November 22nd -26th 2021

 Who We Are: Week 14

Another fantastic week in EY2!

The children have shown so much confidence this week in class and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them more as time passes. We can’t believe it has just been 2 weeks!

We revisited our EY2 ‘Essential Agreement’ from the beginning of the school year and discussed how we can be principled and caring. We began to use another visible thinking routine called ‘Think, Pair, Share’, where the students break into smaller groups, talk about a question or idea with their partners and then share with the teachers.

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We also introduced some big building materials for use in our outdoor classroom area. Group 1 all helped to bring the equipment over to the EY2 area, working together to carry the bigger items. It was wonderful to observe the children explore new materials, create and collaborate on their ideas. It was another timely reminder of why play is so important for young children. Within one short session we saw:

  • Communication and expression of ideas
  • Connections being made to prior knowledge
  • Counting, measure and comparison of height
  • Conflict resolution
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance
  • Negotiation
  • Experimentation and testing
  • Physical motor control/balance
  • Increased spatial awareness

IMG_0439   IMG_0440IMG_0262IMG_0261IMG_0260IMG_0294IMG_0295IMG_0296

The children made paper kratongs as a center this week for Loy Kratong.


Next week will be our final week for our current unit of Who We Are and so we will continue with the children having the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon how they can be caring and principled to make good choices and develop and support relationships with others.

We will work on our big body movements by setting up a small obstacle course in our outside area where the children can practice a range of body movements and we will also be playing a variety of class games where the children have to follow a certain set of rules such as waiting for their turn, one at a time and so on. We will revisit our See, Think Wonder, visible thinking routine as we encourage the children to look closely at images and to discuss what they see, what they think and begin to pose questions by asking what they wonder.


We look forward to another wonderful week of learning ahead.


Monday December 6th:  No School -(In Remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday)

Friday December 17th: Last Day of Term 1

Monday January 12th 2022: Term 2 Begins

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