Term 2 Week 1: January 10th-14th


EY1 Students – Congratulations to you on completing your first week back to school and to our new students for your first week at KIS. Given all the changes that you have had to adjust to, you all did FABULOUSLY! A few of our students are still missing their mommies a bit in the mornings. But let’s face it, mommies are pretty great! 🥰

Congratulations also to you, the parents. Your time and effort spent with your children online these past few months have really helped them to be familiar with us and the routines of the class, which has helped instill in them much confidence and a sense of security about going school. Thank you!

Welcome to New Families

A HUGE welcome to our new families again! Asher, George, Lalin, Mabel, Myra and families, we are happy to have you join KIS and our EY1 Class community. If you haven’t had a chance already, please join the EY1 Class Line Group. We are very lucky to have 3 parent volunteers supporting our class. Thank you K. Vandee (Ty’s Mom), K. Na (Anya’s Mom) and K. Tuk (Proud’s Mom)!

This Week in EY1

As this week is our first week back, adjusting back to school life again may take some time for our EY1 children. They are also coming at an earlier time than before, being with all EY1 classmates in person for the first time as well as having classes with Mr. Max for PE and Mr. Chris for Music in person for the first time. That is a lot for our EY1 children to take in so don’t be surprised if they are very tired by the end of the week. Many shared that they like coming to school but also look forward to “Home Time” because they “miss their mommy.” (Sorry Dads! It’s how things are in the EY1 world. 😜) Below is a video of children at “Home Time,” eagerly waiting for your arrival. So cute!!


Another exciting thing that happened this week is that we celebrated Ty’s birthday with him at school! 

This week and next week, we will continue to work on getting to know each other again and getting to know our new friends. We are also learning the routines of the classroom and how to be safe when at school. Another thing that has been very fun this week is seeing our specialist teachers and having lessons with them in person for the first time! We were able to have PE lessons outdoors. Our Music lessons are in the EY1 classroom for now until they are more familiar with the new schedule and routines. Fun Friday this week included fun with Art and a Seesaw activity about being safe at school.

Photo Gallery from Week of Jan. 10th – 14th


To Note for Next Week…

  • Library Books – Due back on Mondays
    Please help the children pack and bring back the library books on Mondays. Book checkouts will be on Tuesdays.

  • PE Classes – Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
    On these 3 days, please have students come to school in their PE uniforms. This will allow them to stay cooler. Students can wear their traditional uniforms on Thursdays and Fridays.

  • Outdoor Play
    Students have outdoor play on the playground everyday! This is one of their favorite things to do in the day. Be sure to ask them about it. THANK YOU for sending their water bottles with filled water. They have been very good at drinking their water. We also have water coolers at school that we can help them top up should they need it. They have also been very responsible to carry their bottles themselves to and from the classroom.

  • Snack Time
    Snack Time is between 9:00 – 10:00 each day. Please be sure they have something to eat in the morning so they are not too hungry by that time.

  • Lunch Time
    EY1 Lunch Time is from 11:10 AM each day. Usually by this time, the children are hungry. However, this may be early for some children compared to when they usually eat lunch at home. So the children may be ready for a snack by the time they get home from school.

Thank you again for all your support this week. Your preparation with the children’s backpacks with spare clothes and masks, water bottles, ID cards, etc. have helped them to feel more comfortable while at school. We are grateful for your continued support and partnership! 

Wishing everyone a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing the children again next week!

EY1 Team


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