Happy Holidays!

A colorful Happy Holidays sign with snowman over white background

Dear Parents,

Thank you for making the end of our term so special.  We appreciate your hard work in building our Up, Up, Up set and getting our costumes for the concert.  The children were adorable!  Thank you also for making such a wonderful and memorable party for our class!  Lastly, you spoiled us with gifts and your generosity was greatly appreciated.  We have the BEST parents (and of course, students!)

We also celebrated Kopper’s Birthday!  Happy Birthday Kopper!

IMG_1131 IMG_1137

Ms. Tuovi will also be celebrating her birthday over break. Happy Birthday Ms. Tuovi!


We are sad to say goodbye to Rapang, but we wish her and her family all the best in their new adventure in Australia!

IMG_1183 IMG_1182

We hope you all have a wonderful break and we will see  you January 8th!

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Week of December 11th – December 15th

Dear Parents,

We have a fun week ahead of us before we break! Our class party is this Wednesday at 1:45.  Please bring a dish to share and we will celebrate the holidays together in our EY2 classroom.

The Holiday concert is on Friday with the EY- Grade 2 concert starting at 9:45.

Concert 1`7

It is a wonderful time to donate to those in need.  Please consider donating to our KIS collection if you have items at home you no longer need.

Red BIns Dec 17

In math, we have created shape animals and will each have the opportunity to share our knowledge about shapes, colors, and counting as we discuss our animals with a teacher.

In literacy we have been doing book walks with our Floppy Phonics books and learning how to look at the pictures to gain information.  We are also learning important vocabulary for book handling.

We are wrapping up our UOI and have a special gallery walk for parents planned when we return from break to show off all our wonderful learning about animals. We will give you more details when we return to school.


December 13th- EY2 Holiday Party 1:45 – 2:30 Children may wear holiday clothes.

December 15th – End of Term 1/ PS Holiday Concert doors open at 8:45. Students may be signed out after the concert.  School closes at 11:30.

January 8th – Start of Term 2


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Week of December 4th – December 8th

december_merrykids Dear Parents,

We will have swimming on Thursday this week!  Please have your child bring swim gear on Thursday!

It’s December now which means we have a lot of fun things happening and quickly!  Please make sure to practice your child’s holiday concert song at home with them.  You can find the lyrics on Mr. Chris’ Music Blog.

We are getting into the holiday spirit and have been busy decorating our classroom with holiday arts and crafts.

IMG_0846 IMG_0845

In math and science we have been dying rice and talking about color mixing and what new colors we can make.  Some of the students have been inquiring further to see what colors they can make when they aren’t sure what the outcome will be.  This week the rice will be at a sensory learning center and students will be able to measure using the rice.

rice4 rice2rice3 rice1

We also have another new sensory center!  Ms. Ran made slime with the children.  It’s sticky, gooey, oh so fun!


Our literacy circles are going so well!  It is wonderful to work with the children in small groups and our new writing program is really helping the children to form letters correctly while we strengthen our fine motor skills.


Last week we had our special puppy visitor, Gucci! Thank you to Nadine and her mom for sharing their pet with us.  Some if us were a bit hesitant to pet Gucci, but we all enjoyed her company and learned a lot about taking care of a pet puppy!

We have had a few students get responses from the letters they wrote to someone far away.  If you have received one, please bring it in so we can share it with the class. We are making the connection that we are global citizens!



December 5th– Father’s Day (school closed)

December 7th– Swimming on Thursday this week!

December 13th- EY2 Holiday Party (Sign up to bring food, holiday dress encouraged.)

December 15th – End of Term 1/ PS Holiday Concert


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Week of November 24th – December 1st

Dear Parents,

We are busy practicing our songs for the holiday concert.  Please ask your child to sing their song to you at home for extra practice!

We have started our literacy circles.  Students will rotate throughout the week so they have an opportunity to work with the teachers on reading and writing as well as participate in literacy games and have independent reading.

