Term 2 Week 5: Feb. 7th – 11th

It is hard to believe that we have finished 5 weeks of Term 2 already. This also means that our EY1 students have had about 5 weeks of in-person learning at school with both Class A and Class B together, going to school daily. The children are doing remarkably well with all the new routines and all the changes to schedules, getting up earlier, going to school everyday, etc. So it is not surprising that the children get very tired, even before the end of the week. It’s critical for the children’s learning and brain development that they get adequate rest. (See Parenting Corner below.)

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This Week’s Learning & Fun
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We would like to thank this week’s Special Helpers Asher, Elsa, Vicky, Elle, Anya, Myra, Mabel and Kim – for helping with different “jobs” as well as modeling many of the things we are learning in EY1 like walking and playing safely, using a kind voice, being a good friend, listening when others are talking, etc.

Our EY1 children are so capable. In addition to carrying their own water bottles to and from the playground and lunch area, they have also been practicing tidying up their own plates and utensils after Snack and Lunch Times. Of course they also help tidy up the toys when it’s time to tidy up and they wash their hands by themselves. For our fire drill this week, the EY1 students received many compliments on how well they stayed together and walked quietly to our designated safe place on the field. Our caterpillar line is looking very beautiful too! We are capable!

We tidy up after Lunch and Snack Times 

Photo Gallery – We Are Capable!

We had a lot of fun with Math Week this week. Our focus was data collection. We counted how many boys and girls in the class and made predictions and measured the tallest and shortest in the class. After learning that this year was the Year of the Tiger, we also wanted to know what Zodiac animals our friends and teachers are as well as how many people like pizza more versus ice cream more. Some friends made patterns and shapes in their playdough. We were lucky enough to have Mr. Gerry join in some of the playdough fun! The highlight of the week was the Math Dress Up Day on Friday! We are beginning to understand that math is more than just numbers and counting!

Photo Gallery – Math Week

As we continue our current unit of inquiry, “Play,” under the transdisciplinary theme, How We Express Ourselves, the children are learning to exercise different skills as they engage in various types of play. For example, some children joined in a spontaneous game of hide-and-seek with Ms. Sian in the classroom. This is a game we usually play outside on the playground. During the game, we could hear children helping each other, “Hide here!” or “This is a good place.” Many got very creative with hiding places, including hiding in the “oven.”  Children were also helping each other count as well as taking turns being the seeker and the hider. 

Fun Friday this week included a 💗 Valentine card making activity as well as special playtime on the “big kids’ playground” where there’s a zipline! It’s been another busy and fun week in EY1!

Photo Gallery – Week of Feb. 7th – 11th


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Parenting Corner
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Graphic from American Academy of Pediatrics (link here)

As mentioned above, adequate rest is crucial to our EY1 student’s growing brains, not to mention their emotional and mental state as they engage in a day’s learning. Studies show that preschoolers (ages 3-5) need at least 10-13 hours of sleep and sometimes more depending on their level of activity during the day. It is recommended that parents aim for a 7pm bedtime and no later than 8pm. Help children establish a bedtime routine where they can start to unwind and settle in for the night. Children’s diet can affect the quality of their sleep depending on how much sugar or caffeine (in cola drinks, etc.) they have consumed. Some very wise parents have kept their children home from school for a day when they have had a challenging night of sleep. This has not only allowed the child to catch up on rest, but has also allowed them to make positive connections with their school experiences. For those interested, below are links to some additional reading on the sleep needs of preschoolers:

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Upcoming Dates & Reminders
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    • Week of Feb. 14-18 | February Holiday
      No classes. Campus closed to students.
    • Feb. 20
      Submit ATK Tests by 8pm in preparation for return to school on Feb. 21.
    • Feb. 21
      First day back to school after the February Holiday.
    • Feb. 23 | 8:00am – Primary School Q & A [Meeting Link]
    • Feb. 24 | 9:00-10:15am – HOS Parent Coffee [Meeting Link]
    • Feb. 25 | Primary School House Challenge Day – Crazy Hair Day
      Students are invited to come to school with their interpretation of crazy hair.
    • Week of Mar. 7-11 | Parent Teacher Conferences
      Sign up sheet and other details will be shared after the holiday.

We couldn’t help but share one more photo of the children from Chinese New Year. A few friends were away and we were able to get everyone’s photos this week. Yay!

Thank you for your continued support and partnership! Enjoy some special family time together next week as well as the upcoming ❤️ Valentine’s Day on February 14th. 

EY1 Team 😊


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