Week of March 1st – March 5th

Dear EY1 community,

We hope you all had a lovely long weekend. It was a short but sweet week at KIS last week! We welcomed back Rou Rou who returned from a leave of absence. It is very nice to have you back in EY1 Rou Rou, we missed you!

This week we focused on making AB patterns and learning the names and sounds of the letters K, I, N, D and S through various activities and games at group time. We have also been working on our fine motor skills experimenting with threading beads and cutting/using scissors and working with play dough in different ways. Please find the link to a fun play dough song we explored this week:


The children have continued to show great enthusiasm as they make connections to our new unit of inquiry, ‘Caring for Living Things’. We were very excited to see our seeds have started sprouting that we planted last week. A big thank you to everyone who provided an artifact of living things for our unit board. The children take great pride in seeing their findings on display in the classroom.

You should now have all received an email with information on the 3-way conferences. Please make sure you fill in the questionnaire no later than March 1st and book a time that suits your family. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your homeroom teacher.

Seesaw Diary: Caring for a Living Thing – Please check out the activity and post your photos there.


Student Council will hold a popcorn sale on Friday March 5th.   If you would like to support this fundraiser please send in an envelope with money, your child’s name, and how many bags of popcorn you are ordering no later than Friday Morning.  Popcorn is 20 baht per bag.

Parent Teacher Meetings on Zoom – Week of March 8th – 12th

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to talking with you all next week about all the great progress your child has made so far this year.

EY1 Team

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Week of Feb. 22nd – 26th

Hello EY1 Community!

Welcome to another week of learning. May we remind you that this week is a short week for students – Monday through Wednesday only. No school for children Thursday (Staff Professional Development Day) and Friday (Macha Bucha Day).

Learning Experiences


For our new unit of inquiry on “caring for living things,” we explored further the differences between living and non-living things. We ask the following 3 questions to help us see if something is a living thing or not.

1.  Does it grow?
2.  Does it need water?
3.  Does it need food?

Be sure to ask your EY1 student about it and have them ask these questions this weekend to check some things you see whether that object is a living or non-living thing.

As part of the unit, we have read books about living things and some children have done observational drawings of sunflowers. 


The skill we focused on this past week was counting and making connections with the numeral and the number of objects that numeral represents. The children practiced this with the number mats as well as with our big number line.


As part of our Fun Friday and Unit of Inquiry activity, our class went on a NATURE WALK around the school to spot and document things that are living and things that are non-living. The children are getting to be experts on this.


  • PE UNIFORM on Monday
    Please come dressed in PE UNIFORM.
  • No school February 25th
    Professional development day for teachers
  • No school February 26th
    February break / Maka Bucha Day
  • Parent Teacher Meetings – Week of March 8th – 12th
    These will be via zoom (more information to come). Please make a note in your calendar. Sign up for a date and time that week will be available shortly.

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to another week of fun learning together.

EY1 Team

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Week of 15th – 19th

Dear EY1 Families,

Happy Monday!

First, we would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome Map and his family to the KIS Community. Map joined our EY1 class and his sister, Pam, joined an EY2 class.

Special Helpers 
Your EY1 student may have gone home last week talking about “Special Helpers.” Each day, a student’s name is randomly drawn from Class A and Class B to be our Special Helpers for a day. Names are drawn until every student has had a chance and then we start again. Being a Special Helper gives the student a chance to practice responsibility. “Jobs” include being a line leader, helping teachers demonstrate an activity, turning on and off the lights when needed, etc. So far, their favourite is being the line leader for the day, where they are setting an example to friends on how to line up and how to transition safely throughout the school. 

Fire Drill
The whole school had our first Fire Drill for this school and our EY1’s did FABULOUSLY! We shared with the children ahead of time of what to expect and this is just a practice. The important thing is to stay calm, quiet, listen and walk. They did all that!

New Check-in’s
Since parents cannot come into the classroom at the moment, we thought we would share some photos of the new check-in activities for the parents who are curious and interested. One of the activities will change weekly to reflect the skills we are working on with the children.

Reflecting on last weeks learning 

Last week we celebrated both Valentines and Chinese New Year and Ms Sian shared a special celebration that is unique to her country (New Zealand) called ‘Waitangi Day’.

Valentines cards: We spent a lot of time and effort into our special valentines cards this week. It was quite a process with many steps being taken over a few days this week:

Step 1: First we had to draw a picture and write our names on the inside of our cards. We used our words to explain our mark making, supporting our development of language, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Step 2: Painting out hands to make our red hand prints. 

