November 15th – 19th


Who We Are – Week 13


It has been such a delight this week to welcome the children into the EY2 class! To hear the laughter, conversations and observe the happiness has been an absolute pleasure.

Both groups settled in beautifully and have showed bundles of confidence in separating from their parents. The children were able to connect with new friends and displayed obvious delight at being able to run around and explore our EY2 learning environment.

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The children loved being able to run free in the playground

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We have been working on our listening skills and ability to follow instructions and routines and the children have quickly adapted from an onscreen situation to a face to face environment. We read the book, ‘David goes to school’ by David Shannon and gave thought to the choices the character made within the text and how he could make better ones.


We will continue next week to work on our daily routines especially as we have 2 days on and then 5 days away from school. One routine the children have been having fun with is Sharks!  When I call out Sharks, the children stop what they are doing, do the shark sign themselves and turn towards the teacher and listen. They have been rather awesome at this Stop, Look and Listen routine.

Click here to see Sharks in action!

We will revisit the ‘Essential Agreement’ that EY2 made at the beginning of the year and will explore how they can be principled and caring communicators especially now we are back in the classroom. Screen Shot 2564-11-10 at 14.30.52

Ms. Magda will also be starting a reflection session where we use photos of the children engaged in an activity within class and discuss what they are doing and ask them to comment.

We have been tweaking our in-school schedule slightly to make it run more smoothly so you will notice a few changes to the lunch times for Monday and Tuesday.

Please remember to send in plastic containers or sealable pots for the children’s playdough.

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Monday December 6th:  No School -(In Remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday)

Friday December 17th: Last Day of Term 1

Monday January 12th 2022: Term 2 Begins

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