September 6th-10th

 Who We Are-Week5

103313634-group-of-happy-kids-cartoon-funny-kids-of-different-races-with-various-hairstyles-friendship-conceptThis was our second week of the year-long unit, Who We Are. The students spent the week inquiring into friends and how behaviour affects a friendship. The class read the story No DavidNo David by David Shannon and discussed how language affects how people’s feelings. All the students agreed that no one liked the word ‘No’ because it made them feel sad. This led to a discussion on how they could help David make the right choices using caring words like, “Please be careful or you might fall down”, or “David, you should put some clothes on”. The children will continue to inquire into friends and behaviour next week.


The children continued to strengthen their self-managment skills this week by playing with playdough. They used the material to make friends, make balls to represent numbers, and just had fun playing with while listening to the song “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.


The learners continued to stay balanced by clapping and singing with Mr. Chris, building their grossInternational-Literacy-Day-earth-reading-book-motor skills with Mr. Max, and sharing a Mori story with 2 special guests, Ms. Sian and Ms. Dinnhe. The children also shared their favorite books on Wednesday, International Literacy Day. The teachers also got a chance to share their special books in the moring meetings. Overall, it was a wonderful week of sharing ideas, playing, and exploring friendship.



Next week is a short week. On Monday, we will host the EY2 Back to School Coffee Meetings which was canceled this week. The children will also celebrate Dot day, Wednesday the 15th, by reading the story The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, and using playdough dots to create art. During the shortweek, the class will also continue to share ideas about friendships while sharing more ideas about word choice using the story, No David. There is no school for the students on Thursday, September 16th, and Friday, September 17th.


Dot Date- Wednesday, September 15th

No School- Thursday, September 16th and Friday, September 17th

Parent-Teacher Conferences/ House Challenge Day-Friday, September 24th


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