Week of December 2nd – 6th

Dear Parents,

Last week in EY2, we continued to inquire into human interactions with nature as we created nature-inspired artwork. As they created still-life paintings of sunflowers and oil pastel drawings of pears, the children developed an appreciation for the beauty of our natural world, as well as sharpening their observation skills.

And check out our previous work with dragon fruits:

We have also looked at human interactions with nature from a more pragmatic point of view, discussing all the ways that we use natural resources in our daily lives. One important part of this has been thinking about where our food comes from. After bringing in seeds from foods that they ate, the children planted their seeds in boxes outside the classroom. Taking care of the garden as it grows will help strengthen the children’s connection between food and nature, and will also help us to learn about what plants need to live.

We have now delved into our third line of inquiry, thinking about changes that people can make to the natural environment. Through read-alouds and class discussions, we have learned about ways that human behaviour can change natural environment in harmful ways, as well as actions we can take to protect the natural environment, keeping it healthy, clean, and safe. The EY2s are now in the process of authoring and illustrating their own book to teach readers about ways that they can protect nature. Publishing a book is a major project, and we will continue to work on it this week.

We also celebrated Leon’s 5th birthday at school last week. Happy birthday Leon, and thanks to Leon’s mom and dad for bringing in a birthday treat to make the day special.



Next week is our last week of the term, and it is looking like a busy one! In addition to finishing up our book, we will also be occupied with a variety of special events. Be sure to note the dates and details!

Important Dates:

December 5th: In Remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday – school closed

December 6th: Deadline for holiday gift donationssee letter below for details

December 10th: Learning Celebration Certificate Assembly8:15 am in the auditorium; parents of certificate recipients will be notified and are invited to attend

December 12th: Dress Rehearsal for Holiday Concert8:00 am; Parents do not attend the dress rehearsal, however please ensure that all costumes and props are at school by Dec. 11 so that we are ready

December 12th: EY2 Holiday Party 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm in the classroom; please bring a dish of food to share

December 13th: Last Day of Term 1 – Holiday Concert (EY1 – G2), Half-day (11:20 dismissal)

January 6th: First Day of Term 2

February 1st: Early Years Picnic – see flyer below

Christmas Giving Letter 2019


AAAT-Picnic Flyer

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Week of November 25th – November 29th

Dear Parents,

Last week we worked on still life paintings as we followed the line of inquiry, human interaction with nature to experience how we can find joy in nature and be creative. The children closely observed dragon fruit and mixed paint to create the colors they saw in the fruit.  The paintings are stunning and will be on display soon!

We also carefully observed the seeds we brought from home and made predictions about what we think they might grow into.

IMG_1447 (2) IMG_1448 (2)

This week we will begin to plant our seeds and learn how to take care of them.  We’re excited to see what might grow!

Last week Pann presented to the class about his camping trip.  He showed us photos of butterflies he studied, elephants he fed, and his time spent in nature.  Way to take action Pann and inspire us to interact with nature as well!



We had two risk takers in EY2 last week who belly danced on stage in front of a paying audience with other members of Bangkok’s belly dance community.  They had so much fun they wanted to share their experience with their class.  Congratulations Jia Jia and Jaidee on a great performance!

20191118_140219 (1) 20191118_140346

Our veterinary clinic is gaining more popularity as more students are joining in this area of play.  We have incorporated writing and math into play with the children making appointment slips for future dates and time, filling out forms, and prescribing medicine.

20191119_105950 (2) 20191119_105720

This week we will delve further into our line of inquiry, changes people can make to nature when we discuss various ways we can help protect nature and make a difference in our world.  We will be creating class books to record our ideas.

Last week we started library centers with Ms. Lindsay.  These centers will help support our UOI as well as practice literacy, math, and ICT skills.

IMG_1439 (3)

A very happy birthday to Nimo who celebrated his birthday last week!

