April 1st, 2022

Week 29- How the World Works

It has been another week of exploring and having fun in EY2! The students were busy making slime, Ooblek, and a volcano to help them better understand the concept of form- What is it like? While working with peers and teachers, the children listened to directions and shared their understanding of various vocabulary words connected to texture, such as slimy, stretchy, hard, soft, squishy, and rough. What wonderful communicators busy investigating!


In math, the students began to inquire into measurement by playing with balance scales and water, and comparing lengths of various objects. The children discussed the meaning of measurement and shared ideas on how to measure and how different materials compare to each other- are they longer? shorter? lighter? heavier? The students were thinkers when trying to solve problems connected to measurement- which is heavier and what makes you say so? How do you know your material is longer? Way to go Thinkers! 

In Language, the students celebarted Book Week by listening to various stories told in different languages. At the end of the week, the children displayed their enthusiasm for reading by dressing up like characters from different tales. If you would like to see more of our PYP Book Character Day, please visit the paddlet here. What wonderful costumes!


They also communicated ideas creating a new space to play in. The children did a wonderful job creating an airport that has a shop, medical clinic, and police station. They brainstormed ideas of things each part needed, and began adding resources such as an Xray machine and price tags. The children also began to inquire into the letter ‘P’ using the Jolly Phonics song, ‘Puff Out the Candles’. We will continue investigating this sound and letter next week. 


The children also have the opportunity to visit the Grade 5 PYP Exibition. They were principled by making good choices when visiting and observing different presentations. They were also communicators by listening to various students talk about their action and learning. It is hard to believe that in 6 years our EY2 students will be the ones presenting! 


Next week, the students will continue investigating materials by making paper mache, as well as using materials to make different resources for their new playing space. The children will also help decorate the classroom door for the Songkran door competition. On Thursday, all students are encouraged to wear their Songkran traditional clothing. 

April 6th- Chakri Day- No School

April 7th- Songkran Dress Day

April 8th- Last day of school- Songkran Break start

April 11th-15th- Songkran Break

April 18th- Back to school

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