Our New Unit of Inquiry

Dear Parents,

We will be starting our new UOI: Interactions with Nature

An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things.

With the lines of inquiry:

  • The natural world

    Human interaction with nature


    Changes people can make

    We would like to invite you to do a nature walk with your child and collect things you find along the way.  We know some of you may be going away for the break and be in new environments where you might find natural materials different to Bangkok.  Bringing in natural materials you collect over break will be a great provocation and tuning in activity for our new unit.  If you are not able to do a nature walk over the break that’s okay, we will be doing one at school and collecting what we find.

Some items you may find might include:

  • various leaves
  • small branches/twigs
  • food from trees (fruits, nuts)
  • pinecones
  • flowers
  • seeds
  • bark
  • shells
  • stones
  • or more!

If you are able to participate please bring the items to our classroom when we return.



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Week of Oct. 15 – 18

Dear EY2 Families,

We hope that everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Children have been telling us about the interesting ways you are spending your time together, helping us to build connections as we inquire into family relationships.

To sort out our knowledge about family relationships, the children began taking turns making oral presentations about their own families, referring to the family photographs you all sent in.  Learning more about one another helps to strengthen our friendships too, as does learning to be good listeners. It has been wonderful to hear so many children speaking clearly and confidently about what makes their family special.

Family presentations will continue this week, with a few children speaking each day. To help your child be a successful presenter, have a conversation with them about the names and ages of your family members, what language you speak at home, and where your family comes from. We’d also like to hear about what your family enjoys doing together, and what each family member does to help out.

Last week, we continued to learn about solving conflicts between friends using Kelso’s Choices. We talked about various strategies to use, acted them out, and dramatized them with puppets. Practicing in multiple ways should help the children to apply their knowledge in different contexts when real problems arise. We are pleased to see that many children are already beginning to use Kelso’s Choices in real-life situations. We look forward to sharing more stories about friends taking action!

Ms. Aom and Ms. Sirinat have been working with the children to make “shape monsters,” a visual arts centre that integrates math vocabulary, fine motor development, and some science skills too. On our discovery table, students were invited to predict how paper towels dipped into various food colourings would change, and could return later to make observations. At the art centre, they used eye-droppers to mix colours on paper towels, and then attached different geometric shapes as faces and body parts for their monsters. Not only will these help us to learn the names of some 2D shapes, they will also make fantastic Halloween decorations.

Last week, Third celebrated his 5th birthday with us. Happy birthday Third, and thanks to mom and dad for bringing the treats!


Important Dates:

Wednesday October 16th – Friday October 18th: Book Fair – see flyer for details

Monday October 21st – Friday October 25th: School Break – no classes

Friday November 1st: Halloween Celebration – children are invited to wear costumes, more details to follow

November 4th – 8th: Parent-Teacher Conferences – further details and appointment sign-up to follow

See the flyers below for details about the book fair and red bin donations:


Red BIns

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Week of October 7th – 11th

Dear Parents,

Last week we were busy delving further into our UOI “Relationships.”  The children used blocks and Legos to create their houses and discussed the different roles people have in their home.

We also focused on building positive relationships by introducing Kelso’s Choices to help the children learn conflict management.  The children role played various scenarios and used one of Kelso’s Choices to resolve the problem.  We are focusing on taking turns and sharing, talking it out, and ignoring and walking away.  Kelso’s Choices help the children to be empowered and understand that they have tools to deal with small problems that may arise.

IMG_0237 (1)

IMG_3247 IMG_3243We had our third group of Reading Buddies visit us for the first time last Wednesday.  Ms. Toni’s grade three class will be rotating to come read with us as well.

IMG_0775 IMG_0776

A very Happy Birthday to Jiro who celebrated his birthday last week!


This week we will be using our communication skills when we present our family photos and the relationships we have with our family members.  Our Speaking and Listening skills will be hard at work and some of the students may be a bit nervous to present.  You can talk with your child about the photo, where it was taken, what you like to do as a family, and how your family helps each other at home to help them prepare.  We will be documenting their words so please encourage your child to use full, long sentences in English rather than giving one word answers.

