Have a Wonderful Summer

Dear Families,

It was such a pleasure getting to know you and your children this year.  We know this year was difficult and we appreciate your support and dedication to your child’s education.  Have a wonderful summer!

A message from Ms. Lindsay:

As we start our summer holiday, I’d like to share a few resources available to you.

If you follow this link you will arrive at our Summer Holidays Activities page. Here you will find the links to:

-Summer Story Time with Ms. Lisa (Mondays at 10am on Zoom, featuring special guest teachers each week)

-Library Fun with Ms. Lindsay

-Super Summer Sports with Mr. Ben

-Music, ICT, Art and more

Please take your time and explore! There are plenty of resources and activities to support our learning throughout this summer holiday. Don’t forget, you can also visit my webpage here and check out the parent resources section as well.

I hope you have a happy summer holiday!

-Ms. Lindsay
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Summer Activities

Monday Story Time Summer Camp Adventure 2021

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Week of May 31st – June 4th

Dear EY2 Community,

We hope you were able to join some of the fun activities the grade 4 students prepared for Passion Day!  This week it was wonderful to see the children expressing themselves through art.  Next week we have some fun activities planned where the children will use their imaginations.  Please see next week’s plan below.

Copy of Weekly Planner – Expression (1)

Next Friday is Love Your Library Day and will follow a different schedule than our regular Fridays.  Please see a note from Ms. Lindsay:

Dear PYP Community,

On Friday, June 4, the PYP Library will be hosting “Love Your Library Day”. We can’t wait to celebrate all of the wonderful things libraries can help us do like read, create, listen, and explore! There will be live sessions and activities for all grades, following a special timetable listed on the Love Your Library website. The website will be shared with you on Friday morning.

Our hope is that this day highlights the importance of libraries to our community, and gives us all a chance to enjoy some “screen free” time by reading, listening to audiobooks, completing STEM challenges, creating art, and of course, more reading! We will have special read aloud sessions in Mother Tongue languages, with PE and Music connections as well.

To best prepare for the day, you can have a variety of art and craft materials ready like paper, pencils, markers, glue, scissors, and recycled materials, which will allow your child to take part in STEM and creation activities. And, of course, BOOKS!

We can take advice from the beloved Harry Potter series and Hermione Granger who says, “When in doubt, go to the library”.

See you Friday!

-Ms. Lindsay

Please be reminded that the last day to submit a video for our PYP virtual talent show is Friday June 4th by 12:00. You can submit your child’s video to the folder placed on Seesaw.

Talent show (1)

Important Dates:

Thursday June 3rd – HM Queen Suthida’s birthday (school closed, no classes)

Friday June 4th- Love Your Library Day

Friday June 11th – End of academic year (half day)

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Week of May 24th – 28th

The EY2’s had many opportunities to express themselves creatively this week, and we loved watching their responses to music with creative movement.

Today’s Book Day was a great success, with so many PYP children showing their enthusiasm and helping to build community. Have a look at the winning hero costumes from each class:

Hero Book Day 2021


Next week, we will continue our inquiry into expression through the creative arts by responding orally to abstract artwork and creating abstract paintings in response to music. Take a look at next week’s plan here:

Week 6 Planner – Expression


Important Dates:

Thursday June 3rd – HM Queen Suthida’s birthday (school closed, no classes)

Friday June 11th – End of academic year (half day)


Have a great weekend!

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Week of May 17th -21st

Dear Parents,

Thank you for another successful week of remote learning! You will have noticed your child’s portfolio was sent home with the learning packs. Please have your child choose at least one activity from remote learning to put into their portfolio and be able to explain why they chose that piece of work.  We will be having Zoom conferences with each child next week to check in and discuss their learning.  Please sign up for a time to meet.

Conference Sign Up

Please see our upcoming week of learning.

Weekly Planner – Expression (2)

Next Friday will be a special event day! We are celebrating books online this year. Our theme is to recognise not only superheroes in books and comics, but those around us. Heroes could be mums and dads, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, Moana, Else/ Ana, Superman, Batman, IronMan. Students will not attend regular online classes, but instead live the life of a superhero through creative writing, books, music, art and movement. Your child will attend the zoom session based on their grade level.

