Remote Learning Information

Dear Parents,

Thank you for supporting your child’s online learning this week, and for your patience as we have been working out the final details of our remote learning program. Please bear with this very long email, as we have a lot of information to share!
Program Organization
Attached to this email, you will find the weekly planner for this week, as well as the weekly schedule which includes all necessary Zoom links. The schedule will remain the same from one week to the next, while the planner will be updated and shared with you every Friday on SeeSaw and on the blog to let you know what is happening the following week.
Your child’s school day begins at 7:50 am, just as it would on a regular school day on campus. They should begin the day by logging on to SeeSaw, where you will see the Daily Plan with an overview of the day’s activities. Homeroom teachers will post a “good morning” video everyday at 7:50 in the “Announcements” section on SeeSaw.
Asynchronous Learning
The asynchronous learning engagements will be posted at 7:50 am (at the same time as the “good morning” video), in the “Activities” section on SeeSaw. These activities will usually include a teacher video, text instructions, as well as audio instructions. In general, there will be one language-focused activity, one math-focused activity, and one UOI activity, plus an additional optional activity. Your child can complete these SeeSaw activities at any time throughout the day, and can share their work with us by clicking “Add Response” on the activity.
Synchronous Learning
Synchronous learning engagements will be delivered via Zoom, through the links on the schedule. (Please use our original google doc schedule, and not a downloaded PDF version saved on your computer, to ensure that you always have the updated links.) Synchronous learning engagements include Morning Meetings, Storytime, Literacy Groups, and specialist classes. Please make sure the screen name on Zoom is your child’s name (not the parent name) so that we can easily recognize who is trying to join the meeting. Teachers will not admit anyone to the meeting if we do not recognize the name. Children should be dressed for Zoom meetings (not in pyjamas), and should not be eating. We recommend the KIS uniform, however this is not absolutely mandatory. Also, please ensure that there is an adult in the room with your child while they are on Zoom.
Literacy Groups
EY2 will begin Literacy Groups next week on Monday for small-group reading and writing instruction. The children have each been assigned to a group (Yellow, Blue, and Green Group) so please look out for an email this week informing you of your child’s group. Literacy Groups will take place three times a week, with groups rotating through three different activities: Guided Reading, Handwriting Instruction, and Independent Reading & Writing. The last page of our schedule document shows the Literacy Group rotation, so that you know which activity your child should join each day. Guided Reading and Handwriting Instruction will be led by teachers and EAs on Zoom, while the third group is independent.
The independent group should do free writing, drawing, &/or mark-making in their blue Journal. You can encourage “fast finishers” to add more, ask if they know any letters or words that go with their picture (it is ok if they don’t!), and ensure that they are using the correct pencil grip. Other than that, the Journal is a place for free expression and so please allow them to do whatever they want! Some children are still just experimenting with manipulating a marker, and that is fine. This group should also do some independent reading, which (for most of our students) means choosing a book they like, looking at how the pictures tell a story, and talking about the pictures. (If your child does know how to read the words, of course they can do that too.)
Help and Support
Our schedule includes a Student Help Desk period every day and a Parent Help Desk period once a week. These are both optional, to be joined as needed, and take place on Zoom. The Student Help Desk is for learning-related questions the children might have. Parent Help Desk is meant to support parent issues, such as technology problems or logistical questions. If you have a private issue to discuss about your child, please contact us by email, as there may be other parents at the Help Desk session with you.
Questions related to specialist classes should be addressed directly to the specialist teacher:
Mr. Chris (Music):
Mr. Max (PE):
K. Aey (Thai, Alligators):
K. Por (Thai, Bears):
Ms. Lindsay (Library):
End of Day
The children’s school day finishes at 2:30 pm. We will end the day with a wrap-up video with some kind of reflective prompt. You and your child might continue with asynchronous activities after that if it is convenient for you, but please be aware that 2:30 is the end of our class time together.
Please do not forget about essential parts of each day such as nap time, breaks, outdoor play, and child-initiated playful inquiry!
Ms. Risa and Ms. Nicole
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