December 13th-17th 2021

 Week 17: Sharing the Planet. 

We had a short but fun and busy week in EY2.


The children had lots of fun decorating the EY2 Christmas tree.  There was lots of working together and cooperation involved with much laughter and fun sprinkled in for good measure. Once the Christmas decoration box was empty they children then utilised that as a play thing……more  cardboard box fun coming in the New Year!

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We said goodbye to our last Atlas moth this past week.  The children were wonderfully focussed as they closely observed the newly ‘popped out of the cocoon’ moth and drew what they saw. They noticed the patterns, the tips of the wings that looked like a snake’s head and made the connection to the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Once our close observations were done we released all of the moths back into a wide open space to fly free.


We discussed and thought more about Recycling and why we do it and also looked into the 3R’s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as well as getting to know the Jack Johnson song.


The children began to collect data on Ey2’s favourite colours and then put the information into a simple graph. From the information collected they started to interpret the data. We asked questions such as:

  • What is the most popular colour in EY2?
  • What is the least favourite colour in EY2?
  • Do more people like pink than blue?
  • How many more people like pink than blue?


Next week we will continue on with our investigation into the 3Rs as well as continue with more data collection and exploration of pattern.  We will have end of term parties for both groups on Tuesday and Friday respectively.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday 14th/Friday 17th December: EY2 Class Party

Friday December 17th: Last Day of Term 1

Monday January 10th 2022: Term 2 Begins


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