Step 3: When our handprints were dry we were able to use a qtip to paint the black seeds on the strawberries. 

Step 4: We then needed to glue our hand prints, the strawberry stems and the words ‘I Love You Berry Much’ on to the front of our cards.

The children took great pride in their work and were very excited to share them with you on Friday.

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2021

We read and listened to stories about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated in China. We learned that the Chinese use 12 animals to help them keep track of the year and that this year is the Year of the Ox. The story, The Great Race helped us understand how these 12 animals were chosen. The children were then invited to make their own ox craft for Fun Friday.

Link to story: The Great Race


Lanterns: The children worked hard this week making their Chinese lanterns that were then hung in the Atrium. They practise their cutting and listening skills as they followed the instructions on how to make the lanterns. Some of the children were able to see them being hung in the afternoon and were very excited to see their work being put on display in the PYP building.

Waitangi Day – The Taniwha story and song:

The children of Aotearoa (New Zealand) have grown up listening to wonderful tales of the Taniwha. A Taniwha is a mythical creature who lived in the river near Maori towns and villages. The Taniwha protected the children and village people from danger and scared away evil spirits. The children really enjoyed listening to the Maori legend about a Taniwha and a little boy who goes on wonderful adventures together. They travel under the water and see amazing animals and treasures. It is based on the song ‘I saw a Taniwha’ which the children loved learning today. The children were encouraged to come up and help add all the sea animals to the story by drawing them on the whiteboard. 

Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. Storytelling is a unique way for children to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures and international mindedness as they develop a positive attitude towards people from different lands, races and religions.

Links to new songs:

Chinese Dragon Dance


Taniwha song


Looking ahead:

February 25th and 26th – No school for students.

March 8th – 12th – Parent Teacher Conferences (More information to come).

Have a great week!

EY1 Team

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Week of Feb 8th – 12th

Hello EY1 families!

WELL DONE on completing a full week of in-person classes last week!! It was so nice to see the students and to be able to work with them in the classroom. They have grown much since we last saw them about six weeks ago (since before the Winter Break). Thank you again, parents, for all the work you have done with them during remote learning. We can certainly see a difference!

All the students were noticeably tired by the end of the week. This is to be expected as they are getting accustomed to a “new” schedule again. Learning and socializing can also require much mental and emotional energy.

We are looking forward to another busy week this week as we work on different activities in preparation for Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Taniwha, a New Zealand holiday! What great opportunities for our students to learn about the holidays and the culture and history behind those holidays.

Unit of Inquiry

This week, we begin our next unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet, where we ultimately want to better understand how people’s choices can affect other people, plants and animals. We will begin by first inquiring into living versus non-living things and the attributes that people, plants and animals have in common.

Reminders for this week:

  • MONDAY – Wear PE uniform please.
  • MONDAY – After School Activities will resume from Monday next week. (This only applies to students who have signed up. Otherwise, please ignore.)
  • Throughout the week – There will be school-wide activities to celebrate Chinese New Year, which is on Friday, Feb. 12,. We will make LANTERNS together. Also, please look for more information on the RED ENVELOPE CONTRIBUTION to help less fortunate children in our community.
  • FRIDAY – Feb. 12 –  Children are invited to wear a Chinese costume or clothing with the color red as red is considered a lucky color in Chinese culture.


Last Week’s Learning Experiences

On Friday, the children were excited to celebrate Ms. Ran’s birthday together. 

ms ran bday card final

We would like to welcome Kerwin and his family to our EY1 Community. Kerwin and his family are from China. They joined our class from January 6th, but Kerwin only got to meet his classmates in person this week. 


We would also like to welcome Ms. Eed, who will be supporting the EY1 classes in the mornings in place of Ms. Somjit. Ms. Eed said that it’s been so lovely to finally be able to meet the children and work with them.


Below are photos from our busy week. As you can see, the children were all very happy to be together again!

Have a lovely week ahead! As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

EY1 Team

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Week of Feb 1st – 5th

Hello EY1 families!

WELCOME BACK to in-person learning!! THANK YOU for a great few weeks of remote learning. The children have done very well overall and this is all thanks to YOU!!

We are so grateful that we can all go back to school from today, Monday, 1st February. We are all looking forward to seeing the children again. No doubt the children are looking forward to seeing all their friends again too.