The children will also be creating shape monsters this week.  They are using their fine motor skills to use eye droppers to color tissues.  They then will cut out various shapes to create their unique monster.  Halloween is coming!


Important Dates

Friday October 11th: Assembly in remembrance of HM King Rama IX – children are welcome to wear yellow or Thai clothes

Monday October 14th: Day off for remembrance – school closed

Friday November 1st: Halloween Celebration – children are invited to wear costumes, more details to follow

November 4th – 8th: Parent-Teacher Conferences – further details and appointment sign-up to follow

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Week of Sept. 30 – Oct. 4

Last week the children in EY2 met a new set of reading buddies from Ms. Jen’s grade 3 class. The third grade classes will be taking turns visiting us on Wednesday afternoons, so we are fortunate to have lots of new friends to get us excited about reading while building an inclusive community!

We continued working on our texture wall with Ms. Daisy, this time adding details to our painted recycled materials by drawing lines with warm or cool colours, in harmony with the layers of paint. We encouraged the children to represent heat and coldness first by moving their bodies and then by drawing lines that reminded them of cold waves and then hot flames. By representing an idea through many different modalities, we encourage flexibility of thinking, and provide opportunities for expression through multiple “languages.”

In EY2, we integrate mathematical explorations throughout our daily routines, and through hands-on play. During our morning meetings, we count and record how many days we’ve been at school, and begin to notice number patterns on a 10×10 grid. We also make colour patterns on our calendars, look at ordinal numbers as we take turns with class  jobs, and talk about how many people are present and absent while looking at our sign-in board. At centre time, children make patterns with buttons or other loose parts at the art centre, and move towards composing and decomposing number with Numicon, a math resource that give us concrete visual and tactile representations of numbers to help develop number sense.

Last week, we also continued to work on our family paintings and self-portraits, and they’re almost done! We can’t wait to get the masterpieces up on display.

Fridays are often a bit special at school, and this week was no exception. We have been having slightly longer outdoor play times on Fridays, with outdoor learning centres set up for EY1, EY2, and EY3 students to engage in together. The children benefit from interacting with both the younger and older children, as well as getting to try out activities planned by different teachers. Amongst other things, the EY2s have taken the lead on building our own pretend fire station! Friday was also a special day because we attended a PYP assembly, where Kato and Chloe received certificates for exhibiting some of our KIS Quality Learning Behaviours. Congratulations to Kato and Chloe; we look forward to many more opportunities to recognise our quality learners throughout the year!

This week we will be finishing up a last few self-portraits and family portraits, and then digging further into our “Relationships” inquiry. We will be inquiring into the nature of  friendships and family relationships, connecting with our first line of inquiry “types of relationships.” The children will build models of their homes, which will provide opportunities for them to share aspects of their family and home life with our class community. We will also look at our second line of inquiry, “building positive relationships” using role-play and puppeteering to practice ways to solve conflicts with friends peacefully.

Important Dates

Friday October 11th: Assembly in remembrance of HM King Rama IX – children are welcome to wear yellow or Thai clothes

Monday October 14th: Day off for remembrance – school closed

Friday November 1st: Halloween Celebration – children are invited to wear costumes, more details to follow

November 4th – 8th: Parent-Teacher Conferences – further details and appointment sign-up to follow

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Week of Sept. 23rd – 27th

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a nice long weekend! We had a short week last week, but we discovered a lot! The children continue to be interested in the creatures and plants they find outside.  Last week we inquired into what this thing was that was attached to a cone.


IMG_0549 IMG_0548

After much discussion, the children concluded it was spider, but looked like a rock. Later, some children notice they could pull back the bark on a tree and found many insects crawling around.


Thank you for participating in Dot Day, we enjoyed wearing our spotty-dotty clothes and  singing Make a Mark with the whole school.

IMG_0555 IMG_0547 IMG_3153


We love reading time in EY2 and many of the students are interested in our big books.  They are practicing looking at the pictures and discussing what is happening in the story.

IMG_3164 IMG_3167

Our Reading Buddies came for the first time last Wednesday.  We enjoyed reading with Grade 3 and look forward toto them coming this week as well.



This week we will continue our self and family portraits and continue focusing on patterns in our daily lives.


