Week of April 26 – 30

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all of your support with remote learning this week. It was wonderful to see the children thinking, exploring, and creating at home, and spending quality time with family.

Next week we will begin our last unit of inquiry for EY2 on the transdisciplinary theme of “how we express ourselves.” The children will be inquiring into self expression through the creative arts, including music, dance, visual art, and creative writing.

Have a look at an overview of the whole unit, as well as next week’s activities and learning objectives, on the weekly planning document here:

Week 2 – Expression

Next week, we will also begin our literacy group rotations as indicated on our weekly schedule. The children have each been assigned to a group (yellow, blue, or green) and will rotate through three different activities each week: guided reading, handwriting instruction, and independent reading & writing. An email with student groupings was sent out this week, so please get in touch with us if you did not receive this.

Enjoy a well-earned relaxing weekend!

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