Prizes will be awarded for the most creative hero costume for

  • one student per class and

  • two family group awards

for the most creative family photo of heroes. Photos can be uploaded into Padlet on the Book Day Website. Don’t forget to include the book in the photograph and your child’s name and class.

The day will provide three opportunities to celebrate books and heroes.

  1. Students will begin the day online completing a creative writing task about Heroes and Superheroes. The task will be uploaded onto Seesaw or Google Classroom next Friday for students to complete.

  2. Following, students will be able to join the following zoom sessions based on their Grade level. (Links will sent next week)

  3. Listen to pre-recorded storytime with KIS teachers and staff.

Friday 21st May Timetable






Hero Book Day Website & Padlet

Library recommendations & activities


Writing in Seesaw/ Classroom



Story time





Story time






Story time



For art, we will be taking inspiration from the unusual trend of artists recreating artworks in food on a slice of bread! Please have ready for the day the photo of your chosen hero; a piece of bread and all the food ingredients you need to recreate your heroes on the bread, including child-friendly knives for slicing. We hope the day will provide opportunities for your child to celebrate books with both creative ideas and acknowledge those important roles in our community.

We are looking forward to seeing you for conferences next week!

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Week of May 10th – 14th

EY2 has had another great week of remote learning. It has been wonderful to see the children deepening their understanding of emotions, gaining confidence in their number sense, and becoming increasingly adept at expressing themselves through writing and drawing. Most of all, they are growing impressively as communicators as they share their thinking, understandings, and experiences with us on SeeSaw and Zoom.

Next week, we will continue our inquiry into how we express ourselves as we begin to explore the arts as a form of creative expression. Please see the weekly planner below:

Weekly Planner 4 – Expression


A Parent Update from Mr. Paul was sent out today, with important information for the KIS community. Have a look at it here if you have not seen it yet. Please note in particular the information regarding the Parent Town Hall Zoom meeting taking place on Monday.

Parent Update from the HOS – May 7


Have a great weekend!

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Week of May 3rd – 7th

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your continued support during home learning.  We are so impressed with the children’s creativity at home and how they are being effective communicators during Zoom meetings. Here is the weekly plan for the upcoming short week.

Weekly Planner - Expression (1) Weekly Planner - Expression (2)

Weekly Planner - Expression (3) Weekly Planner - Expression (4)

Here are a few snapshots of the learning taking place at home!

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 3.20.08 PM Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 3.17.44 PM Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 3.15.45 PM Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 3.14.38 PM Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 3.13.38 PM Jiaze

(By Jiaze)


(By Ziming)

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 3.32.52 PM Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 3.33.54 PM

Please enjoy the long weekend with your family and we will see you at Morning Meeting on Wednesday.

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Week of April 26 – 30

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all of your support with remote learning this week. It was wonderful to see the children thinking, exploring, and creating at home, and spending quality time with family.

Next week we will begin our last unit of inquiry for EY2 on the transdisciplinary theme of “how we express ourselves.” The children will be inquiring into self expression through the creative arts, including music, dance, visual art, and creative writing.

Have a look at an overview of the whole unit, as well as next week’s activities and learning objectives, on the weekly planning document here:

Week 2 – Expression

Next week, we will also begin our literacy group rotations as indicated on our weekly schedule. The children have each been assigned to a group (yellow, blue, or green) and will rotate through three different activities each week: guided reading, handwriting instruction, and independent reading & writing. An email with student groupings was sent out this week, so please get in touch with us if you did not receive this.

Enjoy a well-earned relaxing weekend!