IMG_0704 IMG_0703 IMG_0702 IMG_0701 IMG_0700

In math we will be going on a shape hunt with the ipads as well as practice measuring with colored rice!  We will investigate which containers are heavier and can hold more/the most.

Last week we had fun with a new sensory activity, we like to get messy!


or do we?


We also had our animal presentations.  Students were excited to share their animal with their classmates.

Our student led exercise classes are still in full swing!

IMG_0709 IMG_0706

We’ve been learning how to take care of animals through play in our EY2 veterinarian clinic.  Students are showing they are caring and respectful and learning that we have a responsibility to animals as we share the planet with them.

IMG_20171120_104341 IMG_20171120_104326 IMG_20171120_104405 IMG_20171121_104949 IMG_20171121_105018 IMG_20171121_105026 IMG_0674

We had a fun Friday with the parent- teacher basketball game!  There was even a surprise teacher cheer leading squad where Ms. Nicole and Ms. Tuovi got to show off their masterful cheer leading skills 😉

cheer1 cheer2


December 5th– Father’s Day (school closed)

December 13th- EY2 Holiday Party

December 15th – End of Term 1/ PS Holiday Concert


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Weekend Discussion

Dear Parents,

We will have a special visitor on Monday!  Nadine and her mom will bring their pet puppy to our classroom.   We will discuss the responsibilities they have toward their pet and how they take care of their pet in order for it to be happy and healthy.  This weekend please discuss with your child what they know about animals as pets, and have them prepare one question to ask Nadine and her mom on Monday.  

Thank you for your dedication to your child’s learning!


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Week of November 20th -24th

Dear Parents,

Our UOI, “Animals and Environments” is well under way and we’d like for you to help with furthering our inquiry next week.  Please ask your child to bring in an animal toy from home on Monday that we can keep at school to create various environments in the classroom.  Please talk with your child about their animal.  They should know what the animal is and where it lives.  They can of course share more details if they’d like!

In math we are continuing to work with numbers 0-20. We have a fun new center at the light table!

IMG_0555 IMG_0556

On Monday we visited the KG Cultural Showcase.  We got to try food from different countries and see lots of cultural artifacts the KG students brought.

mexico korea

Next week we will be starting our literature circles!  We’re very excited to get to know Floppy and the Family from Oxford Reading Tree!

floppy phonics

This week we presented our letter artifacts and started making our classroom alphabet cards!

IMG_0543 IMG_0537 IMG_0535 IMG_0544 IMG_0461 IMG_0458

Our reading buddies helped us locate things that started with our special letter and we took photos using the ipad.

IMG_0550 IMG_0547 IMG_0551

Look at us on the computers in the computer lab!  We were so happy to be “in an office” (-Louise) and feel so grown up!  We were really using those fine motor skills to control the mouse!

IMG_0558 IMG_0557 IMG_0559

comp2 comp1

As we build our communication and social skills we try to share our ideas with each other often.  Here the children are discussing their favorite animals.

IMG_0463 IMG_0462

 The Global Read Aloud book was, “The Magic Hat,” by Mem Fox.  We had fun playing “Magic Hat” too when we got to wear a magic hat and act out different animals.IMG_0464the-magic-hat

If you know Ms. Nicole, you know she likes to dance!  We learned how to DAB (some of us already knew how)!

Dab dab2

There are lots of great interactive video clips on gonoodle.com Sign up for free and try some of the activities at home!


We started classroom jobs this week.  We are taking action to help our school day run smoothly!

jobsA JobsB

On Friday November 24th from 1:30-2:30 there will be a Teacher vs. Parent Basketball Match on the MYP basketball court.  You don’t want to miss it! 


November 20th: Bring an animal to share

November 24th: Teacher/Parent Basketball Match

December 13th: Class Holiday Party

December 15th: Holiday Concert

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Week of November 13th- November 17th

Dear Parents,

Last week we created beautiful art with leaves the children collected.  Please make sure to see them on display in the classroom!

Our fitness classes are ever evolving with the children putting their ideas into action!


