with our Daily Check-in. We’ve also gotten to learn a little about bats. They like to sleep during the day but they come out at night!! We also learn that they sleep hanging upside down and they LOVE to eat fruits. Bats also come in many different sizes AND like the bees and butterflies, they help pollinate the flowers so more yummy fruits can grow! 

Slideshow of the Flying Bats Artwork in EY1


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This Week’s Learning & Fun
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Our focus in Language was on learning the letter B and on making and listening for the /b/ sound like in the beginning of the words “bat” and “ball.” We also practiced forming the letter B with playdough. In the process, we got to practice their small motor skills too. 

For our Unit of inquiry on “Relationships,” we got to “meet” some more people who would also work at school. This week’s guests included our School Nurse, a Cleaner, a Security Guard and of course, our very own Ms. Nit, our Class Nanny!. We are grateful to them for taking time from their busy schedules to “visit” our EY1 classroom via pre-recorded videos.

- uoi.
In our Fun Friday, it was a totally “batty” time!! In addition to celebrating Kim’s birthday, we had fun with a bat song, a bat story and even a game of hide-and-seek! Links below to the song and story as well as photos from Fun Friday and this week’s learning are below.

Song: Matt the Bat aka Broom Boom
I Want To Be A Bat by QEB Publishing & Katie Woolley

Slideshow with Photos of This Week’s Learning & Fun

PE, Music, Library and Storytime were no exception to all the fun we’ve had this week. Not only the children were challenged to be active and creative, so were all the teachers!!

2021-10-27 EY1 PE Class A  2021-10-28 Music - Chris
Screen Shot 2564-10-29 at 14.35.00

Friday, 29th October was our whole school Halloween Dress-Up Day, organized by the Student Council!! It was so much fun to see everyone in their costumes. The children also had the option to participate in the School-wide Costume Contest!! So exciting! We can’t wait to see who the winners will be!

Slideshow of Halloween Costumes


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To Note for the Upcoming Week
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  • Important Dates
      • Nov. 1st – Parent Session: EY Reopening Meeting, 8am – 9am
      • Nov. 5th – EY1 Parent Session: “Successful Strategies for First Days
      • Nov. 8th  –  Primary School Hybrid Model Begins
      • Dec. 6th  –  In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday – NO SCHOOL
      • Dec. 17th  –  Last day of Term 1  
      • Dec. 20th  – Jan. 7th – December Break – NO SCHOOL
      • Jan. 10th  –  First day of Term 2 
  • Small Groups / Color Groups
    - Week 12 small group
  • EY1 Weekly Schedule – Week of Oct. 18th – 22nd
    Screen Shot 2564-10-30 at 10.51.34
  • Resources to Prepare for Next Week’s Classes
    - Week 12 Resources

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Parenting Corner
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It is finally happening! We will be able to go to some in-person learning soon, in addition to our remote learning. While the prospect is exciting, transitions and changes can be a source of anxiety for our little ones and even adults too.

We have also learned that when both parents and children know what to expect, the likelihood of a positive experience is very high. School has held and will continue to hold some parent sessions to orient parents to what the school reopening will look like. Please attend these if you can. But, if you cannot, watch the recordings. There is a lot of important information. If we are prepared, then we can be in a good position to best support our children.

Because we recognize how important this transition is, the EY1 Team would like to hold a session for our class parents to ask any specific questions. Please mark your calendar for the EY1 Parents Session on Friday, Nov. 5, 9:00-9:45 am. During the session, in addition to trying to answer your questions, we will also show you a video of what the drop off and pick up will look like for EY1 as well as how our classroom will be set up. You are welcome to show these to your children so they also know what to expect and can feel comfortable and successful from Day 1. Below is a graphic with examples of what you can do and say for a successful drop off at school.

Parenting - Successful School Drop Off

Be sure to check out the school Counselor’s Blog as Ms. Alex, our counselor, has shared some resources on talking to your child about returning to school.

* * * * *

Thank you for your amazing support. Our journey with our EY1 children’s learning continues as we move to a Hybrid Model as schools are allowed to open slowly. We continue to count on your partnership for a successful transition for our EY1 students. We hope you will be able to join us in our EY1 Parent Session on Friday, Nov. 5th (link also on EY1 Schedule) as we talk about and share some strategies for successful first days for our EY1’s. Thank you again for sharing your children and being on this journey with us!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at dinnhe.kr@kis.ac.th or sian.py@kis.ac.th.

EY1 Team 😀


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