IMG_1443 (5)

Please remember you can donate toys, Thai books, or money to help babies and children in need.  We are collecting items and money in our EY2 classroom.

Important Dates

December 5th: In Remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday – school closed

December 13th: Last Day of Term 1 – Holiday Concert (EY1 – G2), Half-day (11:20 dismissal)

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Week of November 11th – 15th

Dear Parents,

Last Monday, we celebrated Loy Krathong with our EY2 community. The children enjoyed making their own krathongs and taking part in some Thai singing and dancing. It was wonderful to see so many children dressed up for the occasion, and to have so many parents at school to celebrate with us.

Preparations for our Loy Krathong festivities gave us an opportunity to connect with our inquiry into nature, as we discussed why it is important to make our Krathong out of natural materials rather than plastic. The children thought about why plastic should not go in the river, and many friends shared their concerns for fish and birds that could be harmed.

Screen Shot 2562-11-18 at 4.04.13 PM

Later, we read the story, “A Bird and a Bag,” inviting further discussion about
how humans interact with and change the natural environment.



Throughout last week, we continued to embark on “nature walks” around campus. The children honed their observation skills, drawing what they saw, heard, smelled, and touched. They also discussed their hypothesized definitions of “nature,” and debated whether various things they observed were natural or not. We saw some impressive thinking skills at work as the children gave reasons for their thinking.


Screen Shot 2562-11-18 at 4.19.32 PM

Our read-aloud of the book “This Tree Counts” gave us an opportunity to develop both number sense and reading comprehension, while adding to our knowledge about human interactions with nature. After the reading, children explained all kinds of ways that people use trees. They talked about cooling off in the shade, eating fruit, building furniture and houses of wood, and even the way that trees “clean” the air we breathe.

This week, we would like to inquire further into how we use nature as a food source. One way that we will do this is by planting seeds that came from foods the children ate. In this way, we will learn about what plants need to grow and thrive, we’ll get some hands-on experience taking care of a natural resource, and we strengthen our understanding of nature as a food source for people. If you have not already done so, please send your child to school with a seed from something that they ate as soon as possible. Please do not buy the seeds from a shop, as we’d like the children to understand where seeds come from.

In addition to practical uses for natural resources (such as food and shelter), we’d also like to develop an appreciation for the pleasures that can come from the natural world. To explore how nature can offer artistic inspiration, we read the book, “Leaf Man,” where the illustrations are all created from natural materials. We then made our own “Leaf Man”- inspired art work using leaves, pine cones, flowers, and other artifacts of nature in the art centre, with children narrating little stories about where their Leaf Man is going. We made some connections with our math goals as well, developing positional vocabulary (such as above, below, and next to) to talk about our pictures.

This week, we’ll continue to create nature-inspire art work, with still life paintings and drawings of fruit and flowers.

Last Friday we introduced a new dramatic play centre, which was a huge hit! Set up outdoors on our Sala you will now find the EY2 veterinary clinic, where children can bring their sick or injured stuffed animals for treatment. Our vets and pet owners are showing great care and empathy for the sick animals, while developing language skills as they discuss ailments and treatments. Come and have a look!

Important Dates

November 22nd: Non-Uniform Day – Fundraiser for PAWS Bangkok (See flyer below)

November 24th – December 4th: KIS Cares – Donation drive initiated by the Grade 4 students, to benefit the Pakkred Babies Home (See flyer below)

December 5th: In Remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday – school closed

December 13th: Last Day of Term 1 Holiday Concert (EY1 – G2), Half-day (11:20 dismissal)

KISCARES Donation Flyer Non - Uniform Day Information

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Books for Birthdays

Birthday Book Shelf Flyer (1)

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Week of November 11th – 15th

Dear EY2 Families,

Thank you for making the time to meet with us at Parent- Teacher conferences.  It was so nice to have this time to discuss with you the wonderful things your child is doing.  We appreciate your contribution to creating an inclusive and caring community!

