Term 3 Week 4: May 9th-13th 

It was so lovely that we got to celebrate with Elle for her birthday this week!

Special Helpers continue to be great assistants with different classroom jobs. Thank you to Myra, Soma, Ella, Elle, Elsa, Etta, Grace, Anya, Vicky and George for being our Special Helpers this week. 

Thank you Special Helpers!


Important | Student-Led Conferences | Monday, May 16th

The children are very excited about the Student-Led Conferences on Monday. Please note that it will not be a regular school day for students

On this day, students are to come with their families only at the time that they have signed up for. Students are expected to come in their school uniforms. Please note that a negative ATK submitted the day before is required for everyone coming onto campus. This is the first time in two years that parents are able to visit the classrooms, so we are all very excited! Student-Led Conferences are a great opportunity for students to share a variety of classroom learning experiences with their family. 

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This Week’s Learning & Fun
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Unit of Inquiry

For our unit, we continue to explore different types of “Investigations.” This week, the focus was on color mixing. Students had an opportunity to make guesses of what colors to mix to get a desired color. Through testing and trial and error, they began to learn that different combinations of colors will yield a certain color. For example, mixing yellow and blue, we get green. And a “yucky brown” is the color we got when we mixed all the colors together. The children are enjoying being scientists in how they are approaching their thinking and learning.

Math and Literacy

Through our Morning Check-in questions this week, the children have had opportunities to practice their measuring skills. Many of the children are making great connections on how to measure properly, such as where to start and stop as well as making sure that the things we are using to help us measure, whether they are Lego pieces, paper clips or our feet, are lined up right next to each other, leaving “no holes” in between. 

The children continue to “read” and make sense of the data we collect each morning from our morning questions. They also love “reading” the daily schedule to see what we have for the day and what is coming up next.

Fun Friday

For Fun Friday this week, in celebration of the wonderful work of our EY1 students in the ‘Cartoon Exhibition,’ we invited all of the children to dress up as their favorite Cartoon Characters. We also had a mini-excursion to the AudiBox where we got to watch We Are In A Book  by Mo Willems on the BIG screen! Then we watched as Mo Willems showed us how to draw Piggie (link to video here)! We also got to dance to one of our favorite superhero songs, Superheroes Unite by Koo Koo Kangaroo. Feel free to watch these at home again. The children enjoyed the excursion!

Photo Gallery – Week of May 9th-13th


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Parenting Corner
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Mind in the Making – The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs by Ellen Galinsky

Essential Life Skill #4

“The Life Skill of Making Connections is central to learning. The ability to make connections underlies the ability to see that symbols—such as numbers, letters and words—stand for real objects (symbolic representation). Making Connections involves executive function skills, including drawing on what you know (working memory), figuring out what’s the same and what’s different (cognitive flexibility) and sorting these things into categories (inhibitory control).

All children and adults can benefit from improving their capacity to make usual and unusual connections—a core component of creativity.” (from mindinthemaking.org)


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Upcoming Dates & Reminders
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For Next Week:

  • May 16 | Student-Led Conferences (No school for students)
    Please see above for more details.
  • May 20 – Library Day
    Bring books back to swap!

Looking Ahead…

  • May 27 | House Day
    Students to wear House Shirts to school
  • May 27 |8:00-9:00am | Auditorium | Primary School Parent Forum
  • June 3 | HM Queen Suthida’s Birthday – (School & Office closed)
  • June 10 | Last Day of the School Year

Thank you for your continued support and partnership! Have a restful weekend!

EY1 Team 😊

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