Term 2 Week 2: January 17th-21st

Dear EY1 community,

It’s been a challenging and tiring second week for some children this week! After the excitement of the first full week for them last week, many of the children have shown fatigue. The children are still adjusting to their new schedule and routines but are still showing enthusiasm towards school and being with all their EY1 friends and teachers. Please be sure to spend your weekend resting and having some much needed downtime. It is also important to keep up their sleep routines too.

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This Week’s Learning & Fun
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This week, the children continued to practise some familiar routines and songs as well as learned some new ones. They especially enjoyed playing on the playground with our EY2 friends and interacting with each other this week. All the children were incredibly brave and embraced the IB Learning Profile, Risk Taker, to try new things and meet new friends. 

Some highlights of the week have been our very popular Beading Center where the children practised their fine motor and hand eye coordination. They created some amazing pieces of jewelry and were very proud of their work.




We also had so much playing with the parachute for Fun Friday this week. The children were doing a great job at listening, following directions and taking turns during the various games we played together as a whole group. 



It was great seeing Mr Max in person again and spending time outside for PE classes. Our Music lesson with Mr Chris was online this week but the children really enjoyed seeing him on the big screen as well as themselves! 

Photo Gallery – Week of Jan. 17th – 21st



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Parenting Corner
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Below are some tips on how to support and understand the importance of letting your child develop at their own pace. The 5 Rules of Introducing Mark Making focuses on how we, as adults, can guide our children in their self expression and mark making experiences. 

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Upcoming Dates & Reminders
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Jan 25th – Remote learning day – more details to follow

*New Students: If you have not yet had the opportunity to connect to our class Seesaw. Please give this a try over the weekend. It is an online platform that we use for communicating with parents, remote learning activities as well as an online learning journal. 

Library – Great news! From next week we will be able to visit our school library. Please be sure to return your library books by Thursday so that your child is able to borrow a new one next week. 

Feb 1st – Chinese New Year: The children have already started preparing some wonderful decorations to hang around the classroom. More information to follow about celebrating this at school. 

Backpacks and Water bottles: Parents please be sure to check backpacks each day for dirty clothes, replace spare masks and refill water bottles every morning.

Thank you for your continued support this week. Wishing you all a restful and rejuvenating weekend! 


EY1 Team 😀


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