August 31st-September 3rd

Our EY2 Essential Agreement

The goal of this week was to create our EY2 Essential Agreement. The students practiced their communication skills when sharing their ideas about what promises they can all make to make the EY2 community the best it can be. During the week, the teachers met with small groups to inquire into positive choices we can make in our class. The children discussed various ideas in the book Know and Follow Rules that helped keep the children safe and happy. Know-and-Follow-Rules-Cheri-MeinersThey did a fantastic job applying their understanding of the book when creating the EY2 agreement. The children were later asked to sign the agreement, and will be refering to it regulary as the year progresses. Along with creating an essential agreement in the classroom, the learners also worked with their family members to make an essential agreement for their home.



The children also explored the concept of thought bubbles and how practicing mindfulness helps individuals manage their well-being. The students watch a short Zen Den episode connected to ideas being like bubbles, and how breathing helps people focus on only the important bubbles when needed. The EY2 students have been practising breathing since the start of the year, strenghening their self-managment skills daily.


The children showed great enthusiasm when playing with their playdough during our meetings and in various learning engaments on Seesaw. They enjoyed listening and playing with their playdough to the song I Like to Playdough and using the material to show their understanding of relationships and number. Along with playing with the teachers, the children was a great time listening to stories with Ms. Lindsay, songs with Mr. Chris and staying fit with Mr. Max. Way to go EY2!


Last, this week, the PYP students voted on the new 2021-2022 House Captains. Congratulations to all the new captains!


Next Week- September 6th-10th

Next week the students will continute to inquire into communities and relationships by exploring the word ‘relationship’ and how it is connected to friends. The children will share their knowledge of what makes a friend, and how we can show we are caring towards them. They will begin to collect data about their friends in the classroom and their family at home.  Children will be playing with playdough, as well as their collection of Loose Parts, to help show their understanding of their learning.



  • Monday, Sept. 6th, 11:40-12:20- EY2 Back to School Coffee Meeting- Zoom link is on the weekly schedule

  • Wednesday, Sept. 8th, 8:30 – 9:45am – HOS Parent Coffee – details available soon

  • Thursday, Sept. 16th and Wednesday, Sept. 17th- No School- September Break



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