Term 3 Week 7: June 6th – June 10th

Dear EY1 Community,

Congratulations on completing your first year at KIS! It has been an interesting year, to say the least! We really appreciate you all keeping an open mind and positive attitude during those challenging times of remote learning, the hybrid model and then our transition to on-campus learning. The children demonstrated many of the IB learner profiles attributes throughout the course of the year. They should feel very proud of their achievements this year and we look forward to watching their continued growth as they move on within the KIS community.


Thank you to this weeks Special Helpers!

Etta, Summer, Ella, Elle, Soma, Elsa, Vicky, Proud, Smile and Mabel!

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sea and George who celebrated their birthdays with us this week! 

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This Week’s Learning & Fun
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Step-Up Day

Our EY1 children got to go and visit the EY2 classroom and meet the teachers one morning this week. Some children were excited, some were nervous and some were feeling neither and were indifferent. All those feelings are very normal. Mr. Rich and Ms. Magda showed us the classroom and all the different centers. They played a game, danced with the children and read a story. All in all, it wasn’t very different from EY1! 

It was so lovely to celebrate our learning and the wonderful class community created this year by having a party. The children had so much fun wearing their special party clothes, eating all the delicious food and then being able to play on the BIG kids playground at the end of the day. Thank you to all our EY1 families for providing all the yummy food for us yesterday and making it so memorable. 

We can’t believe the school year has already come to an end. Thank you all for such a great year of learning together. We feel extremely grateful for having the opportunity to teach and get to know all the children and their families this year. We wish you all the best of luck in EY2!

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Parenting Corner
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Below are a few of ideas that parents and children can do during the summer break.

IB Learner Profile

See attached link for a copy of the IB Learner Profiles that’s easy to understand for EY children. Perhaps it’s something you can print out and refer to over the summer. These same Learner Profiles will be used throughout their academic career at an IB school.

Cutting Skills

The attached file contains pages that parents can print out for their child to practice cutting. Building scissors skills is a good way to build up muscle strength and dexterity that is crucial to handwriting development. Here’s the link to the parent’s guide if you would like to understand more.

Tracing Skills

If you children enjoyed the morning check-in tracing activity, Here are two pages that they might enjoy doing at home too: Tracing Insects and Tracing Vehicles

Have a wonderful holiday and we will see you all in August!

Lots of love,

EY1 team

Video: It’s Been Fun in EY1 2021-2022

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