October 26th-29th 2021

Who We Are – Week 11

A short but wonderfully busy week in EY2.

We have been practicing our listening skills and following instructions this past week in EY2.  The children played games such as ‘Simon Says’ and have been following a step by step process to create Halloween pictures and art work.

This week we have also introduced a visible thinking routine called See, Think, Wonder.


We start this off by having the children look closely at an object or a picture and asking them these three questions.

  • What do you see?
  • What do you think?
  • What do you wonder?
This thinking routine helps us to make closer observations, stimulates curiosity and urges us to ask questions. This is something we will continue to do throughout the year so the children will get lots of practice.

The children all looked wonderful in their Halloween dress up, they were very excited to share.


Next week in EY2 we will begin to think about our transition back to school and being back in the class again with our friends.

We will consider how our relationships will change from being online to being back in face to face with our friends again. We will think about what we will need to bring with us to school and the kinds of choices we can make once in class.

  • What kind of choices will we have to make to make our friendships work?
  • How can we be caring and principled once in school?

As we all prepare to return back to school we will employ the use of the Compass Points thinking routine over the coming weeks.  Here we take the compass points to consider our:

Screen Shot 2564-10-28 at 22.34.47
Have a wonderful weekend
 November 1st: EY Opening Meeting-8-9pm (see HOS Newsletter for Zoom link)
November 8th: Start back at school

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