October 4th-8th

Who We Are-Week 9

Welcome Mr. Richard! This week was all about welcoming Mr. Richard into our EY2 community. The children shared what they thought was important to EY2 with Mr. Richard during the morning meetings, as well as introduced themselves, asked questions and shared toys with him.

On Friday, the students planned for a PJ/ Popcorn party as a welcome party for Mr. Richard. The students spend time reflecting on the week with Mr. Richard, as well as the year. They shared what they learned and what they enjoyed about Ey2 so far. It was a fun way to spend the last morning together berfore the October Break.  Mr. Richard was very grateful for the welcome and wanted to share this short message with everyone:

Dear Parents and EY2 Students,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful welcome this week! I love the way that I was made to feel so welcome into EY2. The videos athat you made telling me about yourself were fantastic to watch and you all worked so hard to speak clearly and give me lots of information about yourself and your families. I was also very impressed by the questions that you all asked so you could find out more about me and my family. I am so happy to be joining you all in EY2 and look forward to having lots of fun with you. Have a wonderful mid-term beark and see you all on the 18th of October. 

Be safe and have fun,

Mr. Rich’


When the students return to school, they will be busy planning yet another party, but this time it will be for Ms. Lynn. Ms. Lynn will be returning full time to her position at KIS. The students will learn what ‘grateful’ can mean and how showing one’s gratitude is one way people can help maintain relationships. The students will be given agency over this week- they will decide how they want to show they are grateful, who should be invited to the ‘Than- You Ms. Lynn’ party on Friday, and what the party would be like. It will be a very fun week!

Breast-CancerKISPA Pinktober Event

KISPA will be running its awareness campaign for breast cancer and annual donation drive between Oct. 18 through 29. We are excited for this community event which will be an online event this year. Please read the KISAP newsletter that was sent to all parents for more information about this event.


October 18th-29th- KISPA Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

Friday, October 22nd, 8:30-9:30am – HOS Parent Coffee- the Zoom link is in the HOS Parent Update newsletter sent October 8th.

Monday, October 25th- No School- Chulalongkorn Day


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