PLEASE READ the Important Reminders below. It would be helpful to review these with the children so they are prepared as well for their return to campus.

Important Reminders for Returning to School on Monday, February 1st

  • Complete the New Risk Assessment Form by Friday, January 29, before 9am.
  • Check in with Thai Chana app upon arrival at school.
  • Masks need to be worn at ALL times. PLEASE REVIEW this with your child.
  • Drop-off time: 7:50 am
  • Pick-up time:  Half Day – 12:30pm / Full Day – 2:15 pm
  • Only ONE parent can come in with the child for drop offs and pickups. 
  • NO playing on the playground before or after school. Must go directly to the classroom in the morning and leave school right after pickup.
  • NO Swimming on Monday (until further notice). Monday’s swim class will be a PE class. The students should come dressed in their PE uniforms. 
  • NO toys from home at this time.

Last Week’s Learning Experiences

PE 1

PE 2

LIBRARY with Ms. Lindsay

Library 1 Library 2


We concluded the week with our Unicorn Themed Fun Friday! The children were proud to show off their unicorn horns that they made during Art time with Ms. Ran and Ms. Sirinat!

3 fun friday 2 4 fun friday5 unicorn fun 1 6 unicorn fun 2 7 unicorn fun 3 8 unicorn fun 4

LINKS from last week’s FUN FRIDAY  to try at home:

  • Story – Sugarlump and the Unicorn by Julia Donaldson – Link
  • Unicorn Song and Dance – Link

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.
EY1 Team

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Week of Jan 25th – 29th

‍ ☠️ Aaaarrrgggghhhh!! Ahoy there, matey! ‍☠️

What a fun week it was last week with all our pirate friends!

Thank you, parents, for taking the time to help your child with their costumes for our Fun Friday call together. It was evident that so much thought, creativity and detail went into making them. So thank you so much again for your support! The children looked great and loved sharing their amazing costumes and treasure maps with their teachers and friends! Everyone has done an amazing job and no doubt they went on some amazing adventures around their homes and gardens to find the hidden treasure! 

Here’s the LINK in case you would like to play our playdough pirate song again from today’s group call.

EY1 Treasure Maps

Click on the image to view this eBook.

Lots of great work and learning continue to happen on Seesaw! Thank you to all the parents and adults for the support.  Attached are collages of some of our wonderful work from the week so far . Many friends enjoyed being a teacher for the day and we’ve loved hearing about all the songs, stories and games you played with your students! It has also been great to see everyone’s understanding of kindness and thank you for sharing your special moments of you being kind to others. Well done friends! 

If you haven’t done these activities yet, don’t worry! We look forward to seeing your work when you do.


This Week:

This week we will swap classes again. So Class A will be with Ms Dinnhe and Class B with Ms Sian. Remember this is for both live Zooms/Google Meets sessions (Morning Circle at 9:30am and 11:10am for Small Group Time). Please remember to sign up for ONE small group time using the link below and NO MORE THAN 3 children per session please. 

Link to Small Group Time Schedule and Sign-up

Resources needed for this week:


  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Glue
  • Scissors 
  • Yarn, String or Ribbon 
  • Sticky tape or double sided tape
  • Optional: Paint, glitter & stickers 


  • 7 cones or water filled bottles
  • a low hurdle or a small pillow or a small box
  • 2 soft balls of any size or 2 stuffed toys
  • a hop scotch lay out
  • a mat or carpet
  • a balloon

Additional Resource to add for PE

  • a small hula-hoop or straws connected together to make a round shape  (size 30 – 40 cm)
  • ribbon of 50 cm long
  • a stick or chop stick or ruler (tie ribbon to the end of a stick, or chop stick or ruler)  

Have a great week ahead!
EY1 Team

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Week of Jan 18th – 22nd

Dear EY1 Community,

Thank you for a great week of remote learning. Fun Friday was super fun!! It was great to see everyone in their house shirts. 

While this format of remote learning is not ideal for most children, especially for the children in our age group, there is still so much to be gained. As parents, you have been modeling to your children how to deal with situations that are not ideal by handling them with positivity and choosing to make the best of them. These life skills are so valuable and are often not so easy to teach. WELL DONE, PARENTS!

While remote learning is not what we (parents and teachers) have signed up for, looking on the bright side of things, there are still so much to be gained for our young children, especially when our understanding is that this is only a temporary situation.

