February 4th 2022

Week 22: Sharing the Planet

It has been great to have an almost full week back at school and the children were happy to celebrate Chinese New Year with their friends.

The children have been busy thinking about and planning ideas for a change in one of our classroom areas.

We had some creative plans and ideas and can now begin to physically build our new area. A few of the children’s ideas were to create a hospital, an airport, a rocket port, a police station, an ice cream shop, a castle, a robot station, a restaurant, a market, a bank and even Phi Phi Island!

Using all of the children’s ideas, our next step will be to collect the data and determine what the most popular ideas are so we can then go ahead and start to create them. We will hopefully start the creation process next week and consider what we need to make for each area.

The hairdressing studio has also been a very popular center this week with the teachers all getting properly made over…multiple times!!!

We set up a “Creation Station” art area this week and the children have been busy choosing resources and selecting appropriate tools to start their creations.

We have been reading/singing the story of ‘The 5 Little Ducks’ this week and the children have been taking on the roles of the different characters and acting out the story. We have also borrowed a puppet theatre so that the children can act out the story and use puppets they create to tell stories.

Here is a slide show of some of the things EY2 got up to this week.


We said goodbye to our friend Ahmad today who is leaving Thailand. It was a sad moment to say goodbye so many of us just said “see you soon” and we will keep in touch with Ahmad and his family as they settle back home. We all wish you the very best Ahmad and thank you for being part of EY2!

Next week is Math Week for the whole Primary school. We will be doing lots of math games and activities throughout the week as well as continuing with our exploration of pattern. The children will create a class ‘patterns all around us’ booklet by using photos of patterns they take and a photo collage app on the class iPads. We will also continue with our development of the new class area.


PE days: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday (We will keep you informed as to when swimming sessions will resume.)

Library Books:  Please return your child’s library books every Monday or Tuesday as we will change the books on a Tuesday morning .

Check backpacks: Please check your child’s back pack every afternoon as we now put snacks in at the end of the school day and it would be advisable to eat/remove them once you get home.

February 7-11: Math Week

February 10th: Remote learning day for all students; Booster Vaccine Day for KIS Staff

February 14-18: February Break

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