January 20th 2022

Week 20: Sharing the Planet


Even though we have been bumped back to a short period of online learning, we had a fantastic start to the week in EY2 as the children began to really find their feet in our second week back to being all together as an EY2 class.

We have been looking at being caring and principled within the class and in the playground. We have also given thought to how we interact kindly and calmly with our friends, especially as we now have everyone together again and often want to play with the same things. We have continued to work on our listening skills, something that is evermore important now that we have more of our friends together in one place. We have been looking at our immediate environment and considering how we can take care of it by tidying up mess we may make and treating things with respect

We gave thought to our current unit’s central idea of Eco-Heroes take responsibility for the environment and began to unpack the terms Eco-Heroes, environment and responsibility and think about what this means to us. We talked about the 3Rs and sang along to the Jack Johnson song of the same name.  We also talked about recycling paper within the class and why we should do it.

We have been exploring patterns both within our classroom centers and also outside as we search, locate and observe patterns around us in nature and our school environment.


We have been starting to talk about the upcoming Chinese New Year and made CNY fans and watched an animation of The Legend of Nian. 

Next week we hope to continue with our physical investigation of patterns all around us as well as create our own repeating patterns. We will look at common 2D shapes and think about how these shapes can be described and compared. We will further explore our unit on Sharing the Planet and think about how we can be Eco Heroes in EY2.

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully we will all get back on campus together sooner rather than later.


PE days: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday (We will keep you informed as to when swimming sessions will resume.)

Library Books:  Please return your child’s library books every Monday or Tuesday as we will change the books on a Tuesday morning .

Check backpacks: Please check your child’s back pack every afternoon as we now put snacks in at the end of the school day and it would be advisable to eat/remove them once you get home.

January 25th and 26th and Feburary 10th: Online Learning- staff Booster Vaccine days-more information can be found in the HOS Newsletter
February 7-11: Math Week
February 14-17: February Break
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