Benefits include:

  • Watching how adults handle frustrations. Frustrations are legitimate feelings. How do we handle them and how do we wish our children will learn to handle them.
  • Online skills – Sooner or later, our children will need to learn these skills to be successful adults in the world we live in today. Though the timing for them to learn these skills is not ideal, we have the opportunity to guide them and to teach them about finding the right balance.
  • Staying connected with classmates and teachers. As you know, children this age take time to get acclimated and settle in. Though we can’t see each other in person, this way, we can at least see and interact with each other online. Thank you for your support on this!!


The Small Group Sign-up: Please sign up for a day that best suits your schedule.

LINK: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Iu-UWUWw8UVawu5TAp6_Rpjpa_gkM1DacmnNUHRv2TM/edit?usp=sharing


Art – Make a Treasure Map

  • a regular tea bag to make the map look “old”
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Pencils, markers, etc.

Fun Friday

  • Pirate costume if you have one (optional)
  • Pirate hat, eye patch, etc.(optional

Resources needed for PE:

  • 3 cones (water bottles filled with water) for zigzag running
  • A low hurdle (a small pillow or something similar) to jump over for warm up.
  • 2 tennis balls (or similar sized balls)
  • 2 stuffed toys; some small space allowing the body to roll,
  • A hop scotch numbering, 1 – 10 (write the numbers in chalk, write numbers on paper and then tape them to the floor)

Resources Added: 2 more cones, 2 soft balls of any size (or balloon), a mat or carpet to be placed on the flooree

Again, thank you for another great week in EY1. We love seeing the children on screen and seeing their work. 

EY1 Team


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Week of Jan. 11th – 15th

Good morning Everyone!

Congratulations to both children and parents for completing your first week of remote learning last week! Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and continued support as we explored various online platforms to see what works best.  

The calls with the children have been SO WONDERFUL even they can a bit chaotic at time. This is to be expected as WE ALL try to upskill and learn to use these new tools. THANK YOU, PARENTS, for your help in making these calls and the learning engagement possible. It has been SO MUCH FUN to see the children on screens even if we can’t see them in person yet. 

EY1 Remote Learning Class Schedule

Be sure to check our EY1 REMOTE LEARNING CLASS SCHEDULE for an overview of what to expect throughout the week.

LINKS for ALL the Specialist Classes and other calls can be found on the SCHEDULE.

Please BOOKMARK this link for your convenience and for future reference.

EY1 Remote Learning Class Schedule


Some important information to note for the week ahead:

  • Specialist classes begin from this week (Monday’s swimming class will be replaced with an extra PE lesson). 
  • Here’s the link to our Weekly Class Schedule
  • Please note that for your convenience, we have added all the necessary links on the schedule so it’s a one-stop-shop for you. 
  • Next week at 11:10am we will be starting our Small Group Zoom Meetings. These will be in groups of 3-4 children with a teacher. Please click this link to sign up for ONE session per week with either Class A or Class B respectively. 
  • We will continue to have our Fun Friday activities each week. Please wear your house shirts.

We have scheduled a Parent-Teacher Call on Monday at 12:30pm to touch base with you and to share some information with you. This is also an opportunity for us to see what questions or concerns you may have. Click this link to join the call.

Agenda for the call:

  • Information about Weekly Parent Forums and HelpDesk
  • Small Group Zoom Calls
  • Ms. Alex, our school counselor
  • Q & A

We look forward to seeing everyone then. Thank you in advance for making time.

SEESAW Activities

Please note that the Seesaw activities on the weekly schedule for each day is to show there are activities available for the children to do. They can be done at a time that works best for your family’s schedule.


Some Reminders for LIVE Call Etiquettes

Please see attached photos for a quick recap of some of the agreements we have for our calls and meetings

online etiquette 1 online etiquette 2 online etiquette 3 online etiquette 4 online etiquette 5 online etiquette 6

THANK YOU again for your effort, patience and understanding as we get set up for our remote learning. All can be very chaotic at times, but our goal is to make it fun and as engaging as possible for our students. We so appreciate your support and partnership. We understand that all this information can be overwhelming at times and that we are here to assist. Feel free to contact us with ANY questions.

Have a great week ahead!

EY1 Team

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Week of Nov 30th – Dec 4th

Dear EY1 community,

It’s been really lovely that we had ALL our EY1’s students back this week. We really do miss you when you are away! Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the PYP Workshop this morning. Thanks also for the messages to let us know that it was helpful!! Like the children, we love hearing positive feedback as well.

