March 18th 2022

Week 27: How the World Works

A busy week for our EY2 students even with only 3 days of in-class learning.

The children have been telling us about how they can be an Eco Hero and have been drawing pictures to express their ideas. We have also had fun in creating a song which will be shared with you all in due course.

We have been tuning into our ‘materials’ unit this week with the continuation of magnet exploration. The children have been asking questions such as; “Why are things magnetic?”  “What makes things stick to the magnets?” They have been playing homemade board games with magnets, cars and wiggly worms (cut bits of pipe-cleaners). We loved the way that they came up with ideas for their own new games, very creative!

We have begun to look at other types of materials and use some of our senses to describe and consider their properties.  One group looked at different plastic materials for example and talked about them being soft and sometimes hard, smooth and see-through and also a bit bendy. Once different materials have been explored we will ask each small group to present their findings to their friends.

We have been going back over the sounds of ‘Ss’ and ‘Aa’ this week as well as beginning to explore the letter ‘Tt’. The Seesaw activities for the online segment of this week also help consolidate the children’s vocabulary and awareness of these letter sounds.

It has been wonderful to see the children transferring their observation and questioning skills from the classroom to the playground. They are constantly finding natural objects such as seeds, leaves and bugs and looking at them closely and asking questions.

Next week we will continue to explore and discuss the properties of different materials and use language to describe them (soft, hard/ rough, heavy, shiny etc). As mentioned, we will also get them to present their ideas and findings to their classmates.

As a reminder from last week,  we would like your child to choose an object/toy (by themselves) from home and bring it into class and share. We would then like them to describe to their friends how the object looks and feels. We would like keep it in school for a few weeks so please ensure that it is not a favourite toy that has to go home straight away.

We will continue to work on our social skills of playing and responding appropriately with our classmates. We continually use the Kelso’s choice wheel in class to help the children make good choices in sometimes difficult situations.

A message from Ms. Lisa and K. Earth: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to have book sellers visit KIS. However, we have arranged for a virtual sale through Book 53. They are offering a 10% discount for all books purchased online. Books will be delivered to KIS and distributed following Book Week.

You can access the 10% discount with the link on pdf and or go through the library blog. 


EY2 will hopefully start swimming next Thursday morning.

If possible please bring your child to school dressed in their swimwear (under their clothes) as we have swimming first thing in the morning. Having the children changed already saves lots of time and gives them more time to swim.

Please bring:

  • towel
  • swimming goggles
  • swim shoes/sandals

Please make sure uniforms, towels etc have your child’s name on.

March 28-April 1st: Book week

April 8th: Last day of Term 2

April 18th: First day of Term 3

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