Week of May 10th – 14th

EY2 has had another great week of remote learning. It has been wonderful to see the children deepening their understanding of emotions, gaining confidence in their number sense, and becoming increasingly adept at expressing themselves through writing and drawing. Most of all, they are growing impressively as communicators as they share their thinking, understandings, and experiences with us on SeeSaw and Zoom.

Next week, we will continue our inquiry into how we express ourselves as we begin to explore the arts as a form of creative expression. Please see the weekly planner below:

Weekly Planner 4 – Expression


A Parent Update from Mr. Paul was sent out today, with important information for the KIS community. Have a look at it here if you have not seen it yet. Please note in particular the information regarding the Parent Town Hall Zoom meeting taking place on Monday.

Parent Update from the HOS – May 7


Have a great weekend!

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