November 1st – 5th 2021

Who We Are – Week 12

It has been wonderful for us as teachers to be able to get back into class this week and begin to prepare everything for this upcoming week.

Within our small group meetings this past week we have been talking about what we would need to bring in with us next week to school.  Our list consisted of:

  • Water bottlesIMG_0283
  • Backpacks
  • Masks and spare masks
  • Spoon and fork
  • Pencils and colours in a pencil case
  • Spare clothes (to keep in backpack)
  • Uniforms
  • Hats

(Please ensure everything is labelled with your child’s name)

If possible we would also like to you to send in small recycled containers with lids so we can store the playdough that we will make in class.

Screen Shot 2564-11-04 at 15.15.09IMG_0274

 We had a video walk around the different parts of the EY2 learning environment and the children gave thought to what they were excited about. Some of the things they are looking forward to are:

  • Playing with friends
  • Playing on the slide and swings in the playground
  • Reading books
  • Dancing with friends
  • Playing in the kitchen
  • Playing hide and seek with friends
  • Playing with soap bubbles
  • Playing with the blocks and friends

We can see that a common factor in all of their thoughts is being back with friends!

Here are some pictures from our morning meetings this week.


Next week we will take time to settle in and get into our routines.  We will set up centers that the children have expressed excitement about and will work on following the guidelines that we must adhere to during this period to be safe within school.

We will look at the EY2 Essential Agreement that was created and focus on how we can be caring towards our friends and also how we can be principled now that we are back in the classroom. We will look if we have to act differently from being at home to being in class.

Most importantly however we want to ensure that our EY2 students feel comfortable and safe being back in school. We want to provide the time and opportunity for them to reconnect and establish relationships with friends, old and new.


November 8th: Start back at school

Schedule: Our EY2 drop off and pick up times are as follows.

  • Drop off  8:30am (at the EY2 outside area)
  • Pick up: 1:45pm  (from the atrium)

Please click here to go over the Early Years guidelines if you have not done so already and here for the G1-G5 guidelines.

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