March 25th 2022

Week 28: How the World Works

A very busy and varied week for our young learners in EY2 this week. Along with our in class learning, we had Mr. Gerry bring his adorable puppy Cooper, into class and the EY2 students also went to visit the Grade 12 Art Exhibition in the theatre.

Below is a slideshow of some of the things we did.

Our Science and observation area took on a new lease of life this week with the introduction of lab coats and safety googles. Not only were the children closely observing objects such as leaves and bugs but they began to mix, mash and concoct amazing new potions and special medicines from different materials.

Whilst playing outside, the gardeners were trimming the vegetation around the school and all of a sudden the banana leaves and stems were a source of great enjoyment and creation. The traditional Thai toys made from the stems of the banana plant were a wonderful way for the children to realise that materials can be used for different things.

This week in maths we began to talk about the mathematical concept of measurement through basic comparison of longer/taller and shorter than. The children participated in various activities where they compared and ordered different objects  in relation to size.

We used modeling clay as well as play dough so the children could compare materials and create sculptures that could be displayed.

We began to share the artifacts that the children brought to school.¬† They confidently stood up in front of their friends to present and describe their artifacts. We created an exhibition of the artifacts brought in and it generated slightly too much excitement with everybody wanting to play and and touch the objects. As a consequence we then discussed ways in which we should treat the artifacts and came up with the classroom agreement of ‘3 people at any one time can play with the artifacts but they must ask the owner for permission first’.

We continued to look at different types of materials and use some of our senses to describe and consider their properties as well as think what they could be used for. Different groups looked at certain material such as wood, metal, glass, fabric, stone and cardboard. Next week will ask each small group to present their findings to their friends and we can then build upon our knowledge and understanding of each material together as a whole class.

The children had an absolutely fantastic first day of swimming. Lots of smiles and excitement.

Next week we will continue with our investigation into materials and further look at the concept of measurement in math. It is also Book Week next week with the theme of ‘Tales from Around the World’. Friday will be a dress up day connected to the theme. If you would like to record a short story video connected to the ‘Tales from around the world’ theme and then post it on Seesaw for us to watch as a class that would be wonderful and something the children would be very excited to watch with their friends. If you would like to post a story video please make it no longer than 5 minutes long.


Next week we will change our role-play area from Phi Phi Island to some of the other ideas that the children had earlier this term. If you have any big cardboard boxes you can in send in next week, please do as we need supplies to build airplanes and police cars!

March 28-April 1st: Book week

April 1st: Book Week Dress up day

April 8th: Last day of Term 2

April 18th: First day of Term 3

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