A very Happy Birthday to Andy and Paul who celebrated their birthdays last week!

IMG_3162 IMG_3179

Please be reminded of the following dress code policies according to the KIS Parent handbook:


-Classic sandals with strappy upper and Velcro closure
– Closed shoes
– Trainers
-Shoes should have backs on for safety.
– No flashing lights or squeak

Socks: Black or White

If you wish for your child to wear leggings they must be white tights with a foot as the example below.

white tights

Sweatshirts and hats must be KIS jackets and/or hats.


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Week of Sept. 16 – 18

Last week in EY2, the children continued to work on their self portraits, exploring personal identity and developing keen observation skills. They also continued work on their family portraits, discussing the relationships within families and building vocabulary.

We are learning about relationships as we play together throughout the day, finding out how we can build positive friendships through our interactions. For example, the children are resolving conflicts by sharing books to read together, and taking turns fairly on the swings.



Many children have been showing curiosity about nature during outdoor playtime, exchanging questions and theories about things they find outside. We have had some interesting conversations about flowers, spiders, and frogs, which might also be rocks, seeds, and caterpillars, depending on who you ask! Some of these conversations will be documented on our Wonder Wall and Conversation Corner, for us to refer back to for further inquiry.

Our collaborative art project with Ms. Daisy is ongoing as well, with the children creating beautiful textures and colour schemes, and learning new painting techniques such as sponge painting and “dabbing” with various implements.

Last week’s highlight was definitely our Early Years House Sports Day. We were very proud of everyone’s motivation and team work!

Important Dates

Thursday Sept. 19th: P.D. Day (no school for students)

Friday Sept. 20th: School Holiday

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Week of September 9th -13th

Dear Parents,

We are continuing our art project with Ms. Daisy and talking about warm and cool colors.  We are in need of recycled materials (tissue rolls, cardboard egg crates, bubble wrap, etc.).  please send in these materials as you collect them from home.

IMG_0387 IMG_0388

We have been having a lot of options at outdoor play.  We have such a big and beautiful balcony in EY2,  we decided to open it up at outdoor play so that all our EY students have more options.  We also have a construction play zone and the children are having so much fun building and measuring.

IMG_0396 (1) IMG_2960 IMG_2961 IMG_2962 IMG_2965 IMG_2968 IMG_2969

Last week we had our first House Assembly.  The students loved climbing to the auditorium and cheering for their House!

IMG_0395 IMG_0394

This week we will be observing our features closely and creating self portraits.  We are noticing many things as we study ourselves in the mirror.  We are talking about various shapes, like what shape our eyes and nose are, and what body parts we have.


As we continue our UIO, “Relationships,” we will also be painting family pictures and naming and writing the names of the people in our family.

Our Early Years House Spirit Day will be this Friday, September 13th.  Please have your child wear their House Shirt and PE shorts.  Parents are welcome to stay to cheer on your child and House. EY1 and EY2 will have start at 9am, EY3 and Grade 1 will start at 8am.


We will celebrate International Dot Day on Monday September 16th.  Children are welcome to wear dotted spotty clothes and bring in a plastic water bottle cap to add to the PYP art installation.

Dot Day Sign Final (1)


Important Dates:

Friday September 13th: EY House Spirit Day (students wear House shirts and PE shorts).

Monday September 16th: International Dot Day (Students wear spotty-dotty clothes).

Thursday September 19th: Professional Development Day (no school for students).

Friday September 20th: September Break (holiday, school closed).

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House Assembly

Tomorrow morning at 8am, we will attend our first House Assembly of the school year. Children are invited to wear their house shirts, and are reminded to arrive at school on time as we will be leaving the classroom promptly. Should you arrive at school late, please bring your child to the auditorium after picking up a late slip from the office.


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Week of September 2nd – 6th

Dear Parents,

Thanks so much to everyone who attended our coffee meeting this morning. It is wonderful to have such a supportive community! The slides from our presentation are now posted in the ‘Pages’ section of the blog (click on BTS Coffee Meeting in the side bar on the right).

IMG_2958We’d also like to thank everyone who has sent in a family photo. The children are excited to see their families up on the wall, and will soon be ready to do some sharing about their families with the rest of the class, as we begin to provoke thinking about relationships for our first inquiry. Please send us your photos if you have not done so already!

