March 11th 2022

Week 26: How the World Works

Dear Parents,

Another full week at school. We are on an EY2 roll!

It is so wonderful to have the children with us in class without interruptions, there is so much learning going on and the children are really able to work on those valuable social and emotion skills that being class full-time can offer.

It was wonderful to catch up with parents this week during our PTCs. We are also very lucky to be able to see many of you in the morning as you drop your children off. Always feel free to catch us in the morning if you need to speak to us at all. We are always happy to help.

This week our play area became a little more organised as we noticed that too many children were visiting the area and it was getting too chaotic. Together we decided on a maximum number of students to be in the area at any one time (6) and set up a name board for the children to write their names and also a timer so that others would also have a chance to play. We guided the students to role-play in the cafe/restaurant area by helping them take on roles such as customer, waiter, waitress, chef etc. They have been busy taking down customer’s orders, making meals, creating menus and asking for money!

We have been reading some different versions of ‘The 3 Little pigs’ and the children are getting to know the characters and what they say. We will begin to act out this story soon and they can take on different roles as well as perform with the stick puppets in the puppet theatre.


We have been tuning in to our new unit on ‘Materials’ and have been exploring magnets and seeing what materials stick to them.

We have been exploring the letter ‘Aa’ and the sound that it makes and how it is formed as well as singing songs, doing actions and working together to share our knowledge on words that begin with ‘Aa’. Next week we will look at the letter ‘Tt’.

Next week we will discuss the properties of different materials and use language to describe them (soft, hard/ rough, heavy, shiny etc). We would like your child to choose an object (by themselves) from home and bring it into class and share. We would then like them to describe to their friends how their object looks and feels. We would like to keep the object in class for the duration of the unit so please make sure it is something that can stay in school for good few weeks.

EY2 will start swimming next Thursday morning.

If possible please bring your child to school dressed in their swimwear (under their clothes) as we have swimming first thing in the morning. Having the children changed already saves lots of time and gives them more time to swim.

Please bring:

  • towel
  • swimming goggles
  • swim shoes/sandals

Please make sure uniforms, towels etc have your child’s name on.

Miss Lisa has asked us to post this flyer regarding lost ORT books.

March 14th: Swimming classes start

March 28-April 1st: Book week


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