Term 3 Week 6: May 23rd-27th

Dear EY1 community,

Thank you to our Special Helpers this week Zuri, Charkin, Anya, Proud, Netan, Myra, Asher, Grace, Vicky and Elsa who continued to help us test our theories from our morning check-in questions, check and predict the weather while also reflecting on what was fun for them at school each day. Along with our usual jobs such as helping us stay organised throughout the day by moving the star on the daily schedule, turning off the lights and lining up nicely with our belongings. Thank you so much for all your help!



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This Week’s Learning & Fun
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This week the children in EY1 continued with their UOI ‘Investigations. Through our morning questions the children have been challenged to observe certain objects and determine whether they are lighter or heavier. Sometimes we have been able to use our prior knowledge to support our thinking, for example; which do you think is lighter and which is heavier, a bowling ball or a beach ball? When reflecting as a group, friends shared if they have been tenpin bowling before and shared about their experience, such as not being able to lift the bowling ball and using a ramp to push it down the lane. This helped us to determine that the bowling was heavier than a beach ball. We also used a balance scale to check our hypothesis on objects we were unsure of. Great work, Scientists!  

It was a very special week in the Primary School. Our Grade 5 students celebrated their graduation on Wednesday morning. The EY1’s joined in with the rest of the school to share their support by clapping and cheating for them as they came down from the auditorium. 


Last week we were exploring floating and sinking and conducted our own experiments using toys from home. During our group discussion, Yadin made a very interesting connection. He said “Kites also float in the sky”. Mr Max supported our learning this week in PE by showing us his kite and how to fly it. Luckily our special helper Proud, predicted some windy weather for us the day before. It turned out to be a great day for flying kites on Wednesday. Thanks Proud!

The children had so fun much participating in their first in-school House Challenge on Friday morning. EY1 and EY2 students worked together in their House groups to try and complete the obstacle course as fast as possible. It was lovely to see the children working together and cheering for friends when it was their turn to complete the course. 



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Parenting Corner
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Mind in the Making – The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs by Ellen Galinsky

Essential Life Skill #6

What Does It Mean to Take on Challenges?

“Life is filled with stresses and challenges. All adults and children will benefit from the Life Skill of Taking on Challenges by learning how to manage stressful experiences proactively. It calls upon executive functions, including not going on automatic (inhibitory control) but rather reflecting on the experience or situation (reflection) and being flexible in thinking about solutions to the problem (cognitive flexibility).

Children who take on challenges instead of avoiding or simply coping with them achieve better in school and in life.”” (from mindinthemaking.org)

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Upcoming Dates & Reminders
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For Next Week:.

  • June 2 – Book Returns
    Please return your library books before the long weekend. 
  • June 3 | HM Queen Suthida’s Birthday – (School & Office closed)

Looking Ahead…

  • June 10 | Last Day of the School Year

Thank you for your continued support and partnership! Have a restful weekend!

EY1 Team 😊


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