December 6th-10th 2021

Week 16: Sharing the Planet

Another fantastic week in EY2  full of exploration, creation and wonder!


We started tuning in to our new unit of Sharing the Planet and looked at some recycle videos and talked about the difference between normal rubbish/garbage and items we can recycle. We set up a small recycle center in the class for the children to start sorting plastics, paper, metal and glass. Another part of this unit is celebrating the beautiful planet we live on and the creatures we share it with.  EY3 gave us some Atlas moth cocoons that we were able to show the children. We used our See, Think, Wonder routine as we observed the cocoons and set up a close observation center where the children used magnifying glasses to look closer at the cocoons and magnificent moths so they could draw and label what they saw.

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We also had lots of fun with an in-class music session. It was the first time the children had used musical instruments so we talked about the rules that we all needed to follow to allow everyone to have fun within the session. We took turns in playing with and exploring different instruments, we worked on ‘play’ and ‘stop’ signals and also experimented with dynamics (loud and quiet) sounds along with sound identification games.

 IMG_0696      IMG_0697

During the small group zoom meetings with Ms. Magda, the children reflected on the word ‘relationship’ and what it means to them. The children watched a short clip for a video entitled


After that, the children shared ideas about what makes a good relationship and who they have a good relationship with. The children also played a subitizing game online to strengthen their subitizing skills.

Next week in EY2 we will continue to tune into our Sharing the Planet and will further explore reasons as to why we should consider the 3Rs. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We will create some recycled Christmas tree decorations as well as begin to explore sequence and patterns, both within the world around us and in mathematics.

Have a wonderful long weekend.


Monday December 6th:  No School -(In Remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday)

Friday December 17th: Last Day of Term 1

Monday January 12th 2022: Term 2 Begins

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