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Remote Learning Information

Dear Parents,

Thank you for supporting your child’s online learning this week, and for your patience as we have been working out the final details of our remote learning program. Please bear with this very long email, as we have a lot of information to share!
Program Organization
Attached to this email, you will find the weekly planner for this week, as well as the weekly schedule which includes all necessary Zoom links. The schedule will remain the same from one week to the next, while the planner will be updated and shared with you every Friday on SeeSaw and on the blog to let you know what is happening the following week.
Your child’s school day begins at 7:50 am, just as it would on a regular school day on campus. They should begin the day by logging on to SeeSaw, where you will see the Daily Plan with an overview of the day’s activities. Homeroom teachers will post a “good morning” video everyday at 7:50 in the “Announcements” section on SeeSaw.
Asynchronous Learning
The asynchronous learning engagements will be posted at 7:50 am (at the same time as the “good morning” video), in the “Activities” section on SeeSaw. These activities will usually include a teacher video, text instructions, as well as audio instructions. In general, there will be one language-focused activity, one math-focused activity, and one UOI activity, plus an additional optional activity. Your child can complete these SeeSaw activities at any time throughout the day, and can share their work with us by clicking “Add Response” on the activity.
Synchronous Learning
Synchronous learning engagements will be delivered via Zoom, through the links on the schedule. (Please use our original google doc schedule, and not a downloaded PDF version saved on your computer, to ensure that you always have the updated links.) Synchronous learning engagements include Morning Meetings, Storytime, Literacy Groups, and specialist classes. Please make sure the screen name on Zoom is your child’s name (not the parent name) so that we can easily recognize who is trying to join the meeting. Teachers will not admit anyone to the meeting if we do not recognize the name. Children should be dressed for Zoom meetings (not in pyjamas), and should not be eating. We recommend the KIS uniform, however this is not absolutely mandatory. Also, please ensure that there is an adult in the room with your child while they are on Zoom.
Literacy Groups
EY2 will begin Literacy Groups next week on Monday for small-group reading and writing instruction. The children have each been assigned to a group (Yellow, Blue, and Green Group) so please look out for an email this week informing you of your child’s group. Literacy Groups will take place three times a week, with groups rotating through three different activities: Guided Reading, Handwriting Instruction, and Independent Reading & Writing. The last page of our schedule document shows the Literacy Group rotation, so that you know which activity your child should join each day. Guided Reading and Handwriting Instruction will be led by teachers and EAs on Zoom, while the third group is independent.
The independent group should do free writing, drawing, &/or mark-making in their blue Journal. You can encourage “fast finishers” to add more, ask if they know any letters or words that go with their picture (it is ok if they don’t!), and ensure that they are using the correct pencil grip. Other than that, the Journal is a place for free expression and so please allow them to do whatever they want! Some children are still just experimenting with manipulating a marker, and that is fine. This group should also do some independent reading, which (for most of our students) means choosing a book they like, looking at how the pictures tell a story, and talking about the pictures. (If your child does know how to read the words, of course they can do that too.)
Help and Support
Our schedule includes a Student Help Desk period every day and a Parent Help Desk period once a week. These are both optional, to be joined as needed, and take place on Zoom. The Student Help Desk is for learning-related questions the children might have. Parent Help Desk is meant to support parent issues, such as technology problems or logistical questions. If you have a private issue to discuss about your child, please contact us by email, as there may be other parents at the Help Desk session with you.
Questions related to specialist classes should be addressed directly to the specialist teacher:
Mr. Chris (Music): chrisp@edu.kis.ac.th
Mr. Max (PE): nikom@edu.kis.ac.th
K. Aey (Thai, Alligators): aungsiya@edu.kis.ac.th
K. Por (Thai, Bears): sanicha@edu.kis.ac.th
Ms. Lindsay (Library): lindsay.zi@edu.kis.ac.th
End of Day
The children’s school day finishes at 2:30 pm. We will end the day with a wrap-up video with some kind of reflective prompt. You and your child might continue with asynchronous activities after that if it is convenient for you, but please be aware that 2:30 is the end of our class time together.
Please do not forget about essential parts of each day such as nap time, breaks, outdoor play, and child-initiated playful inquiry!
Ms. Risa and Ms. Nicole
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Welcome Back to Term 3

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a restful and enjoyable Songkran break. Although we would prefer to be returning in person, we are excited to be starting term 3 together online in remote learning.  Our earliest possible date for returning to campus is Wednesday May 5th and we will keep you updated on this.

On Monday April 19th, the school staff will be preparing home learning packages that will be available for parents to pick up beginning Tuesday April 20th.  Similar to January, our weekly plan and daily learning tasks will be uploaded to Seesaw.

Remote learning schedules will be emailed to parents on Monday afternoon.  Remote learning will begin on Tuesday April 20th.

We would like to welcome a new friend PunPun to EY2 who will be in Ms.Nicole’s class and also welcome back Hugo Th. who will be in Ms. Risa’s class.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at nicole.ib@kis.ac.th or risa.la@kis.ac.th

Thank you for your ongoing support and although our team will miss seeing the children in person, we are very much looking forward to starting school together remotely.


EY2 Team

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