September 13th-17th

Who We Are-Week 6

dot dayDot Day and More

Although it was a short week in EY2, it was still alot of fun! The children continued to be prinicpled by practicing using kind words to David in the stories No David and David Goes to School, and each other. The students also practiced their fine-motor skills with cutting. They listened the song ‘Cut it Out‘ while practicing cutting paper and cutting on a line. They also continued using their number knowledge to discuss the calendar as well as how many objects they can see around them when breathing during their Mindfulness time.


The big day last week was International Dot Day which the entire PYP celebrated on Wedensday, September 15th. The children dressed up for the occasion, as well as listened to the story The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, and the song, The Dot Song by Emily Arrow. They also created so beautiful dot art with playdough and paint.


Thank you to all the parents that attending the EY2 Back to School Coffee Meeting. It was very lovely catching up with everyone and playing Kahoot to learn more about the learning in EY2.

Next week the students will continue inquiring into relationships, focusing on friendships. They will practice asking questions about pictures they see of their friends during small group learning engagements. On Friday, the PYP students will be participating in various House Challenges all day. All students are asked to wear their House shirt on this fun day! On Friday, the parents will have an opportunity to discuss their child’s progess in EY2 so far with the teachers. We look forward to meeing all the parents again.


Friday, September 24th- House Challenge and Parent/Teacher Interviews


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