Term 3 Week 5: May 9th-13th

Dear EY1 community,

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Zuri who turned 4 on Wednesday! Thank you for celebrating your special day with us.

Thank you to our Special Helpers this week Smile, Mabel, Asher, Proud, Netan, Yadin, Kim and Summer who continued to be great role models, helping us stay organised and eco-friendly. They were also great scientists this week by testing out our floating and sinking experiments from our morning check-in questions and predicting the weather each day. Great work friends!



Student-Led Conferences 

It was so wonderful having all our Mums and Dads come to school this week for student-led conferences. There was an awesome atmosphere around the school with parents on campus for the first time in 2 years! The children did an amazing job at showing their parents all the centers in the EY1 classroom and we hope you enjoyed getting some insight into what a typical day is like. Thank you to those parents who filled in our parent reflection forms. It was great to hear such positive responses on the things you enjoyed and thank you for your suggestions on what could be improved for next time.



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This Week’s Learning & Fun
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The children had so much fun experimenting with floating and sinking objects this week. We practiced a range of skills such as problem solving, enquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating. Through our morning questions the children were challenged to predict if certain objects were going to float or sink. From this we learned that the size of an object doesn’t affect its ability to float however what an object is made determines whether it will float or sink. We also observed objects that float at first but sink to the bottom over time such as the popsicle stick and the leaf. The children were able to share some great connections as to why something might sink such as, “Because they are in the water for a long time.” (Ty)  “The water is pulling them down.” (Kim). 

Many of our EY1 friends enjoy expressing themselves through song and dance. This week we took turns at sharing some of our new favourite songs. The children have demonstrated one of our KIS core values  ‘Nurturing Passion in Self and Others’ by sharing these new songs, dance moves and also why they like them so much. The children have practiced being ‘Principled Learners’ by taking turns each day for song requests. We have been making request lists on the whiteboard, helping us stay organised while also making sure it is fair for everyone. Check out some of our EY1 TOP HITS this week in the video below:


This has also tied in nicely with many of the children enjoying dressing up and engaging in imaginative play. We have had many princesses in EY1 this week such as Ana, Elsa, Snowhite, Rapunzel as well as Tinkerbell, builders and of course, scientists! 

Fun Friday

For Fun Friday this week, the children were invited to bring a small artifact from home to create their own float or sink experiment. First we drew pictures of our artefacts, then we made observations and discussed what they might be made of. From this we were able to make predictions on whether we thought it was going to float or sink based on our knowledge of the materials it was made from. We tested our theories and then reflected on our findings.



We made some fascinating discoveries which led us to many further wonderings for our wonderwall. Such as…

  • What are marbles made of?
  • Do people float? 
  • Do all leaves float?
  • Do all seashells sink?
  • Do all trees float?

Photo Gallery – Week of May 16th-20th



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Parenting Corner – The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs by Ellen Galinsky

Essential Life Skill #5

“This Life Skill is the ongoing search for valid and reliable knowledge to guide beliefs, decisions and actions. Critical Thinking involves executive function skills, including using what you know to search for information (working memory); seeing information in new ways as you seek to deepen your understanding (cognitive flexibility); and not going on automatic and reverting to outdated information but using the information you have obtained (inhibitory control).

Critical Thinking is essential in making sense of the world and being a problem solver. It follows a developmental path, emerging in children over time, but its use must be promoted.” (from mindinthemaking.org)


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Upcoming Dates & Reminders
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For Next Week:.

  • May 27 – Library Day
    Bring books back to swap!
  • May 27 | House Day
    Students to wear House Shirts to school

Looking Ahead…

  • June 3 | HM Queen Suthida’s Birthday – (School & Office closed)
  • June 10 | Last Day of the School Year

Thank you for your continued support and partnership! Have a restful weekend!

EY1 Team 😊

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