Last week in Art we used various resources including mirrors to see symmetry. We will begin to look at symmetry in nature this week.

IMG_1187 IMG_1219 IMG_1218 IMG_1202 IMG_1186IMG_1225

We went to the auditorium to watch So You Think You Can Dance.  We loved watching the dancers and the music made us move!  Some of our EY2 students were excited to show what they have learned in their after school dance class.


This week we will continue inquiring into the natural world and how we interact with nature.   We will read Leaf Man and work with natural loose parts to create our own leaf men.  We will use positional words to create and describe our leaf men as well as continue our exploration of symmetry.

We are continuing our nature walks outside and using our senses to observe nature around us.  We are sketching what we observe and describing what we hear, see smell, and touch.

IMG_1220 IMG_1223 IMG_1222 IMG_1194 IMG_1221 IMG_1192 IMG_1191 IMG_1193

To continue our inquiry we are asking that your child brings in a seed next week from something he or she ate.  We will plant the seed and inquire further into human interaction with nature and how we use nature for many things.


We recently celebrated two birthdays in EY2.  A very happy birthday to Kato and Tate!

IMG_1185 IMG_1226


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Loy Krathong

Dear Parents,

We will celebrate Loy Krathong on Monday November 11th.  Please see the flyer below for more details.  Children are welcome to wear traditional Thai dress.

จดหมายวันลอยกระทง-PYP-Thai 19-20 (1)

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Week of November 4th – 8th

Dear EY2 Families,

Last week, we began tuning in to our new unit of inquiry, “Natural Interactions.” To begin to provoke thinking about the natural world, we invited children to go on a nature walk with their families and to bring in an artefact of nature. Many children brought in interesting treasures from the outdoors, including different kinds of leaves, flowers, sea shells, rocks, fruit, and even insects!


These have really helped to spark interest, and get the children talking about their hypothesised definitions of “nature.” So far, children have suggested that nature comes from the forest, belongs in a jungle, must be liked by animals, and may or may not be able to fly. We look forward to seeing how their definitions evolve as we progress through our inquiry. If your child has not yet brought in a natural artefact, please help them to do so, as this is a great way for us to discover their background knowledge and thinking.


Our next steps will be to go on our own nature walks around the KIS campus, using all of our senses to collect observations. Children will document what they see, hear, smell, and feel using a combination of drawing and writing, and will collect objects of fascination. We will use this documentation to further sort out what we think is and is not a part of the natural world, and place collected items on our Discovery Table for closer observation.

The children have also started to interact with natural materials in new ways, such as creating beautiful images with “loose parts” techniques in the Art Centre. Children have been exploring this engagement freely at centre time, while Ms. Daisy introduced the goal of creating symmetrical designs during her visits last week. Some friends have been undertaking similar activities on the light table, which nurtures creative thinking by allowing us to see familiar object (such as pine cones, leaves, and twigs) with a new perspective. The element of light and shadow introduces a sense of wonder and helps us to observe details of form and texture that might otherwise go unnoticed. We will continue with natural “loose parts” art this week, and look forward to seeing the children’s work develop as they experiment with pattern, symmetry, shape, and space.


Last week was busy with special events!

On Wednesday, the Indian community at KIS helped us to celebrate Diwali. We just loved seeing the dance performances in the auditorium, and were so proud to see our very own Pia up there on the stage dancing her heart our with her mom! Many other children joined in as well, by coming to school in Indian dress.


On Friday, the PYP got in the Halloween spirit. Most of us came to school in costume, and the day was filled with special events, including an assembly and costume parade first thing in the morning. Later, we went to visit the Grade 5 classes, who had prepared a range of fun games and activities with plenty of sweet prizes. Thanks to all the parents who sent in treats to share with the class as well!


Last week, Jaidee celebrated her 5th birthday at school. She is looking more grown up already! Thanks to Jaidee’s parents for bringing in tasty treats and helping to make the day special.


