Week of May 21st – May 25th

Dear Parents,

Last week we continued talking about how we like to express ourselves and the many ways people can express themselves.  Can you guess how we like to express ourselves?


Our EY Bellydancers took action for World Belly Dance Day by performing at a charity event to raise money for the Klong Toey Kindergaten Volunteer Group. We are very proud of these risk takers!

image1 IMG_9504 IMG_3989

We had fun with our reading buddies when we visited the shelters they had made and got to see Mr. Mat test how waterproof they were!

IMG_4023 IMG_4026 IMG_4030 IMG_4020

We had dinner at Ms. Nicole’s and practiced our subtraction skills as well!


We will continue telling stories using math this week.  Ms. Sanne is also working with the children playing math games.


In literacy we are making books to show how we express ourselves.


Next week we will have our Book Fair and a Book Character Dress Up Day.  Parents are welcome to join us in the library on May 30th at 10:00.  Please make sure your child brings the book that contains the character she/he is dressing up as.


fashion poster

We have been preparing for our end of the school year concert.  Please note we will be sending your child’s speaking part home for you to review with them.


May 29th- Student Led Conferences

May 30th- Book Character Dress up Day

June 1st-Deadline for you and your child to sign up for our EY2 Talent Show

June 6th- EY2 Talent Show and class party. 1:00-2:30

June 13th- EY1-G2 Concert/Last day of school. Students finish at 11:45

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Week of May 14th – 18th

Dear Parents,

Please be reminded that if your child has a fever do not give them medicine and send them to school.  Your child needs to be without a fever for 24 hours before returning to school.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you to all of you who were able to join our Fun Splash last Monday.  We all had a great time!

Our Home Corner was in full swing last week, acting out Goldilocks and the Three Bears with Ms. Nicole.  Everyone had a chance to participate and take on a role and let their imaginations flourish.



IMG_3775 IMG_3781

IMG_3783 IMG_3784

We had the opportunity to visit the Grade 5 exhibition and see all the wonderful work they have been doing.  we asked questions and learned so much!

IMG_3852 IMG_3851 IMG_3850 IMG_3849 IMG_3848 IMG_3847

Thank you to Amanda for being a risk taker and reading to us! We are proud of you!


Congratulations to Avani who participated in a chess competition and received a certificate! She told us all about the day and we learned some of the rules as well.  Well done Avani!IMG_3777

As we are approaching the end of the year, we will be stopping nap time.  The last day of nap will be this Friday, May 18th.  Bedding will be sent home and does not need to come back.


We will be celebrating our last UOI with a Talent Show followed by a party.  Please save the date: June 6th at 1:00.  We will be holding our talent show in the Audi Box followed by a party in our EY2 Classroom! Please talk with your child to see if they would like to express themselves in our talent show and please think of an act you can share as well! Please sign up with the teachers by June 1st.


May 18th: Last day for nap

May 29th: Student Led Conferences

June 1st: Deadline for you and your child to sign up for our EY2 Talent Show

June 6th: EY2 Talent Show and class party. 1:00-2:30



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Week of May 7th – 11th

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming to our EY2 Coffee Meeting!  We loved seeing your happy and supportive faces and helped to make it a fun and hopefully productive morning.


As we go further into our Unit of Inquiry, “Self-Expression” we are discussing new ways we can express ourselves and our emotions.  Ms. Sanne has started singing songs with the children to show various emotions through music and movement.


We also used the gym to show how we can express ourselves through dance and movement depending on how the music makes us feel.

IMG_3669 IMG_3668 IMG_3666

Our Dramatic Play area has been transformed into a performing arts center where the children have been singing, dancing, and acting on and off stage.


We continued to write in our journals, focusing on something that makes us feel sad.

IMG_3635 IMG_3671

This week we will be continuing with our literacy circles and practicing writing math sentences through play with “plate stories,” using whiteboards.


Grade 2 is raising money for Thai central Mission by selling raffle tickets for 50baht each.  Please send in money if you would like to purchase raffle tickets, we will have tickets in our EY2 classroom. 

Tuesday May 29th: Student Led Conferences

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Week of April 30th – May 4th

Dear Parents,

We were all disappointed that we couldn’t swim today,  but we will have our Fun Splash next Monday, May 7th.  We hope you can all make it!

Last week we discussed emotions and played a game where we walked around the room and when the music stopped we had to show an emotion on our faces.

IMG_3509 IMG_3508 IMG_3506

In reading and writing we focused on what makes us feel happy.  This week we are focusing on what makes us sad.

IMG_3591 IMG_3590 IMG_3492

In math, we will continue playing math games where the children have to read die, count, match and sort.


Is your child taking action at home?  Are they expressing themselves and taking initiative through dance, music, or art?  Are they talking to you about their feelings and emotions? Do they recognize how their actions effect others’ emotions?  Please send us an email to tell us if your child is taking action at home.


Tuesday: May 1st: Holiday (No school)

Thursday May 3rd: EY2 Coffee Meeting 8:00

Monday May 7th: EY Fun Splash 8:20-10:00 Parents bring your swim clothes!

