March 4th 2022

Week 25: How the World Works

Another wonderful full week back, 10 days in a row!

The children were very excited to get their new play area up and running.  Phi Phi Island village took shape and the Ice Cream shop/cafe was a popular center with the children creating ice cream menus and taking down food orders.  They also thoroughly enjoyed swimming in the ocean on their Phi Phi island creation.

As we began to tune into our new unit of materials we had some new centers to get the children thinking and asking questions. We created a music station in our outside area with pots and pans and some other materials. The children began to ask questions about why different objects made different noises.

We had a magnet center with magnets, paper shavings, keys and screws and began to ask questions such as; why do the keys stick to the magnets? As a result of the conversations we had we have begun to sort and compare materials which the magnets do and do not pick up. We are also connecting this to the recycling activities we did in our ‘Sharing the Planet’ unit.

 Ms. Alex paid a visit to EY2 on Wednesday to talk about body safety. Please read Ms. Magda’s email for more information regarding this if you have not done so already.

This week we also had some new guests in our EY2 classroom, tadpoles! The children have been fascinated by the little creatures and have been doing lots of close observation, question asking and researching as we figure out what they need to eat to stay alive. We tried to ascertain whether they are indeed frogs or toads and also noticed that some are already growing legs so we had to collect stones and change the tank so that the new little froggy tadpoles could sit on the rocks.

This week, EY2 have been looking at the letter S and the sound it makes. We have been singing songs, discussing with our friends all of the words we know that begin with the S sound and also practicing in many different ways how we make and form letter S.

Here are some more pictures from the week

Next week we will explore the letter ‘a’ and the sound it makes. We will continue to tune  into our new unit of ‘How the World Works’ and our exploration of materials and further expand which things stick to magnets as we begin to look at the properties of different materials. We will engage the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and and practice reading the repetitive phrases of the story as a whole class with a view to acting out the story at a later stage.

We are looking forward to seeing parents next week for our Parent Teacher Conferences via Zoom. Please ensure you sign up if you have not done so already.

Have a great weekend

March 7-11th: Parent Teacher Conferences

March 14th: Swimming classes start

March 28-April 1st: Book week

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