Important Dates

November 4th – 8th: Parent-Teacher Conferences – by appointment

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Week of October 28th – November 1st

Dear Parents,

We hope you had an enjoyable October break!

Please note that our new UOI can be found in the side bar to the right under Current Unit of Inquiry.  We would like to ask you to go on a nature walk with your child around your  house/neighborhood and collect things from nature that you find.  Send the collected items in to the classroom this week or next so we can display them under our UOI board.  We have two on display already if you would like to see a sample.

Please if you have not yet done so, sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences next week.  The sign up is on the classroom door.

This Wednesday we will be learning about Diwali.  If your child would like to dress in traditional Indian dress on this day they may do so.

We will celebrate Halloween on Friday Nov. 1st.  Children are welcome to wear a costume.

Important Dates:

Wednesday Oct. 30th: Diwali celebration:  Children are welcome to dress in traditional Indian clothes.

Friday November 1st: Halloween Celebration – children are invited to wear costumes, more details to follow

November 4th – 8th: Parent-Teacher Conferences – Sign up at classroom door

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Our New Unit of Inquiry

Dear Parents,

We will be starting our new UOI: Interactions with Nature

An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things.

With the lines of inquiry:

The natural world

Human interaction with nature

Changes people can make

We would like to invite you to do a nature walk with your child and collect things you find along the way.  We know some of you may be going away for the break and be in new environments where you might find natural materials different to Bangkok.  Bringing in natural materials you collect over break will be a great provocation and tuning in activity for our new unit.

Some items you may find might include:

  • various leaves
  • small branches/twigs
  • food from trees (fruits, nuts)
  • pinecones
  • flowers
  • seeds
  • bark
  • shells
  • stones
  • or more!

If you are able to participate please bring the items to our classroom when we return.



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Week of Oct. 15 – 18

Dear EY2 Families,

We hope that everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Children have been telling us about the interesting ways you are spending your time together, helping us to build connections as we inquire into family relationships.

To sort out our knowledge about family relationships, the children began taking turns making oral presentations about their own families, referring to the family photographs you all sent in.  Learning more about one another helps to strengthen our friendships too, as does learning to be good listeners. It has been wonderful to hear so many children speaking clearly and confidently about what makes their family special.

Family presentations will continue this week, with a few children speaking each day. To help your child be a successful presenter, have a conversation with them about the names and ages of your family members, what language you speak at home, and where your family comes from. We’d also like to hear about what your family enjoys doing together, and what each family member does to help out.

Last week, we continued to learn about solving conflicts between friends using Kelso’s Choices. We talked about various strategies to use, acted them out, and dramatized them with puppets. Practicing in multiple ways should help the children to apply their knowledge in different contexts when real problems arise. We are pleased to see that many children are already beginning to use Kelso’s Choices in real-life situations. We look forward to sharing more stories about friends taking action!

Ms. Aom and Ms. Sirinat have been working with the children to make “shape monsters,” a visual arts centre that integrates math vocabulary, fine motor development, and some science skills too. On our discovery table, students were invited to predict how paper towels dipped into various food colourings would change, and could return later to make observations. At the art centre, they used eye-droppers to mix colours on paper towels, and then attached different geometric shapes as faces and body parts for their monsters. Not only will these help us to learn the names of some 2D shapes, they will also make fantastic Halloween decorations.

Last week, Third celebrated his 5th birthday with us. Happy birthday Third, and thanks to mom and dad for bringing the treats!


Important Dates:

Wednesday October 16th – Friday October 18th: Book Fair – see flyer for details

Monday October 21st – Friday October 25th: School Break – no classes

Friday November 1st: Halloween Celebration – children are invited to wear costumes, more details to follow

November 4th – 8th: Parent-Teacher Conferences – further details and appointment sign-up to follow

See the flyers below for details about the book fair and red bin donations:


Red BIns

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