Tuesday May 29th: Student Led Conferences

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Dear Parents,

We would like to remind you that our EY Fun Splash is on Monday starting at 8:20.  Please make sure that your child comes to school in their KIS swim suit with their House Shirt over.  Please let us know if your child will not have an adult with them because we will need to find them a chaperone. Parents, please bring your swim suit to participate as well.

Welcome back to Rapang and her family and welcome to our new EY2 friend, Marcus!  Please help them to feel welcomed when you see them!


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Week of April 23rd – 27th

Dear Parents,

We are happy to be starting our last Unit of Inquiry, “Self Expression.”

Central  Idea: We express our ideas, imagination and creativity in different ways.

Lines of inquiry:

  • Ideas, imagination and creativity
  • Expressing our emotions through imagination and creativity
  • Using the environment and resources in an imaginitive and creative way

This week we are conducting interviews with the children to find out how they best like to express themselves.  In math we are playing games involving patterns and counting as well as practicing turn taking and following games with rules. We will also start graphing our feelings each day. In Literacy we will be viewing various photos of art and completing the statements “I see… I think… I wonder…”  We will also be focusing on new vocabulary relating to feelings.  The children will now be signing in when they come into the classroom so we can practice writing our names.

We have a new teacher, Sanne,  joining us from the Netherlands.  She will be completing her internship with us and we are very happy to have her.  Please help her feel welcomed and introduce yourself when you see her!


We have recently celebrated two birthdays! Happy Birthday to Papye and Girl!



Please send your child with their material bag to school this week.  We would like to send home all their wonderful work from our Materials Unit. 

EY2 will have their class photos this Wednesday. 

Monday will be the EY Fun Splash. Parents are highly encouraged to come and swim with us as we would like to have at least one adult per child.  If you cannot make it, please let us know so we can be sure to have your child chaperoned.  If you would like to take your child home after the Fun Splash please be sure to let us know and sign them out.

We have our EY1 Coffee meeting on May 3rd.  Please be sure to join us as we discuss the importance of literacy in the Early Years and what that looks like in our EY2 classroom.  Please make sure your child is on time at 7:50 as they will be going straight to specialist classes so we can start our meeting at 8:00


Wednesday April 25th: EY2 individual and class photos

Monday April 30th: EY Fun Splash 8:20-10:00 Parents bring your swim clothes!

Tuesday: May 1st: Holiday (No school)

Thursday May 3rd: EY2 Coffee Meeting 8:00

Tuesday May 29th: Student Led Conferences




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Happy Songkran

 Dear Parents,

We hope you have a wonderful break and we will see you on April 18th!

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Week of March 26th- March 30th

Dear Parents,

We had a fabulous Artigras week last week.  The children enjoyed participating in multiple assemblies, a flash mob, dressing up, the international culture fair, and busking!

IMG_2940 IMG_3005 29404554_10211784284904398_1927531592_o IMG_3004 IMG_3003 IMG_2997 IMG_2996 IMG_2995

Thank you to Avani and her family for their lovely performance!

We also took a trip to the upper school library to see the High School Art exhibit.  We talked about our favorite pieces and what we liked about them.

IMG_3010 IMG_3012

We shared our natural materials





and continued working with metal in the Maker Space.

IMG_2956 IMG_2944

We also worked on weaving and played outside with our construction creations!








Happy Birthday to Summer, Fluke and Pingping!

1521871082704 IMG_2990


Ms. Nicole will be attending and presenting a workshop at EARCOS Teacher’s conference this week to share all the wonderful learning taking place in our EY2 classroom!


April 4th – 17th- Songkran Break


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Week of March 19th – March 23rd

Dear Parents,

This week we will celebrate Artigras!  Thursday children are invited to dress in cultural clothes (theirs or another country’s) on Thursday as KISPA will hold a cultural showcase.

Last week’s focus:

  • Math: During ICT Mr. Eric introduced the children to OSMOS.  They used ipads and tangrams to create images.  The students also continued in the Makers Space with their woodworking; measuring, counting, and creating shapes to change their piece of wood.
  • Language Arts: Students are planning their next project in the Makers Space and wrote their plans last week.  Students have daily reading time and centers based around literacy.  Last week students used playdough to form letters.















Last week we focused on metal as a material for our UOI, “Exploring Materials.” Students played with magnets, made music, and created beautiful art with metal.  We will continue working with metal this week, however our focus will be on natural materials.  If your child did not bring an artifact today, please encourage them to bring one in tomorrow.

Please be sure your child is using the material bag they decorated to bring artifacts to and from school.  We are still seeing artifacts come in plastic bags 🙁

IMG_2901 IMG_2900


Outdoor play has been a lot of fun!  Girl has been practicing yoga and showed us some amazing positions!  She is balanced and strong!


Lira has been practicing gymnastics and encouraging others to try back bends!

IMG_2909 IMG_2907

Aerin has been practicing Taekwondo and informed us she has a test coming up. Good luck Aerin!


We celebrated a birthday last week. Happy 5th Birthday Rintaro!



March 22nd: Cultural Dress Up Day


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Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that your child’s metal artifact will go home tomorrow in their fabric bag and he/she should bring the bag back on Monday with a natural material (opposite of man-made).

Thank you for your continued support!

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