Last week in EY2 we began to interview the children to get to know them better, to build vocabulary for discussing identity (‘Who We Are”) and relationships. We will be sharing the interviews in the classroom, and these will also help the children prepare to present their family photographs. The interviews will be ongoing this week.

The children have been learning some more about sending messages to friends in our post office. They learned that it is important to write who the message is to and from, and how to find their friends’ names in order to address the envelopes correctly and find their mailbox. We will continue to work together in the post office this week, and will keep it as an independent centre in the classroom thereafter.

Both the Alligator and Bear classes have started working on a collaborative art project with Ms. Daisy. We are creating a ‘texture wall’ by gluing various recycled materials (such as egg cartons, kitchen rolls, bubble wrap, and popsicle sticks) to a large board, which we can hang on the wall. Ms. Daisy began exploring warm and cool colours with the children, and having them mix paints to create their desired colour palettes. We have already started painting some of our materials, and we will continue to work on this project during Ms. Daisy’s weekly visits. Please send us any (clean) recycled materials you have at home, as we still need more!

In addition to our ongoing centres, we will also begin to work on self-portraits later in the week. This is a great way to develop observation skills, and supports our discussions about identity and relationships. We will create self-portraits several times throughout the year, as they are also a powerful way to see the children’s progress over time.

An important part of our first UOI will focus on forming friendships and being a good friend. The children already began this discussion while creating our EY2 Essential Agreement, a set of promises the children agreed upon to make our classroom a happy and safe place to be. We will continue this week by learning more about Kelso’s Choices, which provides children with positive strategies to resolve conflicts independently. We have started already by talking about ‘making a deal’ and ‘sharing’ with playground equipment and toys, and the children are doing great so far!

Happy Birthday Ann!

Last week we celebrated Ann’s 4th birthday at school. A big thank you to Ann’s mom and dad for bringing in a yummy treat and helping to make the day special!


Important Dates:

PE to be re-scheduled for this week: Mr. Max will be unavailable this week on Wednesday, and therefore we will not have PE on that day. This week, Alligators will have PE on Tuesday Sept. 3rd (8:10 – 8:50), and Bears will have PE on Thursday Sept. 5th (10:00 – 10:40). Please take note, to be sure the children are wearing the PE uniform on the correct day! (We will return to the regular schedule next week, with Monday and Wednesday PE for both classes.)

Thursday September 19th: Professional Development Day (no school for students)

Friday September 20th: September Break (holiday, school closed)


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Week of August 26th – August 30th

Dear Parents,

We have had a wonderful start to the year and everyone is more settled and enjoying their days at school.  This week we will begin our Unit of Inquiry, “Who We Are,” with the Central Idea: Interactions with others help us build our relationships.  We will follow the lines of inquiry :

  • How we develop relationships
  • How words and actions can change relationships
  • How our choices and actions reflect what we want in our relationships

As we tune into our UOI we ask that you email a family photo to your child’s teacher which will act as their first artifact.  Please show your child the photo you will email and discuss who is in it and what their relationship with them is.  This will help us when we start interviewing the children to learn more about their families.

We have noticed the children have taken a particular interest in firefighting.  We are working to nurture this interest and see where the children will take it!


Our EY2 Post Office is in full swing and a popular center where the children are developing their writing as well as using play money to buy materials for their letters to friends.  This week we will discuss what a letter looks like, headings, and signatures.  Students are learning that these parts to a letter are important so that it gets to the right person and that the receiver knows who it’s from.

We were very curious about the tiny frogs we found on the playground.  Grade 1 has been keeping them safe in a terrarium in their classroom.  We plan to visit them to see how they are doing!

IMG_0433 IMG_0434 IMG_0436 IMG_0438

A very Happy Birthday to Nini who celebrated her birthday last week!


Art is everywhere!  Our creative little minds at work even before nap time!


Important Dates

EY2 Coffee Meeting:  Monday September 2nd 8:00 am – 9:00 am in the EY2 classroom – Info about our program and supporting your child’s learning, as well as mingling with our parent community over snacks, tea, and coffee!

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