September 20th-24th

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Thank you to all the parents for your continued support this week. It was a fun week in EY2, starting with playdough making on Monday. It was a first for the teachers to lead a playdough making session on Zoom and it turned out to be a great success. The students compared paper and playdough before making the material. They were asked to observe all the different ingredients and discussed what the mixture looked like before cooking it.  The children and the parents worked together to measure out the various parts, then mixed everything together before adding heat. The students shared their ideas of why the material changed form, and what helped create the change- heat! Thank to all the parents that supported the activity!

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International_Day_of_peace_iStock_1200On Tuesday, the EY2 students, along with the entire PYP community, celebrated International Peace Day. The children watched a short presenation entitled  What is Peace? to better understand the word ‘Peace’. They were given a choice to complete a learning engagement on Seesaw connected to ‘peace’. The children did a wonderful job drawing their understanding of what peace looks, smells, feels, and tastes like.


During the rest of the week, the children continued to inquire into numbers and relationships. To help the children visualize the conecpt of number, they discussed how many items they see during our morning meetings and on their Seesaw learning engagement. They demonstrated strong self-managment skills when creating and  sharing their cutting creations.  Although sharing time was quite long, the children showed perseverance by sitting, looking, and listening to their friends present their creations. The children also used strong communication skills when asking questions about the cutting creations and pictues showing the students doing something they enjoy- swimming, bike riding, painting. They began to inquire about what questions are and how they help us learn more about people.




Last, we would like to thank all the parents who we met during the Parent/ Teacher confrences. It was wonderful catching up with all the parents, and talking about the growth each child has made in EY2 since the start of the year. Friday was also a House Challenge day which was loads of fun! The children were able to spend the day doing various activities with different specialist teachers and our EAs. These activities gave our children the chance to play with many new people, making them better aware of our great KIS teaching community.

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Next week, the EY2 students will continue to investigate questions and how to ask ‘treasure’ questions- questions that help us learn more about people. The children will learn about different types of questions during their small groups learning engagment on line and start making a list of questions in preparation for a secret guest in 2 weeks. The students will also continue to practice counting in different ways to help them better understand that in math there is usually different ways to see things and various ways to approach problems.


  • Friday, October 1st – Primary School Parent Workshop/Forum , 8:30am-10am. Topics will  include updates on the programme, information about Transdisciplinary Learning and the PYP, and more. The Zoom link is in the HOS newsletter.

  • Monday, October 11th- Friday, October 15th- October Break- No School

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