MONDAY – Swimming + Uniform Just a reminder that swimming is on Monday. Also, please have uniform (NOT House Shirts) ready for after swimming. Thank you! Sorry for the confusion.

TUESDAY – NO PE (Wear Uniform please) We have a slight change in our schedule this week (for this week only). Tuesday’s PE class has been rescheduled to Friday. So please have students come in their uniform.

FRIDAY – PE Clothes + Library Tuesday’s PE classes will take place on Friday. And it’s Library Day, so please bring library books in the morning.

LIBRARY with Ms. Lindsay In addition to reading a story to us, Ms. Lindsay also shared a scarf song. The children loved using the scarves to accentuate the movements. See attached video.

FUN FRIDAY Today’s FUN FRIDAY consisted of a SNOWMAN-MAKING activity and a SHAPES SCAVENGER HUNT using the iPads. Not all the children had a chance to do both of the activities, so please let them know not to worry. We will have them continue early this week.

New Song – SLIPPERY FISH see lyrics attached in slideshow.

HOME VIDEOS on PLAY A big THANK YOU to all the families who have shared their videos already. It has been really fun for our children to see the different types and forms of play.

UPCOMING DATES & EVENTS * EY1 CHRISTMAS PARTY Wednesday, 16 December, 11:30 – 12:30 SAVE the date. More details to follow about bringing in a shared plate, etc. The children will need a SANTA HAT for the party, in case you would like to get that ahead of time.

PARENT FORUM Friday, 11 December, 8:00 AM, Auditorium Hosted by Ms. June and Mr. Gerry

LAST DAY OF TERM Friday, 18 December Please note that school finishes at 12:00-noon for students on this day. Have a great weekend! We look forward to hearing about it on our Monday shares.

EY1 Team

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Nov 23rd – 27th 2020

Our EY1 learners had opportunities to try many different things.


The Lock-Down Drill is scheduled for today,  Monday. We talked to the children last Friday about what this means and we also practiced what we will be doing today. This procedure is in place in the event the school has an intruder on campus who may pose a threat to the safety of our school. Basically, the practice on Monday will go as follows: When a siren sounds, we are to move to a safe location quickly and quietly. We stay there until we hear the announcement that it’s safe to resume our activities. Some children may be frightened by the loud siren or the unexpected practice. That’s why we wanted to prepare them as best as we can. Please feel free to discuss further at home.



A group of parents came into school to share some festivities with the children last week. We learned that the henna tattoos are part of the celebrations because they bring good luck to the person wearing them. Some children got the temporary henna and they also got to make diyas to take home.




We have talked about feelings before in EY1. The children are already familiar with many of their basic feelings. Throughout the week, while focusing on the emotions of happy and sad, we practiced recognizing them in BOTH ourselves and in others. They drew happy and sad faces. While each drawing was different from another’s, there were similar qualities to the happy ones and similar qualities to the sad ones. We talked about what these qualities are. Parents, please feel free to continue this discussion with them at home.



As our current unit is on PLAY, we continued our exploration of what this means and what can this look like for children in EY1. We took advantage of the cooler weather earlier in the week and had a number of OUTSIDE PLAYS. The children really enjoyed making and flying their kites as well as the pretend-play on the “pirate ship” and “firemen to the rescue.”

The donation of the cardboard trains from the KIS Train Picnic the previous weekend were such gifts!! The children really enjoyed being conductors “driving” the train as well as “passengers,” who had to have tickets to ride the train. When children have the opportunity for pretend-play, their imagination is allowed to flourish.




Mr. Eric and his Tech Team of older students supported our EY1 students again as they learned more about the caterpillar coding app. This week’s focus was on making predictions as well as the cause and effect, wondering what would happen next if this happened first.

We also got to make crepes where the students got to at the fruit fillings that they liked. Of course, we had to have chocolate sauce to top it off.




This week’s article is about “screen time” and “green time.” The research suggests that a balance of the two is important to the development of our brains. Click here for the link.


* Bean Bag Dance – click here for the link
* Name That Emotion – click here for the link



* Swimming on Monday – Please come in swim gear.

* Nov 27, 8am – All About PYP for Early Years Parents – in Auditorium
   Hosted by Ms. Cassie, Ms. June & Mr. Gerry,

* Dec 11, 8am – Parent Forum – in Auditorium
   Hosted by Ms. June and Mr. Gerry

Thank you for another great week EY1 students!

EY1 Team

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