August 23rd- August 27th

Wonderful Week in EY2!

What a fun week we had singing, reading stories, and playing games! We would like to welcome Ms. Lynn to our EY2 community. She will be with us for the next few weeks which is very exciting!

Our EY2 community is getting stronger each day. Last week, the students inquired into manners by listening to a read aloud  entitled What Do You Say When a Monkey Acts This Way? by Jane Belk Moncure. What do you sayThe children discussed the meaning of manners and how they help people stay principled. They pracitced their number skills through songs and going over the calendar daily. The children strengthened their communication skills by listening to various stories read by their teachers and in Library class with Ms. Lindsay.  The students also sang songs with Mr. Chris and practiced moving their bodies with Mr. Max. We would like to thank Ms. Lynn for joining both Music and P.E. class this week. On Friday, the children showed their school spirit by wearing their House Shirts and having fun during our Fun Friday Zooms. They were able to collect house points and voted for the new  2021-2022 House Captains. The results will be announced on Monday, August 30th.

Cream with Floral Borders Birthday Classroom Poster (1)     Cream with Floral Borders 5Birthday Classroom Poster (1)

Cream with Floral Borders Birthday3 Classroom Poster (1)Cream with Floral Bord4ers Birthday Classroom Poster (1)

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Next Week-August 30th-September 3rd

The big goal for next week is to create our EY2 Essential Agreement. In all PYP schools, the teaches and students start the year by working collaboratively to establish an agreement that will help the classroom community work well together all year. The children will practice their communication skills by sharing their ideas in small group Zoom sessions. They will also continue to practice ‘breathing’ and explore Mindfulness. The daily Morning Meeting will be slightly longer next week in order provide the children with chance to get to know the teachers better, as well as each other.  We will continue to practice using our manners and practice being more independent when using the Zoom tools.



ey-pyp-atl.005Ms. Tania, our PYP Coordinator, put together a short newsletter about how we can build independence in our young learners. Enjoy!

Developing Independence in the EY yearsDeveloping Independence in the EY years 2

Important Dates 

  • Monday- August 30th– Parent Coffee Meeting
  • Friday, Sept. 3rd- 8am – 9:30am, Primary School Back to School Coffee Meeting- The Zoom link was sent in the Parent Update HOS on Friday, August 27th

Thank you once again for a wonderful week! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at

August 16th-20th

Dear Families and Friends,

Welcome back to school! It was such a great week seeing everyone and getting to each chile a little bit better. EY2 has 4 new students this year. We are very happy to have them join our wonderful community!

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The teachers and young learners had a fun week getting to know each other through games, songs, and stories. We would like to thank all the parents for their child during our Zoom meetings and all the Seesaw activities.

Next Week-August 23rd-27th

In order to help your child feel more comfortable during Zoom activities, as well as become more independent and have greater ownership of his/her learning, the children will be playing and learning in smaller groups during all specialist classes starting next week. PleasePowerPoint Presentation refer to the weekly schedule to find out what time your child has Music, P.E, and Thai. We will also be meeting with smaller groups to discuss manners, taking-turns and showing respect. These ideas will later be connected to the word Principled, one of the learner profiles connected to this unit. You can help at home by making sure your child used his/her manners at home, takes turns when participating in a game and/or a converstation, and cleans up after he/she finishes plaLPAttributesMelonheadzying or eating. Next week we will also start our Friday Fun Zooms. The children will get to choose which game they want to join in the morning. Fridays will always be fun in EY2! Last, next Friday, August 27th, is the last Friday of the month. Every last Friday of the month is House Shirt Day. Your child is encouraged to wear their House shirt or a shirt that is the color of their house on Friday. We will also have a House Activity on Seesaw.

Tosakan HanumanNaga Erawan

Save the Date 

Monday, Augsut 23rd– Parent Coffee Meeting

Firday, August 27th- House Shirt Day

Dear EY2 Community,

It was so nice meeting with you last week and we are all very excited to get this year started!  This week will look a bit different than weeks to come as we ease into remote learning, getting familiar with each other and Seesaw. For your reference, please see our Weekly Planner below.  You will be getting an email with this week’s schedule and Zoom links.  As always, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.  Questions regarding Seesaw can go directly to Mr. Eric at We look forward to a wonderful year of learning with you!


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