February 25th 2022

Week 24: Who We Are/Sharing the Planet

It has been awesome to have a full week at school with the children. They have been able to quickly settle into routines once more. We have continued to revisit our class essential agreements and have discussed what being principled in class should look like.

We took a vote and counted up the favourite ideas for our new play area using tally marks.

The most common idea was an Ice cream shop, followed by creating Phi Phi Island and also an airport. We then brainstormed each of these ideas individually to see what we would need to make/create to make this area take shape.

Included in some of our activities this week we added a simple self assessment check for the children to begin to think about whether something is too easy, too hard or just right for them.

Today was crazy hair day and children looked fantastic with their wacky hair and hats.

Abracadabra!  We practised being a great audience also today as we had a special guest magician from the big school.

Next week we will be reflecting with the children about things they like doing and are good at in school as well as things that they would like to get better at. This is a wonderful way to get the children to start reflecting and thinking about their learning.

We will begin tuning into our new unit of How the World Works with the central idea of ‘Materials can be used in different ways’.

Our conceptual understandings for this unit will be:

  • Materials have observable properties
  • Materials are used for their properties
  • People choose materials for particular purposes

Our Learning Outcomes will be be:

  • Sort natural, found resources from human made resources
  • Investigate the properties and uses of simple materials
  • Connect the material of an object to its use
  • Experiment with manipulating simple materials

March 7-11th: Parent Teacher Conferences

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