February 11th 2022

Week 23:Sharing the Planet

This week we have been talking a lot about natural and man-made environments. We have been watching videos and looking at pictures that show us examples of each.  We have given thought to why these environments are natural and have begun to think about which things are made by people.

We have been reading some wonderful stories on Epic connected to taking care of our environment.

We had a wonderful array of photos posted from our ‘Patterns in the Environment’ Seesaw activity and we will print these off and make a class book about patterns all around us.

There was a great response to the Nature Scavenger hunt activity also with lots of variety in all that the children found. We loved the way that many students began to put their natural objects into patterns before we even set the activity to do so!


Here is a short slideshow of some of the moments from this past weeks learning.

The children looked wonderful in their Math week dress-up outfits.

Once we return after the mid term break from almost 2 weeks off from school, we will again reconnect with our ‘Who We Are’ unit so we can revisit our class routines and further develop our use of Kelso’s Choices to solve small problems and disagreements that arise with our friends. We will continue with our ‘Sharing the Planet’ unit and delve deeper into natural and man made environments and materials. We will also revisit the plans we made for our  our new play environment last week and will look at the most popular ideas and start the creation process.


PE days: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday (We will keep you informed as to when swimming sessions will resume.)

Library Books:  Please return your child’s library books every Monday or Tuesday as we will change the books on a Tuesday morning .

Check backpacks: Please check your child’s back pack every afternoon as we now put snacks in at the end of the school day and it would be advisable to eat/remove them once you get home.

February 14-18: February Break

February 25th: Crazy Hair Day

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