January 14th 2022

Week 19: Who We Are

A wonderful welcome back to EY2!  It has been fantastic to have all of our young EY2 students back together again, the joy of being able to see and physically interact with their friends has been very evident.

Our new students have settled in beautifully and have been made to feel welcomed by our veteran EY2 students.

This past week has been all about settling back in school with a full class and the routines and procedures that help us throughout the day. 

We have been working on our listening skills and have begun to focus on Kelso’s Choices, our school-wide program  that helps our children to deal independently with small problems that occur during their school day. 

We have begun to think about and create patterns from colours, shape, body movements and sounds and we will continue to explore this concept next week. We will investigate patterns in nature and the world around us as well as search for patterns within our local environment. We will ask questions such as:

  • Can you identify/see a pattern?
  • Can you make a pattern?
  • Can you extend/continue this pattern?
  • What type of pattern have you made? (AB/ABC, AAB etc)
  • How can we describe this pattern?

We will continue with our Sharing the Planet unit and revisit what we already know about taking care of our world and the other living things that we share it with.


PE days: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday (We will keep you informed as to when swimming sessions will resume.)

Library Books:  Please return your child’s library books every Monday.

Check backpacks: Please check your child’s back pack every afternoon as we now put snacks in at the end of the school day and it would be advisable to eat/remove them once you get home.

February 14-17: February Break

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