September 27th- October 1st

Who We Are -Week 8103313634-group-of-happy-kids-cartoon-funny-kids-of-different-races-with-various-hairstyles-friendship-concept

Questions, questions, questions! That was the focus this week in the EY2 class. The children were inquirers when they investigated the function of questions and how they are connected to relationships. The children listened to a fun song entitled ‘The Five W’s Song‘ and watched a clip from a Sesame Street episode focused on questions. They used the knowledge they gained from the learning engagements when meeting the guests for the first time via Zoom. The children showed their communication skills when they asked their special guest questions about themeselves. At the end of the week, the children all agreed that asking questions helped them learn more about their guests.


The students had fun practicing their self-managment skills when creating art to show who they are and what they like to do. The children used their cutting, glueing, drawing, and building skills to create beautiful pieces of art that were connected to themselves.


The children continued to investigate numbers and the different ways they see number. They were asked to show different numbers in a variety of ways. They used playdough, items from around the house, and even their bodies to demonstrate how they see a number. Visualizing number helps children better understand this abstract concept. Teaching children to visualize math also helps further develop the brain. Here is a short article that explains a little more about visual math.


Next week is a very exciting week in EY2. The class will be welcoming the new teacher, Mr. Richard into the community. They will be using all the knowledge they gained the last few weeks to learn morIMG-1437e about Mr. Richard and start to form a relatiohships with him. The children have started to plan the questions and what they feel is important for Mr. Richard to know about EY2 already. This is great opportunity for the children to take ownership of their learning experience. It will be a fun and interesting week!



Breast-Cancer-Month of October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

-Monday, October 11th-Friday, October 15th- October Break




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