Our home corner is a favorite area of play.  This play is serious business!


In math we have continued with shapes, patterns, calendar, and math games.


We have many literacy activities as well.  Here the students are choral reading the book, “Today is Monday.”



We had some fun sensory centers! We made cloud dough and had beans and cotton balls together creating a lovely sensory sensation!



IMG_20171106_081857 IMG_20171106_083100 IMG_20171108_103114

This week students will match sounds to letters.  On Friday you received a letter with your child’s special letter.  Please discuss the letter, the sound it makes, and look for an artifact that begins with that letter to bring into class this week.

As we continue our UOI we will be discussing our favorite animals and what we know about them.  The children will paint pictures of their favorite animal and create 3D animal art with recycled materials.


Please send in recycled materials (boxes, toilet tubes, egg cartons, etc.)

Please send in an artifact for your child’s given letter.

December 5th– Father’s Day (school closed).

December 15th – End of Term 1/ PS Holiday Concert


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Week of November 6th – 10th

Dear Parents,

What an exciting we we had last week! We had so much to celebrate and it was so lovely to see all the children participating.  We hope you and your family had a wonderful Loy Kratong and a Happy Halloween!

kratong4kratongrintaro kratongotto




IMG_20171102_141053 IMG_20171102_140806 IMG_20171102_140916 IMG_20171102_141039 IMG_20171102_141024 IMG_20171102_141118 IMG_20171102_140729

apple kratong





In math we played with shapes and played math Bingo.

math bingoshapes

This week in math we are continuing with patterns and shapes.

As we begin our Unit of Inquiry, “Animals and Environments” we will be choosing our favorite animals to lead into animal inquiry.

We will continue the Global Read Aloud and this week we will be reading Tough Boris by Mem Fox.



Please send in recycled materials (boxes, toilet tubes, egg cartons, etc.)

December 5th- HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday (school closed).

December 15th – End of Term 1/ PS Holiday Concert

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Week of October 31st-Novemeber 3rd

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! We hope you all had a relaxing break!

This week we will be finishing and mailing our letters to a loved one who lives far away.  We will also continue our global read aloud by reading Hattie and the Fox.


In math, we will be introducing and working with 3D shapes. We will also continue counting the days of school, discussing tens and ones, and continue with our daily calendar while working with patterns.

This week we are starting our second Unit of Inquiry “Animals and Environments” and we will have some fun tuning in activities.

We have a lot happening this week!  We will be celebrating Loy Kratong on Thursday and students are welcome to wear traditional Thai clothing.


On Friday, we will celebrate Halloween with an assembly and costume parade in the morning.  Children are welcome to wear a costume.


Before break we celebrated three birthdays.  Happy birthday to Aerin, Ellie, and Lira!

1508408485430IMG_0094 (1)1508409688219


  • November 2nd – Loy Kratong – Everyone is invited to wear traditional Thai clothing
  • November 3rd – Halloween Celebration – Assembly in the Auditorium – Costume Parade
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Week of October 16th – October 20th

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of you for taking the time to meet with us for conferences.  It was so lovely to get the opportunity to meet with each of you.  We are so happy to have such a wonderful group of supportive parents!

Congratulations to Tommy and Nadine who both received awards at our PYP assembly!



We had our own EY2 Olympics and students had the opportunity to try new activities that they may never had tried before.  Thank you Mr. Max for supporting our interests!


We made some spooky pumpkins and ghosts using leaves we collected. They will be on display through Halloween!

IMG_9899 IMG_9898

This week in literacy we will be working on writing letters to someone special who lives far away.  Please make sure you have talked with your child so they understand who they are writing to! Thank you for sending in the addresses, if you still have not sent one in, please do so as soon as possible.

We will be reading our third book by Mem Fox this week, “Whoever You Are.”


In math, we will be playing math games with rules.  Everyone will have a chance to play a game in a small group and practice counting while learning a game with rules.


  • October 20th: End of First UOI
  • October 23rd-27th: October Break (No School)
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