Term 2 Week 9: Mar. 14th-18th

We had a very exciting start to the week – it was our first time to go swimming in EY1!!  Some students came to school Monday morning very excited while some came with a bit of nerves about having to go swimming. They all embraced the IB learner profiles of being a risk-taker and being open-minded about trying something new and took part in the swim class with Mr. Max, Mr. Tuk and Ms. Kate. Afterwards, many could be heard saying, “Swimming was fun!” These swim days are also great opportunities for the children to practice undressing and dressing themselves.

Photo Gallery of First Swim Class


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This Week’s Learning & Fun
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Even with remote learning, we don’t miss out on celebrations and fun. Gawin celebrated his birthday with his classmates during our Circle Time call. Happy Birthday Gawin!

A huge THANK YOU to this week’s Special Helpers Yadin, Lalin, Grace, Smile, Kim, and Summer. The children continue to love the opportunity of being the Special Helper for the day and the responsibilities that come with it. This week we introduced another responsibility that the Special Helpers can help with – moving the Stars to help us track the days of the week and where we are in the day!

Language and Math

The students are not only learning language and math skills through their play and exploration, they are also learning them through the morning check-in activities and our morning meetings during Circle Time. The children are able to identify their names more confidently now and are learning the letters their names start with. They are also learning about math through looking at the data we collect each day and how numbers and math are used to help us make sense of the world around us.

Leading up to KIS Book Week 2022 – “Tales from Around the World” (Mar. 28-Apr. 1), Ms. Ran and Ms. Noi have been reading stories to the children in both English and Thai. We welcome any parents to share a story from their home country and if they’d like, in both their home language and English. It would be a special treat for the children and would help broaden their view of the world!


Unit of Inquiry 

For our unit of inquiry, “Taking Care of Living Things,” we looked more specifically about plants and how they can come in different shapes and sizes. We also explore what they are some things plants need to live and grow. How do they “eat”? How do they “drink” water? 

The children also had a lot of fun drawing and painting sunflowers. They were guided to notice the different parts of the flower to help add details to their drawings and paintings. Many were very proud of their work. 

The week finished with the last two days of remote learning. The children transitioned seamlessly. They should feel so proud of how adaptable and flexible they have become. For Fun Friday this week, the children enjoyed listening to a story about vegetables that grow up, down and all around followed by a scavenger hunt for some of these items in their homes.

Photo Gallery – Week of Mar. 14th-18th

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Parenting Corner
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“What words we use with our kids become what words they tell themselves.” ~ @mamapsychologists 

The language we use with our children makes a difference to them. Which one of these 8 things to tell your child that they are enough will you try this week? If you do try one, let us know how it goes.

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Upcoming Dates & Reminders
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  • March 21 – EY1 Swim Day Bring swim bag and all necessary items.
  • March 23 | 10:30AM Primary School Q & A [for link – see email “Parent Update from the HOS – March 18″]
  • March 24 | 9:00-10:15AM | HOS Parent Coffee [for link – see email “Parent Update from the HOS – March 18″]
  • March 25 – Library Day Bring books back to swap!
  • March 28-April 1 | Book Week
    Primary School will be celebrating “Tales from around the world.
  • April 1 | Book Character Dress-up Day
    Primary school students will be encouraged to come to school dressed up as characters from the tales.
  • April 6 | Chakri Day (school & office closed)
  • April 8 | Last day of Term 2
  • April 11-15 | Songkran Holiday
    No school for students

Thank you for your continued support and partnership! Have a restful weekend!

EY1 Team 😊

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