Home Learning

Dear Parents,

Our Home Learning Package is now available on the blog, in the “Pages” section by clicking “Home Learning (Emergencies).” The package should be accessed in the event of a school closure, or by children missing extensive time at school due to the current COVID-19 situation. We have included inquiries for literacy, mathematics, and our “Exploring Materials” unit, with plenty of learning engagements to choose from. Please send us an email if you have questions about any of the activities or need support with home learning.

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Week of February 24th – 28th

Dear Parents,

We had a great, short week and enjoyed celebrating Book Week.  Thank you to our volunteers for reading stories in their home language!

IMG_2722 IMG_2721 IMG_2719 IMG_2724

The children (and teachers!) looked great in their costumes for Book Character Dress Up Day!

IMG_2757 IMG_2748


This week we will begin our Literacy Circles where the students will rotate centers reading with a teacher, writing with a teacher, and have independent reading/writing time.

In math, we will play math games matching the Numicon and numerals while using stones for one to one correspondence.

We will also continue to build with cardboard and use various materials to create works of art.

Important Dates


EY2 Coffee Meeting –  Monday March 30th

Class A Field Trip – Tuesday March 31st (Tentative)

Class B Field Trip – Wednesday April 1st (Tentative)

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Week of February 17th -21st

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a nice long weekend!  This week is the Book Fair running Wednesday through Friday in the Atrium. On Friday students are encouraged to dress as a book character and we will have a parade to showcase the costumes.  Please have your child bring the book with his/her character.

We will have our EY2 Coffee Meeting on Monday March 30th at 8:00 am in the EY2 classroom.  We will be discussing Literacy in the Early Years and hope to see at least one parent of each child present!

Also coming up is a field trip to A Little Something Cooking School.  Class A will be going on Tuesday March 31st and Class B will be going on Wednesday April 1st. If you would like to volunteer to chaperone please send an email to Ms. Nicole or Ms. Risa.

Our second self- portraits are on display in the classroom, please feel free to come see the beautiful display!

Important Dates

No PE or Swimming –  Feb. 19th-21st

Book Fair –  Feb. 19th – 21st

Book Character Dress Up Day –  Friday Feb. 21st

EY2 Coffee Meeting –  Monday March 30th

Class A Field Trip – Tuesday March 31st

Class B Field Trip – Wednesday April 1st

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Week of February 10th -14th

Dear Parents,

International Mother Tongue Day is approaching!

Help our students appreciate the beauty and rich diversity of language. Sign up to read for International Mother Tongue Day on Wednesday, the 19th of February. Share a short story, picture book, song, poem or rhyme in your first language. It is OK if you can not translate into English. The students may not understand every word, but they will understand the idea that stories unite us and people all over the world create stories to share with children.

We are looking forward to meeting with all of you this week to discuss all the wonderful learning taking place!

Important Dates

PYP 3-Way Conferences –  Week of Feb. 10th – 14th

School closed for students –  Mon. Feb. 17th & Tue. 18th

Book Week (3 days) –  Wed. Feb. 19th to Fri. 21st

Mother Tongue Day –  wed. Feb. 19th

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Additional PE and Swim Classes

Dear Parents,

Please note we will have an additional PE class on Tuesday Feb. 11th and an additional Swim class on Wednesday Feb. 12th.  Students should come to school in PE uniforms on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week and bring a swim bag on Wednesday and Thursday.  If your child’s swim suit is not dry by Thursday you may pack a swim suit that is not the KIS swimsuit.

We will not have PE or Swimming the following week Feb. 19th – 21st so students should come in regular uniform each day and will not need a swim bag on Thursday.

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Bringing Items From Home

Dear Parents,

Some of our students are bringing various items to school (candy, toys not for sleep time, and stickers) that have been causing some issues.  Please do not allow your child to bring these items to school and please check your child’s pockets and backpack daily to ensure they do not have the aforementioned items.  Also, please check their backpacks and pockets to ensure that they do not have a classmate’s belonging or a classroom material.  If you do find something that does not belong to your child please have them return it to a teacher ASAP.  Thank you for your understanding.

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Book Fair

Book Week Flyer (1)

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Week of February 3rd – 7th

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those of you were able to help run centers for our 100 Days of School celebration.  It was a lot of fun and the children loved having you at school!

Last week we followed the line of inquiry: using and changing materials for different purposes when we made jelly.  We read and followed directions and measured carefully to make a yummy treat!

Please see the poster below as a reminder of how masks should be worn

ISOS_Using Face Masks Poster_v1

This week we will be focusing on construction with cardboard.  If you have any large cardboard boxes you can donate please bring them in.

Important Dates

House Shirt Wednesday– Wed. Feb. 5th

PYP 3-Way Conferences –  Week of Feb. 10th – 14th

School closed for students –  Mon. Feb. 17th & Tue. 18th

Book Week (3 days) –  Wed. Feb. 19th to Fri. 21st

Mother Tongue Day –  Fri. Feb. 21st

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January 27th- January 31st


Dear Parents,

Last week we tuned into our new UOI, “Exploring Materials” by doing a big sort of various items.  The students used their Thinking and Communication Skills to make decisions on where the items should go, and explained why they placed them with similar items.  This activity will continue to run as a center this week.

IMG_0282 IMG_0288

In Literacy we will continue with our book making center focusing on story telling and how pictures can help to tell a story.


We will also be working on following directions and measurement as we make Jello to see how properties of materials can be changed.

Last week we were busy preparing for Chinese New Year.  Gong Xi Fa Cai!

20200122_10283820200122_103902 20200123_103213 IMG_0265

This Friday we will celebrate our 100 Days of School.  Please contact one of our KISPA representatives if you are able to volunteer to run a center. As a way for the children to see what 100 looks like, please find 100 small items to count with your child and send them to school this week in a Ziplock bag.

A happy birthday to Chanya who celebrated her birthday last week!


Important Dates:

Monday January 27th: After School Programme begins

Friday January 31st: 100 Days of School Celebration

Saturday February 1st: Early Years Picnic POSTPONED

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After School Library

Dear Parents,

We have been notified that some of our EY2 children are not being supervised when they are visiting the library after school.  Please understand if you take your child to the library after school they need to be closely supervised by a parent/guardian.  They should walk, use quiet voices, be gentle with the books, and be near their guardian at all times.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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